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  1. The beauty of the first edition HB is must to have even as just a collectable.
  2. Great! PM replied. I guess we should exchange the form to make it official?
  3. Hi guys. Sorry I missed out on this exchange but I want in on the next one. Any ideas when it will start? If there is any way I can get in on this one even at this late stage I would be more than happy too. You can also check me out @DragonSlayerModels on FB. I keep W.I.P. albums there. Most of my stuff on there is commission items but will share my painting. Reaper is more a personal passion and love out side of work. I participated in one of the exchanges a few years ago with this guy. Thanks.
  4. The 1st edition book is one of my favorit eye-candy rule books. It's beautifl. Sad that the 2nd editions were printed with so much dull B/W.
  5. I got my package in the mail today =). Thanks Rex. I recieved 2! painted Darkreach Elves with a custome hedgrow or Roses =) I like that touch and also!!! He threw in 2 more unpainted figures, one darkreach and the other Arcana Unearthed. If you took any pics could you please upload them as my camera decided to die on me after a long sesion on Mon. So untill I can replace it I want be able to post the pics. Thanks kangaroorex =).
  6. My package arrived on the 1st to my exchange partner. This is what they received. Your exchange partner got it Thursday. Its been i a busy weekend so far as I am also trying to get my exchanges ready. Great job and the pictures do not do this mini justice. the NMM on the armor is stunning and the skintones are absolutely perfect. but the really amazing part is the tattoos!.They look like the are actually below the skin. marvelous job. (and if you have any pointers on how you did that, I would really like to know...) Consider me stunned and impressed. I guess I can move him from my picture studio to my display cabinet now.. Thanks for the great job! Glad you like it =). For the depth of the tattoos; a final glaze of your original skin base to bend the layers gives the illusion of depth to the pigments =).
  7. My package arrived on the 1st to my exchange partner. This is what they received.
  8. I have never played CAV so I don't what the changes were between 1st and 2nd edition. Why did so many players quit? Could you all have decided to just stay with 1st edition rules?
  9. Thanks guys! Glad you all like it. No pics of the back yet. The sword and quiver go there. I just snaped this really fast when I was taking other pics. I have plans for freehand on the cloth tabard pieces as well. I also sculpted the base and blended the parts of the figure into it where his hoof is raised.
  10. Hey guys, I know it's a little far along to be to much of a WIP but hat the heck =). Hope you like. I added a few details like the wrapings on the bow and raised the head and added neck details.
  11. I love all the old retro miniatures. I started in 80 with the first "Dungeon Dwellers" set. Hate that i no longer have them. I have looked on eBay for the box hoping ot get it NIB/SW but it's very rare and when found is high $. I'll keep looking though =).
  12. That pile of minis has me drooling! Love all retro miniatures and the Gama World and Starfronteer. Their all awesome. I just posted a entry in the single miniature post. It's GW but still. I'll work on a Reaper model or diarama as well. Thanks for seting this up .
  13. This is one of the many "Knight Titan" commissions I have done. "Capulan, Vermillion Shield"
  14. Okay. From all the post I'm guessing next years theme is either "FireFly" or just space cowboys in general?
  15. That's fine. If and when someone wants the task . But I will still paint one for someone. If any one has seen any of my post in the past and want's to be my exchange please contact Fan. I can do one, maybe two if it's needed Here's a link to my FB page. I do a lot of commission work so you can take a look at my albums. https://www.facebook.com/tim.flippo/photos_albums
  16. Hey guys. Is it possible to still get in on this. I did one a year or so ago if my degenerative memory serves right =). I know I did just not sure if it was last year or the year or so before =).
  17. I already owned Second edition Warlord rules and the HB Savage North edition. Although S.N. has nice artwork and detailed page back grounds, there is just way to much black and white and dark tones (S.N.). I recently acquired a HB copy of the 1st edition rules off eBay. OMG!! this book is beautiful! Full of color and detail on every page.. I couldn't have been more happy with a rule book than I am with this one. Why.. oh WHY didn't reaper follow through with this detail on their 2nd and S.N. editions? LOL, oh well the object of this post? Which book do you all prefer? You know my vote =).
  18. Your work looks awesome Bloody! Could you please post a cost point breakdown/organization list of your Darkreach army? What models go with whom? I love your proxy and would love to do something similar.
  19. Looking for a 500pt build using Skadi (or) and using all females. Any suggestions?
  20. Thanks Shak. One more ? if I may. The Kragmarr have the Forge Titan and a model #14629 but I can't pull that up on the store. You wouldn't know of a link to this so I can see what it looks like?
  21. Here's one I need answered. The Stone Spirit doesn't actually have a model or at least no # associated with it on the card. I know others may have used the Greater earth Elemental as a Proxy but it's no longer available (P-65) with out paying an "arm and a leg" on eBay. So could I with a small bit of conversion to eliminate most of the skeletal bits, be able to proxy http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Warlord/sku-down/14150#detail/14150_jb for it? I love this model! Thanks
  22. Any way we could get a link to the video once it's available?
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