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  1. Right now the wings are the focal point, but they sit at the periphery of the mini and are only visible from some angles of this massive thing. consider adding some eye candy that draws the viewers eye to a nice focal point (generally this is the head, but it doesn't have to be). Maybe the eyes, as was suggested above, or some nice detailing work (higher highlights) on the skull, teeth (deeper shadows), and horns (color pop) could do it.
  2. This sculpt has always intrigued me. I had always imagined it as a dune stalker, but I rather prefer your idea - the blue color palate you’ve chosen really suits it. Added to the list.
  3. I particularly enjoyed the classic chasing through doors in a hallway scene.
  4. Animals are my fav subject, and these did not disappoint. without overworking them, you've managed to give each of them a little touch of detail to bring them to life; well done.
  5. So I was just watching Reaper Bones Live and they showed the ghoulsbane. I must admit, I had a "moment." my boys rushed in and went berserk - they were so proud of their old man. Good times. On a professional note, I'm glad they did the 360, the mini is posed in such a way that it needs the rotational view to really get the feel of the piece.
  6. I wish we could still pick them up - OOP so far as I know. I still use Crown Royal bags for my dice and “Chaos Tokens.”
  7. I do the same sort of thing with my boys - they love it. These are looking great; nice teamwork!
  8. I received my stuff last month, including a boxed starter set. I’m pretty sure the books and other materials are the things slowing this KS down (based on what I got, the minis must be done) - it was a pretty ambitious amount of written content. I love the setting and the minis (and terrain), and I even enjoy the gameplay (not surprising as I am a fan of SoBH), but I’d like to see a new game-system at some point - one that can better handle the complexities of some of the game features that have been added. Sill good stuff though. I did miss out on the 3D files KS because of late fulfillment, so I am bumming about that. I’d like to print up the stuff to represent all pieces of the box set.
  9. Nice cohesive look to the family of owlbears. One of these things is not like the others.... but it seems like a perfect match stylistically with the smaller bones owlbear. Who makes that critter? Seems like too good an opportunity to pass up....
  10. Wow, these are GREAT! I always appreciate seeing minis I’ve sculpted painted up with such skill. I’m also pleased that they worked as an icebreaker - very much in line with my intent. Your paint scheme is simple, but very effective. You have me doubting my own color palate.... Kudos to you, sir!
  11. I think you are on the right track with blue. If you have nightmare black, it is my go-to color for things like this. It thins out to a really nice indigo and plays well with other colors. It’ll give your blacks that cool, color saturated feel.
  12. Nice. After you mentioned it during the KS I dug my copy out - and now you are bringing it to life! I trust it will be fully populated by the appropriate denizens?
  13. Great color choices! The pops of color make it look very lively.
  14. What about on wisps of air? if they were done in translucent? I just *hate* the rod up the broccoli thing.
  15. The Ghoulsbane would go really well with the Ghoul Queen encounter..... I'll probably use it that way too. For those of you wondering what it is, I will say that it was inspired by the sussurus from the '81 Fiend Folio, easily one of the most obscure old school monsters. I can see it fitting a few roles (eg popup skull pile, shambling mound, large vine horror, small tendriculous, etc). TBH I was caught up in the mood of the Halloween season, and I wanted to do something that would be horrifying - all those glowing eyes staring at you from the dark.....
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