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  1. Flumphs are great! I've made a few myself. I used a pair of them quite a lot when my kids were first leaning to play, as friendly and mostly harmless protagonists that were very likeable. I would give them a level of "life" cleric for the healing spells to act as a battery and revive the boys if they were knocked out in a tough fight (to take out the sting of those low levels for new players). They now love flumphs; their fun little buddies who were always getting into trouble with those wicked kobolds! Nice work TaleSpinner!
  2. I’m definitely interested in the lighthouse. The wolves are tempting, too, even though I have quite a few already. Beetlefolk were a pleasant surprise. Something to look forward to at retail, along with wyverns.
  3. I look forward to it. on a whim I bought a bunch of tropical beach terrain and I'm fishing for ideas to populate the environment. Pirates seem like a natural choice. Your lengthy projects have been a source of inspiration for me for years.
  4. Very cool. That red shirt is snazzy. A pirate monkey is a better dresser than me, go figure. I had been dismissive of Epic's pirates, but this guy is nice. I'll have to take another look.
  5. Yeah, I get it. I saw them as a bit of a goofy gimmick offering, but oddly, that is why they saw the paint table so fast. No pressure, no expectations, just something simple to splash paint on. I find that I am often "in my own head" - overthinking what I want, with high expectations and that leads to lengthy paint "work". Sets like this let me ditch all that noise and just have fun. In the end, they are probably more useful than I was expecting.
  6. Dang, even a gargantuan base seems small for this beast; they have really up-sized the dragons like crazy.
  7. It's no secret, I absolutely love the Shadowsea world, and the Dark Mariners faction are one of the coolest lines in all of miniatures IMHO. They really turned me on the the special style of Bob Olley's sculpting, and I am now a superfan. I mean look at it! he is literally oozing character! So many neat details. I am grateful that DSM is keeping the line around, because I'll keep painting them - more to come. I stuck with the style I originally used on these critters a decade or so ago, and though I am a much improved painter now, there Isn't much I'd actually want to change about it - a mix of bright and muted marine colors, with metallics of all shades. Of all the details here, I particularly like the conch like underside of his carapace. He will fit right in with his hideous compatriots.
  8. These guys were among my first completed miniatures from Bones 5 because, well, they were easy. Not much too them, and a simple paint-job at that, but dang, they sure are fun! For whatever reason my metallic paints seem to go bad more quickly than everything else, so it ended up being more challenging than I expected to even get the paint on the model. It was a good opportunity to experiment with a tarnished and greasy brass look, so I made it work. The reaper bases were great here because I was able to nest the built-in bases inside and just match the texture with GS rather than go through the hassle of removing it. for quick sessions shortcuts like that are crucial or it bogs down the whole process.
  9. I feel like I need to mash the like button more than once for this; Its exactly the sort of thing I love to see.
  10. 🎵🎵🎵Money🎶 🎵🎵🎵Get back🎶 🎵🎵🎵I'm alright, Jack, keep your hands off of my stack🎶
  11. I agree I was really hoping for them early on, but they didn't materialize. I think they scratch the itch for just about everyone. They address the uniqueness and/of multiples issue(s) - as pointed out previously, to have an "encounter" you generally need multiples, and these had on-theme multiples! spiders, leopards, jaguars, dwarf zombies, ghouls/cultists, vampire ladies, yeti. Actually playable and fun, and unique, and splashy / exciting, and terrain with a great price point. what wasn't to love? Hopefully they can fit a few in before the end; I know they have a half dozen planned, but they missed the boat on not leading with those. who knows, maybe they will make for a killer closing week? *** Maybe a "core" is just an antiquated idea. sure, lead with the vanilla, but don't then bloat it out (vanilla + everything!), move on to other themed sets and encounters (salted caramel! Ube! peanut butter cup!). Now I just want some ice cream.
  12. too......easy.....must.....not.....comment......
  13. Oh, I have "all the things." In bones and metal. I really like painting animals, and have done entire threads of reaper animal familiars and companions. I was thinking of doing another bender this year, actually, so I'll need to re-up.
  14. Those wyverens are really nice. My kids will love them in 2 years. Dwellers might be my first miniatures of the campaign. Im hoping they do breakouts at some point because I'd be in for the familiars and mongrelfolk, too. That said, I will (2x) any paint offered, instantly. With models of basically anything available to me in my collection already (justifying re-purchases is tough - wyverns made the cut!), or with the click of a button, I'm really looking for pieces by my favorite artists. That, and the flavorful encounters. Those types of sets will always draw me in, but we haven't really seen any yet this time around. Still, I'm having fun watching the new releases for those newer to the hobby - Its good stuff!
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