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  1. 1) a man sized one eyed aberration (nothic) 2) four armed skeleton with scimitars 3) a wicker man golem with functional chest cage and flame attachments ( as a scenario!)
  2. You missed the mini on the mast
  3. Multiple spots on the mast for swashbuckling is great. I was skeptical about a boat, but this thing looks fun!
  4. The wights go great with the undead giant... hmmm... I’m seeing some serious potential. I actually like that they could be living or undead.
  5. They remind me of Frazetta Death-dealers or something. I like them.
  6. Not really ridiculous at all. Many real marine creatures use bludgeoning or slashing attacks very effectively. If anything, in most cases it is more accurate. It only gets weird when your fish carries a hammer.
  7. Id settle for four arms, if six is a deal-breaker.
  8. I have been 100% serious about my repeated requests for an arachno assassins set over the years.
  9. yes, that was me pushing his buttons!
  10. Nice! I guess Ill plan on one of each!
  11. The new dragon is great. maybe my fav so far. so, does this mean we can expect to see a new white and red add on dragons, too? I hope so.
  12. vulture

    99 Days, 99 Minis Challenge

    The stonework looks great, but could benefit from a few splashes of wash in greens or browns to dirty them up. It would break up the plain palate and give it more visual appeal without much work. In particular, a rusty/old blood brown on the sacrificial altar would be very appropriate.
  13. vulture

    99 Days, 99 Minis Challenge

    Neat idea, and a little insane - perfect! I find painting 2-3 at a time hits the sweet spot for me. no burnout from painting conga lines, but much more efficient than one at a time. I also suggest painting monsters, undead, n' such. proper humans have loads of expectation bolted to them- they need to look a certain way. undead can be downright grimy, and look perfect. monsters often don't wear clothes so they can be painted easily with some very simple speed-painting. Id attack bones 4 critters pretty hard;lots of stuff there could be painted in a snap (eg Darkreach had a lot of monsters that would look great with a few colors and a dip). Shameless plug: this is exactly what the leeches were made for - they are stupid easy to paint and there are two of 'em. Knock them out in 30 mins or less! I talk big, but there is no way I cold do this this year. Ill put a pin in it, though.
  14. vulture

    Skeleton Dragon (Bones 4)

    Whoa! Quite the change that far into it, but I think it was a great choice - it really opened up the visual appeal of the whole piece.
  15. vulture

    77343- Goroloth

    Really nice. I appreciate the base style you went with - it really compliments the mini well and gives it an immersive feel. I can imagine it silently gliding along the bottom of an ancient underground sea....