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  1. Smashed bricks would be easy enough, maybe with a few timbers to make it look like a collapsed building. As for colors, I would let that be dictated by the colors you are using on the mini. you want something contrasting, but not bold. Based on the slices of the pie you are using already, I would go with a dark purple gray, so that the focus stays on the mini itself, not a busy base.
  2. OK, some threadnomancy! Its appropriate for this time of year. I wanted to complete something that was on theme for Halloween, and what better way than to work on one of my own sculpts. I had some difficulty deciding exactly how to pick it up again, so rather than tackle the model itself I chose to chip away at the base. The rocks were looking pretty sloppy, so I started fresh, working from misty grey, to rainy grey, to cloudy grey. I plan to go much darker with them, but it is a start! The background I am using now should be much easier on the eyes for this busy piece. I hope to make some progress quickly.
  3. I agree, the yellows are a nice shade for cloth whites.....noted! Next time I work on a white fabric (something I struggle with) I’ll use this as a reference!
  4. Great work on these amazing models. I like that you tied all of them together with purple accents and shading - even though the skin tones are varied they still form a cohesive group. I have been looking for models from this KS for ages with no luck. More than a bit jealous! I’d be stoked to see you tackle other models from FD.
  5. I normally try to restrict the miniatures I post here to reaper stuff, but occasionally I post other things - such as now. I just completed (as in minutes ago) this little fellow and, knowing how this forum appreciates cute things, I had to share! Giant Space Hamster: I made a few contributions to the sculpt. first, I noticed that the harness was a little incomplete. After consulting the fam, the consensus was it was probably omitted because the back would then necessarily look like a Giant Space Thong. so, of course, I added it. Thong jokes abounded - it was a fun time (example: "<music> I love it when your fur goes....</music>.") My final addition was the poops. yes, I went there. Had to. The little versions poop little pellets all the time, so a giant space version? Giant Space Poops. enjoy!
  6. Well, it is at least according to my paint log notes from a few years ago. I am pretty fast with corroded metals, as I have mentioned before, because it is a bit of an obsession of mine. For me the palate was an obvious direction because of my proclivities. On a side note, I keep logs of what I had painted and when with a handful of notes - does anyone else keep this type of record? Is that a "thing?"
  7. I am in the process of updating my blog/gallery with a huge backlog of projects and I came across this guy that I painted in 2017 but I don't recall having ever shared here on the forum. This mini was part of my speed painting push at that time and I went for a more colorful palate than the standard rust monster. I think the splash of verdigris works really well on these guys as a contrasting color while still fitting the theme. Not the best execution (I think the base might be painted better than the mini itself), but hey, it was fun!
  8. Thanks, I'm glad you like them! the high contrast fire is a pretty easy and forgiving standard progression but it really is effective. The flameskulls certainly draw the eye on my display shelving. In retrospect I probably could've done something similar (high contrast) with the demilich to make it more impressive, but I tend to avoid that kind of risk during a speedpaint because it could stop me in my tracks if I don't like how it turned out. Perhaps I will experiment with a similar progression in green / aqua colors so that I have that tool in the ol' toolbox for the future.
  9. Really nice and diverse collection. I know my pick might be against the grain with all the flashy monsters, but I really like that camel. It is pretty much perfect.
  10. Hi all! These minis were close enough in theme I thought I'd post them together. First up: Demi-lich This simple but effective demilich was completed during a two hour speedpaint on Saturday and then touched up briefly on Sunday morning when I had better light. It isn't perfect (I'm sure I missed a bone or two), but I really like the end result quite a lot; a worthy addition to the collection. These guys are really an understated evil. I'm sure they are so lethal because unlike virtually everything else in D&D they dont telegraph how nasty they are. "Tiny floating skull, big deal" -ZAP! Speaking of tiny floating skulls: Flameskull swarm! I needed a flameskull for LMoP and I naturally went completely overboard. I realize that a swarm of flameskulls this size would be absolutely devastating to nearly any unprepared party. Perfect! FYI I had to scale the files down quite a bit (these are mounted on 15mm, 20mm and 30mm bases), but they are pretty sturdy. I realize going with a standard fire palate on them isn't "canon," but I wanted them to look hot & fiery, and I was already planning on painting the demilich above and I didn't want them to be too similar in style.
  11. Great desaturated color palate on this guy, it fits him perfectly. A fun and whimsical piece; we don't see enough of that.
  12. Whoa! love this model - a great older piece! The paint is verrrry nice. I love how you used low contrast in the body to really make the OSL pop. Very vivid end result. I'll have to wishlist this bad boy. You got me to spend money, so....well done.
  13. Probably purplish brown mix or maybe brused purple (which is one of my favorites right now). I always wash my metals with various recipes, and purples are my current go to for that kind of thing. With orange-brown fur purples make for a great contrasting shade. I should note that they eyes in this picture have been bugging me. I went for an eye-shine effect and It was really difficult to photograph (if you don't scrutinize it it looks walleyed- but they do line up). ah well, not all experiments are successes.
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