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  1. vulture

    Practicing on Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu

    very cool! I have that game and I've thought of painting up the set as well. Yours look great!
  2. My wave 1 stuff is on its way!
  3. That’s odd to me. I LOATHE flight stands. Nothing ruins the feel of a mini for me more than a giant rod up the ****. I’ve been trying to figure out how I will mount the dragon turtle so I can ditch the post. I’m thinking I will make an entirely new base and use the treasure pile as terrain / an objective marker.
  4. ugh, looks like I was skipped because of the hut. I was on the fence about that thing and it was the very last item I added. between the delay and the legs not being removable, I'm having significant regrets about getting it. I would rather pay $20 to get my box in wave 1 then have the hut on perma-legs. While I have plenty of metal to paint, I paint bones with the kids. It pains me to tell them they will have to wait even longer for the box of goodness.
  5. vulture

    Bones 4 Dreadmere giant leeches

    love them! the glossy black is a good look. I knew these guys would be useful!
  6. Any pics of my pretties, the leeches floating around? I'm oddly proud of those guys - they're certainly not the most glamorous sculpts or spectacular creatures (or even my best technical work), but, man, they are going to be a blast and a breeze to paint. Not to mention the playability; I bet they hit game tables more than anything I've ever made. I sure hope they make for some fun moments.
  7. ID aside, I really like the limited colors on this guy - the dark neutral palate with orange detailing make him sinister, yet characterful.
  8. Part of 03040: Hobgoblins (3)
  9. vulture

    14150: Grave Horror, Necropolis Monster

    yeah, I made the base out of sculpey. The glow effect was pretty rushed, so I'm glad it turned out well.
  10. My painting time is pretty limited these days, but I still fit it in here and there. I find elementals to be excellent and relaxing subjects for brief speedpainting sessions; their crude natures are very forgiving for the time-constrained. This guy is a pretty hefty piece of metal & a nice unique sculpt.
  11. vulture

    Maledrakh's Mudgullet the Froghemoth

    Very nice! I'm glad you took advantage of the texture as an opportunity to use a big brush. I really enjoy the color choices you made, too.
  12. i would love some generic cloaked (completely hidden/shrouded) figures of different sizes (tiny through large). They work great as stand-ins for anything and as unidentified foes/NPCs.
  13. me either; the last few days were pretty rough and I was too distracted to bump my pledge .
  14. if you haven't done an AMG KS, do it, you wont regret it. there is sooo much good stuff there that would be great in a jungle.....maybe with some sort of lost world theme (that being the theme, and all). Pro tip, KSs are the perfect time to pull stuff off the back catalog. giant dragon men (jade salamander), bomb throwing pirates, mesoamerican magic robots, insect men with organic technology, amazon warriors, and of course horrible chimeric sea horrors sculpted by B. Olley. Its all very, very good.
  15. I’m in again. The “battle of deadwood forest” hits all the right notes for me. I’ve been working on a terrain tile set that should work nicely for this incarnation of the game ( seems like a great use of terrain tiles in general).