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  1. Such great oranges! that eye is amazing, and candycorn teeth are genius.
  2. Nope. I went pretty big (for me) on this KS, but the core set did not make the cut (lost out to the ship). I decided to focus on expansions and add ons this time around. I did pick up a few core "extras", but somehow I overlooked getting that dragon for a few bucks. Retail it is!
  3. Dang, that's cool - I really should've gotten one.
  4. Nice improvement. I like your updated choices (color balance), and the cleaner purple.
  5. Really captured the reference effect. I'd like to see more myconids!
  6. Hi All, I haven't posted in a good while, so I thought Id share a pair of pieces that are special to me - Giant Leeches! This was my contribution to bones 4, and it is always a gratifying (and edifying) experience to paint a mini I have sculpted. Despite the special spot in my collection, I didn't go crazy with the paint jobs. It is a pretty basic palate and only took me a day or two to complete. As sculpts, the goal was to make easy to paint minis that filled a gap in the lineup and hit the table pretty often - I think these achieved that. The anatomy was based on observations of several
  7. your color work continues to be outstanding. as mentioned above the skirt jumps out. You've managed to work the green/teal and yellow into a blue garment to tie the entire palate together. It is bright yet subtle, has saturated and neutral elements - a hard balance to achieve. Really nice to look at, thank you for sharing.
  8. I would like to see another villagers pack, but for demihumans or humanoids instead. Several adventures feature gnome / dwarf / elf villages, and it would be nice to have miniatures for some situations. Heck, orc, goblin, or kobold non-combatants come up a lot too.....
  9. Thank you for the positive feedback everyone, I really appreciate it! I made the base with Sculpy - I prefer other approaches to flying creatures than a stand. Unfortunately, some of the smaller eyes are out of focus. Until recently most of my pieces have been small, and paining bigger things has presented unique challenges, photography among them. In the future I will have to remind myself to backup - phone cameras seem to have a narrow depth of field up close. I have a handful of other pieces I've completed from MZ. Since you enjoyed this one Ill have to s
  10. They look pretty close to reaper's goblins that I have painted. Might be useful as a special character here and there.
  11. I don't mind that they are skinny. It makes them seem more like man-bear hybrids than just anthropomorphic bears. I think I could make the one splitting the tree look pretty wicked.
  12. Love it; your color palate is superb. Makes me want to get a copy of this mini.
  13. Excellent group of cultists. I have been looking to put together a squad myself (human bad guys are always useful), and this collection is prefect for reference material.
  14. Continuing my posting spree. This beholder is the fist model I have printed and painted. I went for a very simple, classic look, and I was really pleased with the bright purples. I have been enjoying MZ's catalog, but man, printing stuff is a lot of work. I really enjoy painting eyes, so this subject was a treat.The Spectator is now on my shortlist to paint thanks to the positive experience I had with the dodgeball of doom.
  15. Really, a seamless conversion in terms of matching the styles. Good eye and nicely executed!
  16. I've managed to steal away for long enough to put together another photo from the series I took the other day. This time its Reapers take on the intellect devourer. I painted it with the help of my son, who was excited to use "Clear Magenta." The "clear" series has become very popular in our house because they add a nice bright pop, even when used sparingly. I had seen this model disparaged on the internet some years ago, but I actually think it is an excellent interpretation - very alien and it fits with reapers portfolio of similar creatures well. I prefer the insect like scythe
  17. You really did great on those faces - such character! I almost want to meet these guys in a dark dungeon. I bet they'd be a hoot to drink mead with...
  18. Nice! glad to see it! I really like the slit pupil.
  19. Yeah, being radial creatures that lack a natural focal point I knew right away that the eyes would be key. I waffled about the direction to go in, so I'm glad the simple bright pupil-less eyes ended up catching your attention. @William please do share - I haven't seen many versions of this model and I'd like to see your take.
  20. This year has really limited my leisure time, so I have been absent around the forums. I have been unwilling to give up my painting time, though, as it has been keeping me sane. Fortunately I had been working on speed-painting in previous years, and it has served me well of late, allowing me to complete pieces in just a session or two every other week. As a result I have built up a nice backlog of miniatures in my collection that no one has ever seen. I had a free moment today, and the weather was cooperative, so I dusted them off (literally), and snapped some photos. The rockmaws are the
  21. Right now the wings are the focal point, but they sit at the periphery of the mini and are only visible from some angles of this massive thing. consider adding some eye candy that draws the viewers eye to a nice focal point (generally this is the head, but it doesn't have to be). Maybe the eyes, as was suggested above, or some nice detailing work (higher highlights) on the skull, teeth (deeper shadows), and horns (color pop) could do it.
  22. This sculpt has always intrigued me. I had always imagined it as a dune stalker, but I rather prefer your idea - the blue color palate you’ve chosen really suits it. Added to the list.
  23. I particularly enjoyed the classic chasing through doors in a hallway scene.
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