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  1. MiniPainterC

    Brushes No Longer Shipped to the U.S.

    For cheaper brushes has anyone tried Dynasty Faux Kolinsky Round Series 1114 or know of some synthetic better then the gold taklons?
  2. MiniPainterC

    Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion

    I don't know what the complaints about the bases were, just wanna say I'm glad they were included! Plus I'm really excited about the new HD paints.
  3. My Entry Siobhana, Vampire Noble Edited due to linking the pictures instead of uploading them.
  4. I was browsing the boardgamegeek.com forums and I found a possible solution to this tackiness problem. I may give it a try at some point in the future. The thread which can be found here brings up the tackiness issue. If you follow the second link it will take you to another forum and suggest that you use Rust-Oleum Zinsser 408 Bulls Eye Clear Shellac Spray and he suggest you put a matte sealant on over that. I'm curious if anyone on these forums has any experience with this sort of quick fix.
  5. To be fair I have also had this issue with plastic mini's that are not bones. For some of the miniatures I have used the reaper brush on sealer and it seems to work like a champ but I'm not confident that it will protect the minis as well as the clear coat followed by the matte coat but at least it is not sticky.
  6. MiniPainterC

    Open/Community L2PK #2

    Here is my Tsuko from LTPK 2
  7. I have had this issue to with the spray on sealers. I have used the Krylon Gloss acrylic coating followed by Krylon Matte Finish.
  8. MiniPainterC

    03150: Siobhana, Vampire Noble AKA Lady Eliza Farrow

    Yea some of the Lieutenants are from the previous version. Pretty much all the Farrow's are reused. I thought about doing the blood effect but I kind of like the simplicity of the figure as it is now.
  9. This is a proxy for Descent 2nd Edition. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.
  10. MiniPainterC


    Barrow Rat is done.
  11. MiniPainterC


    Done with everything except painting the base. Since my last update I did the ears, mouth and eyes.
  12. MiniPainterC

    Need some help with basing.

    Yea I was thinking about using green stuff already and ordered some. I may also purchase a couple of lipped bases and see how trimming them goes.
  13. MiniPainterC

    Need some help with basing.

    Oh forgot to add this is a figure from the reaper bones kickstarter.
  14. I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I was wondering if anyone has put any of the reaper miniatures on 25mm bases. I know they are not really 25mm figures but I am using some of them for a board game that is 25mm so I'm not to worried about the scale. What I would like to do is glue them onto a 25mm base (without the lip) without having to cut off the integrated base but still have it blend in with the rest of the base. Here is an example of the bases I am using and a starting point for the basing.
  15. MiniPainterC

    Questions For Anne?

    What is Meep and why are you the Meep? I would also like to thank you and Jen Haley for the Darksword Miniatures DVD. Although I'm a novice I really enjoyed it and it helped me with finding the right paint consistancy without having to guess what the consistancy of milk is. Im sure I will be referring to it often.