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  1. Apparently, Mobile Ready means PC Desktop was forgotten. On my 24" 1920x1200 monitor, the Surkar Orc Shaman fills most of the screen. Attached is the browser expanded to full screen. To view the rest requires a lot of scrolling. Might want to do a Desktop Ready design soon.
  2. Add me to the see nothing on the front page about it being the bonus mini of the month crowd. I do have a script blocker running. reapermini.com allowed. twitter.com and facebook.net blocked. Doing my best to keep the spy networks of twitter and facebook from collecting info on me.
  3. Another possible advantage to being able to add OoS items to a wish list is it would allow Reaper to see when a magic number of folks want an OoS item and maybe schedule it for another production run. If 3 folks have Sid the Sloth in wish lists and 50 have Manny the Mammoth in wish lists, becomes fairly easy to pick one for making a new batch. Ice Age was on a few days ago.
  4. It is a good idea to sniff your food before eating to check for spoilage. The armor as a face the big guy has is cool.
  5. Saw this thread with 6 hours left on the KS. Backed it. Been needing a pile of different level short adventures to run. So many things are 1-20 script driven paths.
  6. This has been a minor irritation for a while. I notice I can mouse over the Spybook, Twitter and Instagram icons and see links to websites. Would think a Reaper Icon could join the lineup if no other option works. Nothing that needs an attempted rush fix via an impromptu device.
  7. Computer and phone clocks are rarely accurate and drift a lot in a short time. Sometimes many minutes per day. Possible that your device was fast compared to Reaper's. In Windows, depending on version, you can do some variation of Control Panel, Date & Time, Internet Time(Win 7) and point your computer to update from an Internet Time Server. In that same location is an Update Now button so your computer updates its time to match the Time Server you selected. Maybe one of the Reaper IT Gnomes could tell us which time server Reaper uses.
  8. I am imagining a minor re-purpose of the Fairy Garland. As a carnivorous vine that works symbiotically with the fairies. When a likely victim shows up, the fairies go into the "Please help us!" act. If the victim(s) fall for it, the fairies assist the vine in subduing the victim. The fairies get the material loot and the vine gets a tasty meal.
  9. I read the 'not a stocking' as there will be something very interesting.
  10. Backed and still waiting. Based on posts on other forums, appears she ran into some kind of RL issues. They went from hiring new folks and an update person to a long period of silence, then just her slowly making dice. The reports from the few that have received dice since production restarted have been favorable. Based on number of backers and number of orders shipped per month, it could be years before everyone gets dice.
  11. Ametrine just arrived with the rest of my xmas order. Nice fig. Size still seems more hobbit like. Bit shorter then a dual dagger wielding Reaper halfling figure I have. Her head just fits under my Sir Forscale's sword hand. Doesn't really matter. Someone irritated the wrong lady.
  12. Received my order placed on Sunday morning. The stocking was a winter themed paper bag full of goodies and a lump of coal. Thought the sku of 1225 was interesting. Hope all of the Reaper elves are getting lots of cookies.
  13. My guess is that if your receipt says you get a stocking, you will either get a stocking or a close approximation of a stocking if they really ran out before your order was put together. Christmas Elves tend to be an inventive motivated lot.
  14. Got my order in. Enough for 2 of Ametrine and Winter Elf + the stocking. When I first saw the pics of Ametrine, even with the Dwarf label, she reminded me of the old school D&D hobbits before they went on lawsuit enforced diets. And most figs of that era are some type of thief setup. Be nice to have a well equipped adventurer fig.
  15. I think the mouse is playing with time travel as well... Starting June 1st, 2017, you'll receive a free 25th Anniversary Darius the Blue for each.....
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