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  1. We added Samurai Showdown as the 14K stretch goal and are now working on our 16K goal. Come check things out during the project's final hours!
  2. We are funded and working on stretch goals! Thank you for all of your support. We just added two new tracks; Barbarian Horde and Siren's Song. Next up is the $14,000 goal! Come check out the project during the final days!
  3. Thanks to all of your support our Gold Level is now 72 tracks and over 12 hours of material! Plus, we have added a new add-on Cthulhu 2 Soundsuite: Return of the Old Ones Pack. Just $19 or get it free with Gold! Come see all the new offerings.
  4. Come celebrate Castle Week with us! Watch the first part of our castle tour and cash in on special discounts and offers.
  5. Thank you to everyone who came by and checked out our samples on SoundCloud. We had over 750 listens last week. Now that the project is live please visit and listen to all the rest of the music and backgrounds. Tell us what you like and what you would like us to add as we continue torwards our goal.
  6. We are now live! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/618425218/darkraven-premium-gaming-soundscapes-redux
  7. Just four days to go until our launch. Here are some more exciting tracks that you can preview. This is our Kingdom of the Elves pack. https://soundcloud.com/jay-nunes-3/sets/darkraven-redux-kingdom-of-the Amazing original orchestral music, wonderful environments and the lyrics song in actual Elven. Enjoy and hope to see you all on Tuesday!
  8. <<<MOD>>> Edit. Added Link to kickstarter project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/618425218/darkraven-premium-gaming-soundscapes-redux <<<MOD>>> I am very excited to be involved in the newest Darkraven Kickstarter. Gaming soundscapes will never be the same after this project. It's not just amazing backgrounds for your games but it's fantastic original music fused together to bring your games to the next level. You won't watch TV or a movie with the sound muted so why play your games that way! This project will launch next Tuesday 1/6/15 at 8pm EST, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak at some of the tracks. https://soundcloud.com/jay-nunes-3/sets/darkraven-redux-fantasy-combat Let me know what you think. Your insight will help to make the the best Darkraven KS ever. Thanks so much and I'll post the link to the project when we go live.
  9. Now if we can just get more Bones pirates to go with all these awesome ships...
  10. They just unlocked the final ship in the project, a 12 gun post ship called La Decision. It's a great addition, fitting in right between the La Belle sloop and HMS Surprise Frigate. And based on some of the suggestions here they also included a medium port set with more levels, stairs and ramps. There are so many amazing models to select from. Just three days left. These models will be on sale in their online store after the project ships, but that will be in six months and at a higher price. So go pledge now to now miss out on the best deal!
  11. I agree that Steve has been extremely receptive to backer suggestions in the past. They have added many items to this and their other project to meet backer wishes. You can get the entire small boat pack for only $48 and the first medium ship starts at just $60. That is really a great deal when compared to all other options I've seen.
  12. The project is into it's last 5 days. They just put out a nice looking stockade (complete with cannons) to serve as a pirate base, or target. They also announced ship packs for 3, 4, 5 and 10 ships at a good savings and alternate sail packs. They expect to reveal one more medium sized ship in the final days. Come check out all the great stuff before the KS is over!
  13. The project has also unvalued an amazing ghost ship model. It's perfect for all those skeleton minis you have.
  14. The new $35K stretch goal has been revealed. A mid-size pirate ship La Bete (The Beast). Go check out the great images.
  15. Both the merchantmen ship Jane and the shipwreck models have been added. These are both excellent additions to the pirate themed project. There are just 12 spots left if you want to jump in and get the Jane at the Early Bird special of only $50!
  16. Here is a link to the update with photos of the new merchant ship. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/renaissanceminiature/ships-pirates-and-wildwest-terrain-for-28mm-gamers/posts/911549 It looks like this new ship and the awesome shipwreck model will be added at $30k.
  17. The ship options keep getting better. They are now adding a merchant ship to the mix for your pirates to attack and your royal nval ships to protect. This adds many fun new possibilities. Is it a merchant after all or a pirate vessel laying in wait for other unsuspecting ships to get close? We'll also heard of a second frigate on the way as a stretch goal. I can't wait to use my Bones Karkken and Water Elementals will all these cool models!
  18. They just added a new medium-sized ship today, the HMS Drake. They are offering it with the La Belle in a limited release for only $135 for both ships. It looks really nice with the Bramuda rigging.
  19. I know they had BlackHat cast the cannons for them. That might be a good question to ask, if they would offer a pledge of a cast cannon plus one for the carriages they make for it.
  20. They updated the images even more. In addition, they first stretch goals were announced. A port building, a mine track pack and a really nice windmill. The bonuses section is also cleaned up now. You can easily see what bonuses have been unlocked in each catagory.
  21. They added photoes of all the pledge bundles so you can now see exactly what comes at each level. They have also unlocked the first of the bonuses on the frigates and some other sets. They plan to announce the first stretch goal today. I'm hoping to see the windmill or shipwreck added.
  22. Well it's no shocker that the project is 146% funded now. They plan to reveal the first stretch goal soon and open up some new pledge level in the next day or so. A hear they will offer some additional bundling options.
  23. I've been saving up so I'm going to get one. It's been hard to have a naval battle with just the Junk from their last project. You really need two ships for a fight. My big question is do I get the port stuff or the Spanish Villa nd mission to go with it?
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