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  1. I personally have no problems with damage having to be taken to get past a puzzle. Ultimately, I wouldn't expect a single small snake (albeit poisonous) to do a lot of damage so I don't see this being an issue. Well, not unless your PCs are all level 1 in a setting where the wizard only has 1d4 HP...
  2. I live in Hong Kong and there is a famous bakery in the New Territories that does a really good wife cake. Occasionally, on lazy Sundays (haven't been enough of those lately!), I'll take the family up to NT for the express purpose of buying those wife cakes. The first couple of times we went, I even entertained the notion of taking some home to eat. Silly me. The reality, of course, is that all of the wife cakes were eaten by the roadside long before we even got close to home. On any other weekend, I might have had a different answer. But after all the questions about food and beer, how could I think of anything other than an Eat Off!
  3. How difficult a puzzle are you looking for here? If you are looking for something simple, then have the four pillars be carved into the shape of snakes and have each snake statue looking in a specific direction. On the wall in that direction is a very small hole which only a snake can fit through. The point being that the party has to take a snake and feed it into each hole in order to open up the secret entrance. You could give out clues if the party makes a simple perception check. I can't imagine the party needing to brute force their way through this puzzle if you mention that the statues are all looking in a specific direction. If you are looking for something more out of left field, have a nest of rats somewhere in the room or have each pillar contain a secret compartment with food for the snakes. The idea being that the party has to pay their respects by feeding the snakes. This kind of idea may only really work though if you've been foreshadowing it prior to the puzzle i.e. giving some indication that snakes are worshiped and good things happen when you show proper reverence to snakes etc. You could give out clues based on a religion check or on a perception checks eg the rats in the nest seem well fed despite being in a dungeon - as if they were being looked after or how there seem to be regurgitated rats bones/claws near the bowls (only use this clue if your party don't know about the feeding habits of snakes) or even how well fed the snakes appear to be. To be clear - this is off the top of my head and you would need to do a lot more thinking around this puzzle before it would work (eg what happens if the party kills the snakes!). If you are looking for something "realistic" (in terms of being something that the Yuan Ti could easily and quickly accomplish for the purpose of entering their temple), you could make the Marilith statue posable and then have pictures of the Marilith in different poses on the walls. The idea being that the party has to pose the Marilith in the right pose in order to open the secret door. You would obviously need to include some kind of clue to the correct pose - possibly by way of something that the party found before entering the room with the puzzle. Alternatively, it could be some kind of cryptic message on the walls or in the correct picture of the Marilith itself. In case the party needs to brute force their way through this puzzle, you can limit the number of possible poses and have a penalty if they pick the wrong pose. Penalties could be either an immediate fight with guards or alarm bells ringing (giving you flexibility to potentially increase the difficulty of future fights - you would obv need to fudge this slightly to avoid a TPK).
  4. I believe this is a good time to repost this picture and mention that it has both bananas and cream. Wow - another really tough question as there are so many I love! However, seeing as I have to pick just one, I'm going to go with chicken and mushroom in a (preferably flaky) pastry.
  5. The king of delicious decadency - Banoffee. Just look at it and drool! Really easy to make at home as well which is a bonus.
  6. Did what throw me off? Also, I don't play tricks so no - nothing planned and nothing executed.
  7. I have no real preference although I will add that if it has feathers, it isn't a dragon! Basically, what Doug said:
  8. Good luck. This was one thing I was never able to learn.
  9. Occasionally. I don't really have a method of dealing with it other than tossing and turning for several hours until I finally fall asleep. I try to avoid getting up and doing other stuff. I have no idea if this is true or not but I have it in the back of my mind that, even though I'm not sleeping, I'm still getting a small amount of rest (esp relative to getting up and doing something) so it's better to stay in bed and toss and turn instead of getting up and burning energy.
  10. On the whole, I'd say "Yes". I currently live halfway up a mountain in the middle of almost-nowhere and away from the bulk of people. Those of you familiar with HK will know that the place is really dense with people which can make it extremely uncomfortable. Being able to get away from that, even partially, is fantastic from the point of view of being able to relax from the hustle and bustle after I get home.
  11. Nothing from me. Not much of a prankster myself but I love reading the stories!
  12. I personally have no problem with fudging in the players' favor and used to do it all the time. The thing is - creating balanced encounters is really hard. You want the encounter to challenge the party which means that there has to be a risk of death but not such a huge risk that there is a TPK. That's a pretty thin line to walk and no matter how good you are at creating encounters, it can be very easy for some random luck (i.e. great DM rolls and poor PC rolls) to upend everything and make the risk of a TPK very real. To be fair, I have no problems with TPKs. If the party acts stupidly, I am more than happy to kill the entire party off. However, having a TPK from poor dice rolls in a combat encounter isn't fun for anyone. Some great advice already. In addition, you might want to start off by simply asking him to finish creating his character and backstory and send it through to you (this would include the name and some possible reasons why his PC is in the Underdark). Tell him that once he has done that, then you can start thinking about how to integrate his PC into the story and how his PC meets up with the rest of the party. This puts the onus back on him first. If he actually does this, at least it tells you that he might be serious this time around at which point, you can then sit down with him and have the conversation around expectations.
  13. My mind could do with some cleaning. Unf, I failed the challenge...
  14. It's times like this that I wish this forum had a drooling emoticon! That is magnificent.
  15. Boy, that is a really hard question to answer! Hmm - after a bit of consideration, the one I'm going to go with isn't my "best" in that it's my best overall paint job (honestly, I'm having a hard time picking a mini that I would call my "best"). However, I'm choosing this mini because it's the best face I've ever painted. To be fair, part of this is due to the sculpt. However, I'm really happy with the paint job and how intense he looks. Really looks like he means business!
  16. Almost all of my donations go to the HK Community Chest which is where I would also put that extra $100. Their admin expenses are (supposedly) covered by an annual grant from the HK Jockey Club so donations by people like myself are supposed to be fully allocated to actual services without any deduction for admin overhead.
  17. I spend a lot of time on BGG - also called Jokemeister there. I have blogs which I don't really maintain anymore. The only one which is maintained is my hobby blog where I post pics of my finished minis. However, those pics are also posted in the Show Off forum here so you aren't missing anything by skipping my blog. Either way - http://meisterhobbies.blogspot.hk/ I used to frequent the Mantic Games forums. However, after a forum upgrade locked me out of getting to their forum (and the resolution steps didn't solve the issue), I just stopped going. Interestingly (and I suspect the two are linked), this also coincided with a drop in my interest in their games and models. I am also on Steam and Xbox Live but can't remember my user name there. I'm also known as Jokemeister on Xbox Live. I have a different username on steam though but can't remember what it is. I did setup a twitter account (thejokemeister) but don't use it. All in all, not particularly social.
  18. I've never traced my ancestry but I'm 99.9% certain that none of it is Irish. Probably a good thing given the other comments about not eating meat...
  19. Looking around me, I have no choice but to concede that I live and work in a pig sty. Still, at least it's my pig sty.
  20. YES! I don't really have a preferred cooking method but for the sake of this question, I'll put down roast potatoes as they aren't that common in Hong Kong.
  21. I've always used Gryphon and had no idea there were so many alternate spellings until now!
  22. I really struggle with flat areas. I just don't know how to highlight and shade a flat area and I always struggle to know what to do with a flat area.
  23. This is Ripley Agent Silver from Aliens Galaxy Defenders. Still trying to find the right balance between quality and speed. In some regards, I'm quite happy with how this mini came out. I am trying to do less work on highlighting and relying on a wash for shading. The result still looks decent from a tabletop perspective but I am keen to try speeding up some more. I did try a little experiment by adding a little bit of blue to the shading. The hope was to make the model complementary with the Xeno-Morph model I previously painted (for obvious reasons!). However, I'm not very happy with the result. In particular, the shirt doesn't look very good with blue in the shade areas as it looks a little odd. I managed to hide it partially in the photo but the actual mini itself looks a little odd. For comparison, here is Agent Silver next to the Xeno-Morph.
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