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  1. Red and black are my favourite colours so I guess my paint would be ... Crimson Emerald. Nothing else I do seems to make any sense so why should my paint be any different!
  2. Picked up a sore throat from the kids. My fix is to ignore it until it goes away.
  3. What is a haiku? Wait - just saw the hidden text. Oh - I see. Okay. Writer, I am not. Poetry, my weakness be. Yoda, I could be. I try regardless. This question makes me suffer. You shall suffer too. Here is my haiku. I seek appreciation. Click the like button! Darkness in my day. Light shines - tonight is game night. Day light or night bright?
  4. Miniatures in general. Specifically, I have backed way too many KS for the minis and have more than I will likely ever paint.
  5. A large (at least 6x4) game table. If nothing else, I would love to be able to leave games setup so I can play them over a period of time.
  6. Not yet but then, I'm not in the US and don't have the same filing deadline you do. Enjoying all the gnashing of teeth this question has caused though!
  7. I enjoy olde maps as a curio but it's not something I would spend money on. As to my own maps - I think the word "functional" works best here!
  8. Funnily enough, I'm currently in the market for one of those electric paint mixers. I figure it would be easier and more even than having to shake the paint bottle with an agitator in it.
  9. I don't get it - why would I have an image of the Avatar on the forums? We are talking about this guy right?
  10. Love this question and the answers - always love to hear that people are taking care of themselves! As for me - I got my coffee and Imma drinking it. I know it's a small thing but coffee improves my SitRep immensely.
  11. Good gravy, what a question! I would choose none of them as I am so unsuited that I know I would be absolutely miserable in the post. Likely, the very first thing that I would do is abdicate and go disappear somewhere! If I absolutely, positively had to choose one (and couldn't abdicate) - I would go with Dictator for Life. That "for Life" part seems to indicate that someone would off me pretty quickly and at the very least, put me out of my misery!
  12. Nope - in fact, I almost managed to forget it was April Fools Day!
  13. Bizarrely, no. Even the lady in the shopping mall giving out Easter candy was dressed in the mall uniform instead of dressing up like an Easter Bunny.
  14. Wow - it's been a long time since I posted an update here. I actually did a whole bunch of painting at Christmas (when I had some sudden inspiration!) but outside of that ... yeah, it's been a while. Partly, it was because it got cold in Hong Kong. Without any real form of heating, you end up wearing so many layers (and still find it's cold!) that fine motor control for painting is the last thing you want to do. That doesn't fully explain it though. The reality is that, even after the temperature warmed up, I didn't have much motivation to paint. Part of the reason for this is that at some time over the last year, I changed from painting for stress relief to painting for games. And seeing as my current lifestyle means that I don't have much time to game ... yeah, there went my motivation. I still don't have much time to game but I do have an intention to do more painting. Not for stress relief but just so that I can get that measure of satisfaction that comes from looking at a finished mini and saying, "I did that." Anyway, another finished mini! A quick paint job but I like how his trousers came out. And as you can see, I still struggle with black!
  15. Obviously, for superficial things, it's much easier to trust. For example, I'll casually lend pens and other odds and ends to people and trust I'll get it back (I don't always get it back). In those cases, losing the pen isn't much of a big deal so trusting someone doesn't have much of a cost. But real trust - to the extent I actually open up and divulge what I'm really thinking and feeling? In situations where that trust could be abused and hurt me? I honestly don't know.
  16. Eat to live or live to eat? I used to be live to eat. At some point over the years, I became more of a eat to live. Won't go into the details here but one good thing I will say about the change is that it lead to a natural loss of weight which, in my opinion, is much better than an enforced loss of weight from going on a diet. What is your go to food for when you just need the calories? My go to food when I just need the calories tends to be a burger. Quick, convenient and easy to get hold of in a hurry. What is it you make only when you have the time or are in the mood? Steak. Steak is far and away my favourite food. As a consequence, I don't eat it very often and in return, when I do eat it - I make sure I go to a high quality steakhouse. By the same token, I don't often cook but even if I am cooking, I will only cook steak as a once in a blue moon treat and will make sure to buy high quality steak. The great thing is that once you have a high quality steak, cooking it is ridiculously easy!
  17. I primarily paint to game. I'm currently painting a survivor from a zombie themed board game. Once I finish with him, I'm hoping to move onto some KDM minis (I haven't finished all the survivors yet but have more than enough to game with). This. My current lifestyle means that I don't have much time to game and it has seriously impacted my motivation to paint.
  18. In the long distant past, I named my snooker cue "Lucille" (after Lucille Ball - which is an odd decision as I was never a major fan in the first place... ). Everytime I got to a critical shot, I would always speak to Lucille and encourage her. Inevitably, I always missed that critical shot anyway...
  19. Learnt to drive stick shift when I was 17 or 18. Can't remember exactly when. I currently drive a 2006 Honda Civic. Automatic as I live in Hong Kong and can't be bothered with manual transmission in a city with regular traffic jams. Thankfully, I have no funny stories (and long may it stay that way!).
  20. Yes! Although it's been years since I have ridden a bike but apparently you never forget. One particular incident which sticks out in my mind was when I was still a teenager. My brother and I used to race our bikes (he always won as he was almost 4 years older) and one time, we were racing down a steep hill. In those days, I used to play car racing video games so I was familiar with the concept of slipstreaming. I tucked in behind my brother and sure enough, halfway down the hill I realize that I am going faster and will pass him. I yell out that I am passing on the right. Naturally at this point, he swerves to the right and cuts right in front of me. My front wheel connects with his rear wheel and physics takes over. My brother got a small bump in speed. Me, on the other hand, went flying over the handlebar and through the air in a beautiful arc which ended in a less than graceful crash into the hard concrete ground. Luckily, I landed face first... This is why you do things like this away from home! We used to travel to a semi-deserted car park so that we could play Battlebikes. Which was basically riding around the car park trying to kick each other off the bikes - last man standing (or rather, cycling) won.
  21. Not really and admittedly, it's one of the regrets I have (that I didn't learn to swim when I was younger). For reference, I don't consider someone as knowing how to swim unless they know how to tread water. It's why I made sure that my sons learned how to swim (and how to tread water). Both of them are currently better swimmers than me - and neither of them is even a teenager yet!
  22. Nothing on my end - not really an aspect of the hobby I'm big into. The closest I've come is a board game insert made out of foamcore. Other than that, I've made papercraft terrain - but seeing as I didn't design it, I don't think it counts for this question!
  23. It may be a cliche but ever since the Dragonlance novels, I've always loved the idea of adventures starting in a tavern. And despite being a cliche, it's amazing how many ways you can start an adventure in a tavern: Someone seeking adventurers to deal with a problem Someone seeking the PCs specifically to deal with a problem Bartender needing a minor problem dealt with that is indicative of a larger problem Sexy barman/barmaid who is setting up the PC for a trap Local guard burst in looking to arrest someone Local guard burst in looking to arrest the PCs Dying adventurer pops in and says something with his dying breath I could go on but I think you get the pint!
  24. Nope. Relatively new to the hobby and I didn't make a particular point of trying to get hold of old minis.
  25. This actually tends to happen with semi-regularity (i.e. once every year or two). During monsoon season, we will sometimes get hit with a typhoon and if its severe enough, we get the day off! Historically, I end up playing video/board games or painting.
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