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  1. Yup - some of it is the same thing while some of it is new. From my pov, it's a good thing though as I am a member of a professional body which requires a certain level of annual training in order to keep said membership. The fact my employer provides all of that training means that I don't have to go and pay for training externally.
  2. Forgot to check for traps. I can laugh now but it wasn't amusing at the time!
  3. I wonder if tomorrows question will be "What would be the 1st thing you do if you were 10 years old yesterday?"
  4. Probably celebrate the fact that I no longer have to do any homework!
  5. In times like this, just knowing you are there is a massive help to your family. Sometimes, it's not about what you can do but knowing you are near. Having that extra person you care about near you to help share your grief is a help in itself. And knowing that, while they may not specifically need you for anything, you are there and able to help should they need it. <HUGS>
  6. I managed to get a little bit of painting time in. Not as much as I had hoped (it's never as much as I hope ) but I did get some painting done.
  7. Sorry to hear but I hope you managed to spend some time with him and got the chance to say goodbye. <HUGS>
  8. Probably the obvious answer from me but I would go with Chinese wushu miniatures. Would be cool to paint up some of the classic characters from famous Chinese wushu classics.
  9. As with some others here, I hate being late and think it is discourteous to others if you are late. Basically, if you name a time and place - I will come early. Some might even say prematurely...
  10. Basically, what Glitterwolf said. There are lots of things and people that I rely on. I rely on the postal service to bring me my post. I rely on my mechanic to fix my car. Trust? That's a whole different ball game.
  11. Definitely the kind of thing that falls into the "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" category.
  12. Easy one for me to answer as I've been thinking about it since the weekend. I finally managed to put together my KD:M starting survivors. Goal for this week is to get them primed and then start watching video tutorials on OSL.
  13. Gold Dragon - for several reasons. They are the most dedicated to fighting evil - feels like we could do with more of that in the real world. They are wise and worldly and freely share knowledge with anyone who asks - feels like I could do with more of that in my world. They will build their own mansion like lair - that's the kind of lifestyle change I could put up with!
  14. Drat. I could have answered this if you hadn't specified someone else's home. As it is, I am the weirdest person I know. <shrugs>
  15. Curses! Foiled again! Coffee - always hot. Preferably with steamed milk. Def no to sugar.
  16. I resent that! I'm only maybe evil. If I was clearly evil, I wouldn't have apologized!
  17. After many ordeals and hardships, the party comes home to find that there is no pie left. Sorry guys - I got hungry while waiting for you to come back.
  18. Great question! My family have commented that they are surprised that I can paint details on something so small. Beyond that, it's not really a topic of discussion. My gaming group think it's great as they get to play with painted minis. My non-geeky friends pretty much went, "Oh, that's nice" and then switched the topic of conversation.
  19. I'll go with the lightsaber as well. I've watched Star Wars so many times that the snap-hiss sound when it turns on is ingrained in my brain. Despite this, it still always sends a tingle up my spine.
  20. Mince pies and mulled wine. The funny thing is that, while I've had mince pies several times, I've only had them together once. However, the memory of that one time has a very strong association with Christmas for me. Basically, my wife and I had traveled to Scotland for Christmas with the express intention of spending Christmas in a castle. As you can imagine with Scotland and Christmas, the weather was extremely cold and we spent a lot of time indoors. In particular, we spent a lot of time in front of a log fire chatting while noming on mince pies and mulled wine. I have very fond memories of that Christmas!
  21. There is so much that I have learnt on these forums that I honestly couldn't identify any single piece of advice. The great thing about being here is that, after a while, you pick up things almost by osmosis. I don't know much about painting (still being very much an amateur painting) but so much of what I do know has been picked up in a little post here and a little post there. So many people here give out advice or tips or share how they painted something that just by reading the various posts, so much knowledge gets embedded in my brain without me realizing it. To all the amazing painters in this forum - you guys are amazing and awe-inspiring and real role models for others!
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