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  1. Yeaaah. About that. When I complain about having to make will saves every time I see another map, pointing me to another awesome map (which btw, requires a bucketload of game tiles to build) is absolutely the wrong response! btw - made another will save (although the sheer number of sets required to build the heroquest board definitely gave me a bonus to my will save)
  2. This one is tempting as I am a fan of co-op games and the branching campaign looks like it might be fun. The relatively high cost of international shipping is a pretty big negative though so while I do have a pledge in, I'm not sure if I will keep it.
  3. All you need to do is pledge at the $5,000 level and get them to make the 5 new agents in an Xcom theme.
  4. Each time I see a map that people made using the map maker tool, I roll another will save. Sooner or later, I'm going to critically fail that save (despite the ridonculous international shipping).
  5. I would be interested in two sets. However, I don't have a Paypal account - will that be a problem?
  6. I'm strictly tabletop quality so take anything I say with a huge grain of salt. With that caveat out of the way, so far, I have been very happy with the brushes. They hold a point well and feel really nice to paint with. The fact that the brushes are double ended really is as convenient as you would expect as I have one end loaded with paint and the other end loaded with water (which makes 2 brush blending so much easier). I have never used W&N or Raphael so can't compare to those brands. However, I think these brushes are far superior to the GW brushes that I have previously been using (and the price is amazing relative to how much I was paying for GW brushes before). Obviously, no comment on how well the brushes will hold up long term. In terms of downsides: It does feel a little top heavy due to having two brushes although I suspect this is just a case of getting used to the weight distribution Some of my brushes arrived badly frayed. However, G&G replied very quickly to my email and have already agreed to replace them.
  7. I find that these pens are great when the eye sockets are really tiny.
  8. This is what I am planning as well (although I'm still debating getting TCM - although its at MSRP, the saving in shipping costs mean that it might still be worthwhile for me). If I do get TCM, that gives me even less reason to get season 1 as I can proxy the initial 6 characters with their zombivor versions.
  9. A gentleman never tells. Coming from a guy with tentacles coming out of his face...
  10. @CashWiley How much are you actually in for?
  11. and $30 on miniaturemarket.com Edit: In fact, many of the models on miniaturemarket.com are comparable to the KS price
  12. There should be loads of tutorials available which other people will be able to point you towards. The only one I recall seeing recently is this one from miniwargaming - http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/color-everything-yellow-12
  13. @CashWiley Have the paints in the picture been thinned? They look as if they haven't but there doesn't look like there is much room left on your wet palette to thin them. Do you have a separate palette that you transfer paints.to before thinning?
  14. I'll second what Dominus is saying. I bought some paints from the Bones KS and this thread has been a great source of ideas around what additional paints I can consider to round out my paint set.
  15. If its available in pdf, I would love to get a copy as well. I already have some brushes and paints from a hobby starter set that I purchased locally (before I realised how awesome the LTP kits were) and would love some paint by numbers guidance until I get a bit more confidence.
  16. Is there any particular reason why people want the 1ed rules instead of the 2ed rules?
  17. I am sure the regulars on this forum will answer in due course but from lurking around on the forums, some favs are: Brushes - Winsor & Newton series 7 and Raphael brushes seem to be very popular Online stores - Dick Blick and Michaels seem to both be popular and have occasional big discounts
  18. I'm a newb who only joined as a result of the KS. Spent a lot of time lurking before actually creating a profile (I tend to lurk more than actively post anyway). Hung around for the friendly atmosphere and painting tips (also a newbie painter!).
  19. I can't believe nobody replied to this with: I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further @Reaper forums - I am disappoint.
  20. Noticing the similarity in names (ie Greg), I have to ask - did you make that webpage? If so, you are awesome. I saw that during the KS and made reference to it so many times! Great page and sooooo very helpful.
  21. Without knowing exactly which new bones you want to add, its hard to say for sure. However, looking at the store, it looks like they sell the familiars in packs (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/familiars). As even the cheapest pack is $7.79, it seems like adding an extra set with all of the new KS familiars for $6 is a really good deal.
  22. Do iiiiiit... I've never owned minis before either, but these have convinced my husband that the Bones Invasion in March is containable. heh, heh, heh... Arrgggghhh - I keep adding to the list of things I want to buy. At this rate, I'm going to go broke soon. :(
  23. I asked this question during the kickstarter and was told that they wouldn't be able to ship additional products from their main line at the same time. Its a shame as it would be nice to get the free shipping but I guess I can understand it would be difficult logistically. Re new kickstarter minis - why don't you just up your pledge via the RPM (once it is available) instead of paying regular price?
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