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  1. Without specific details around how it's run, it's hard to give a strong opinion either way. If it was setup as a normal coffee bar then I would probably be against it - I'm generally wary about corporations having free reign on campus. However, if it was managed so that the school's and students interests were better taken into account (eg students working there, profits partly going back to the school and a whole raft of other ideas people posted etc) then I would be okay with it. Stuff like this is why I am wary about corporations having free reign on campus. Although in this case, I blame the school as much as Starbucks.
  2. My wife would probably assume I lost my temper and did something unspeakable to someone (or something). Serious question - does it count as a bad temper if it is that hard to lose control? At this point, doesn't everyone have a bad temper? Seems to me that everyone would have something that could push them over the edge. For myself, I consider I have a bad temper because I tend to get angry/upset very easily. Something very minor could set me off. The only positive about this is that I know I have a bad temper and over the years, I can tell when I'm angry/upset such that I remove myself from that situation and let myself calm down instead of flying off the handle and (well, most of the time...). This has been frustrating for my wife on more than one occasion as she will want to talk about something but I have to shut her out until after I've calmed down.
  3. I have to be honest and admit that I've never painted any resin minis. I have some in my shelf of shame but I'm not even close to painting them yet.
  4. I have to admit that I didn't even look at Bones 4. I'm not allowed to purchase any more minis so I completely avoided the KS in order to remove temptation.
  5. Being "grown up" is overrated.
  6. It actually depends on the mini. If the flash is very bad, then I will remove it using a knife or file. However, I've found that a lot of minis from modern boardgames (which is what I've been painting recently) only have very minimal flash and you can often get away without doing any flash removal. Which is great as I don't particularly enjoy removing flash.
  7. Coffee - with milk and no sugar. My favourite used to be tea but the problem is that I can't stand Hong Kong style milk tea so I tend to only drink tea if I'm drinking it at home. For those who don't know, HK style milk tea is made with evaporated or condensed milk instead of fresh milk and is a horrible abomination.
  8. I forgot to take pictures but I had a ton of fun at the weekend shooting Nerf guns with my kids. We tidied up afterwards but that still counts right?
  9. Can I put down "the hobby" as my answer? More seriously, this is me as well. A lot of the time, even when I have time to paint, I feel tired and just want to go "bleurggle".
  10. The Raise Dead spell. Don't get me wrong. As a former cleric, I loved the Raise Dead spell and all the various other ways that you can bring characters back from the dead. And from a gameplay point of view, it makes absolute sense as well. However, from a story point of view, I've always felt it was fairly suspect and a prime reason that death becomes meaningless in a campaign. Also, from a movie point of view, I've seen too many fantasy movies where the director has tried to brute force emotion by having one of the main characters die with everyone in standing around in tears before the dead character is brought back to life in a shower of sparkly CGI.
  11. I was going to answer this but the doc basically said it all. In my opinion, the long term success of RPGs is down to story-telling - everyone loves a good story. As such, the one thing that the D&D movie has to have is a decent story populated with characters that make sense and that you can connect with. We can complain about the lore but I can almost guarantee that if the D&D movie has a good story with good characters, most people would be willing to either forgive or ignore the lore mis-steps. Although to be honest, at that point, I would be expecting comments along the lines of "It's a good movie but it's not really a D&D movie." I'll disagree with this. The thing with D&D is that it has so many different settings that makes it hard to pin down the "feel" of D&D. A Castle Ravenloft campaign is going to feel very different from the "standard" Forgotten Realms campaign setting. And this isn't even going into how your particular DM ran the game.
  12. Don't have a favorite. Of course, if I was being positive, I would say I like them all equally.
  13. My life. Unfortunately, clean up and organization is going to take a little bit longer than a weekend...
  14. Sorry - I haven't done anything that I would consider a conversion/sculpting project.
  15. So I mention I have a moratorium on purchasing any minis and you ask me what mini do I most wish I had? PS Hope you and your son are doing okay. As everyone else already said, the most important thing is to look after you and your family. We can all wait.
  16. No in my case. I still have a moratorium on any minis purchases and already have way too many unpainted minis as it is.
  17. Basically, what he said. From my point of view, just tell me what your name is and how to spell it and I'll happily comply with whatever that is. With that said, if you ever try to get aggressive about it, I'm cutting you out of my life. Ain't nobody got time for that!
  18. <condescending tone> No, no, no, no, no, no, NO! How little do you mortals understand time. Must you be so linear? Sigh. I'll try to use small words so that your miniscule mind can comprehend. The number of hours in the day doesn't matter. Try to get this through your puny brain. We exist outside the space-time continuum. We have as much time as we mean to. I had such high hopes for you, TGP. I thought you were a bit more ... evolved than the rest of your species. But now I realize you're just as weak as all the others. I believed in you. I thought you had potential. But apparently I was wrong. May whatever god you believe in <snorts> have mercy on your soul.
  19. This isn't true for all games but as a general rule, I love fluff. I find it helps get me in the right frame of mind and in the right temperament to enjoy the game. With that said, you should never be a slave to the fluff and always feel free to deviate if that makes for a more interesting game. I you so much right now! Wow - I'm impressed. Some of those Battletech novels were really bad.
  20. This isn't a problem unless the PCs do remember the voice you gave him.
  21. In order to get a bit of greenery, I actually moved into a flat halfway up a mountain in the New Territories. It's dashed inconvenient from a transport point of view but it's great when I get home from work and feel like I've left Hong Kong. View from my living room window below. What I hope is that we will see greater development of weapons which can safely "stun" people. As to sci-fi minis - yeah, I got 20 <boxes> of those. I haven't taken inventory in a while but if I recall correctly, I have: Judge Dredd Deadzone Dreadball Various stuff from Bones Battletech Galaxy Defenders (which is even fully painted!) Warhammer 40k (I have 80% of a squad from a starter paint set)
  22. Critical Role has spoiled me. Every time I think gunpowder now, I think of the black powder merchant from Critical Role. Too funny!
  23. A garden? In Hong Kong? ahahahahahahahahaha <I'm crying on the inside>
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