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  1. Fasting? Let me google that first... <faints>
  2. I'm so sorry Siri. Hope the doctors can do something to make him comfortable.
  3. Despite what feels like a lifetime spent in a cubicle, I have no interesting stories. Cubicle wars don't seem to be a thing in HK.
  4. Not recently. In general, I am relatively adventurous when it comes to trying new foods but there are things that I draw the line at - insects being one (I know they are high in protein etc but ).
  5. This personally never bothered me as a wizard with a STR of 8 doing a critical probably wouldn't even do as much damage as a fighter with a STR of 18 on a normal attack. The wizard attacking with a staff is doing d6 for damage. Even doubled, the wizard is only doing 1-11 (2d6-1) damage. The fighter on a normal attack with a d8 weapon (like a battleaxe) is going to be doing between 5-12 (1d8+4) damage with each attack. And we haven't even gotten to the multiple attacks per round that fighters get. Frankly, with those numbers, I'm not concerned about the wizard stealing the fighters melee spotlight. Bear in mind that I haven't played any D&D beyond 2e so all my experience is from an eon ago.
  6. Personally, I hate the whole confirming criticals and fumbles "thing" as, for me, it slows down the game too much. I much prefer the system whereby a critical always hits (and gives bonus damage) and a fumble always misses (I like to describe something funny happening but with no lasting consequences). Simple and keeps the game moving.
  7. My house is as safe as I can make it. Unfortunately, my skills are weak.
  8. I know exactly as much as I need to. Which is to say that I am level 1.
  9. I never spent any time studying this but it was always my understanding that the phaser was a phased laser and nobody cared whether that made any sense or not. That graphic is amazing - where is it from?
  10. Personally, I've only lit 1 or 2 fireworks myself. However, I've seen a ton of fireworks shows over my life and certainly more than I can conveniently count (ie more than 10). When the kids were younger, we used to take them to Disneyland all the time and we would often stay until after the fireworks. Also, in Hong Kong, we tend to have fireworks shows at the drop of a hat (any hat). Starts to read -> Gives up and waits for the movie.
  11. There has never been a more appropriate time for this response. CHICKEN!
  12. Not as long as I would have liked. I was driving and about to get onto a major 3 lane roundabout. There were no cars in the left lane of the roundabout and 1 car in the middle lane. As the car in the middle lane had no indicator light on, I pulled out into the empty left lane of the roundabout. It just so happens that the next exit from the roundabout is relatively close to where I was getting on the roundabout. Just after I pull out into the empty left lane, that car in the middle lane cuts straight across the front of me in order to get the next exit from the roundabout. Luckily, I managed to brake otherwise we would have crashed.
  13. Very sad to hear but I hope he gets accepted into the trial. <hugs>
  14. Put another tick in the Thor:Ragnarok list. I also really liked the Wonder Woman trailers. First time in a loooong time that a trailer made me want to watch a DC movie (the last time being Dark Knight Rises). Which is annoying as I still haven't had a chance to see the movie yet (which, by all accounts, is good).
  15. Speak for yourself! Me - I'm young at heart. <flicks hair>
  16. Another unplanned hiatus from painting and I'm now at the stage where I am desperate to start knocking minis off my painting table asap. As a result, this is a speedpaint of Robocop Agent G-Droid from Galaxy Defenders. To an extent, I kinda wish I had taken a little more time as the blue wash pooled up quite badly on the mini which resulted in very blotchy blue patches on the mini. I also think I need to clean up around the house a bit more. So much stray dust/hair/dirt/something on the mini! Either way, it does mean that I have now finished painting all of my Galaxy Defenders minis and can move onto a different game. Huzzah for milestones!
  17. Or you could let them take the head, even after the dire warning, and then have the cult start to be an active antagonist in an attempt to steal the head back. If they get the head back, they can reattach it to the body and it will then be a Franken-Dracolich. Assuming the party doesn't carry the head around with them and hangs it in their home base, you could have the cult start numerous fires (ie plot hooks) for the party in different locations. Force the party to leave the base and upon their completion of the adventure, they come home to a ransacked base with the dragon head gone. It should be fairly clear that someone (the cult!) deliberately lured them from the base in order to steal the head. If the party is carrying a head around, you can do something similar but the idea would be that the cult is trying to lure the party to a specific location to make it easier for them to steal the head back. Get the party on an adventure, have it be successful and then have a major celebration party thrown in the PCs honour. Get the PCs drunk and then have someone steal the head while they are drunk. Or you could turn it political. Set the party up to take the blame for a crime they didn't commit. If they surrender to the authorities, they have to hand in their equipment (at which time, the cult steals the head) and the PCs only realise this after they clear their name and get their stuff back (you could make this very easy to do so there is no risk they will actually get blamed for a crime they didn't commit - the key after all, is to separate them from their possession so that the cult can steal the head). If they don't surrender to the authorities (likely given most PC groups), they will have to find a way to clear their names while on the run which lets you build up the cult as the antagonists while looking for a way to steal the head from them. Advantage of this approach is that it further solidifies the cult as the active antagonist and will make the party invested in defeating the cult when they finally get a chance to do so (supported by a Franken-Dracolich by this point!).
  18. I legitimately can't answer this. My mind doesn't draw any connection between the seasons and the type of food on offer. Logically, I know there are certain foods which are seasonal but my mind just doesn't connect those two data points together.
  19. Hedonism. Also, why do people even need to ask why grasshoppers are scary? Does no-one else go to the movies?!?! I know its summer when there is peace and quiet at home! Every summer, we send the kids to a summer camp where they spend several days under the care of someone else. The kids love it there and the missus and I love the "us" we get as a result of it. Win:win!
  20. I'll celebrate any holiday that gives me a day off work!
  21. Yes. Why on earth would I do something like that?
  22. I ... I ... I don't get to play RPGs anymore! <I've never actually used minis in an RPG - it was always theater of the mind for me. Not that I'm against minis - just that my old group never used them.>
  23. Basically, what Gargs said! I haven't repeated myself yet (for non gaming minis) but then I'm sure it will happen sooner or later. I'm not against it - I just have too many gaming minis I need to paint right now!
  24. Nope! I only cook as a last resort and when I do, it's always something super simple.
  25. My fallback food when I don't know what to eat is burgers. This also often, although not always, means McDonalds which appear to be everywhere in HK.
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