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  1. I prefer physical. Unfortunately, space is expensive in Hong Kong so I tend to go digital these days.
  2. I work in an office so my usual choice of footwear are black leather shoes. Boring I know but at least I don't have to think about it - and for someone with no fashion sense, that is a highly desirable trait!!
  3. My favourite colours are red and black. Although I don't use them very often on minis. My general approach in life is not to over-use any favourite that I have simply because it's my favourite. In essence, I don't want it to become ordinary (if that makes sense!). With that said, I have used black paint more than any other colour although this is primarily because I paint a lot of board game minis and I tend to use black for the base.
  4. I used to love playing with new tech. However, with my family and financial responsibilities, I tend to wait until I absolutely have to replace something and then get something that is close to the latest and greatest at that time (not the actual latest and greatest but something a step down).
  5. Never worn a costume or been to a ren faire/costume party. I have neither the interest nor ability to create a costume so I don't see that ever happening either. I'm a big fan of people who cosplay though. I love looking at the pictures which crop up on the internet every time there's a big con and my mind is always blown at the ability of people who create costumes.
  6. Moments like this are why I love RPGs.
  7. There are two parts that I really enjoy. The first is that moment before you actually start painting (but after the mini has been primed). That moment feels so full of opportunity and hope - like a realm of infinite possibilities which I'm about to bring to fruition with my brush. At that moment, I have a blank canvas in front of me and a picture of the beautiful finished mini I'm aiming at. <and then I actually start painting...> This is my second favourite part. That moment after the basecoats are down (but before the detail) and you start getting an idea of what the finished mini will look like. I know I've answered this question before. I'm now curious to see if my answer has changed.
  8. Surprisingly - not that often. I know it's happened before with books that I had on my to-read shelf but beyond that, I can't recall this ever happening. Which is actually really surprising as I thought it would happen all the time for me (my memory is not always ... reliable).
  9. Some people have already posted some good RPG choices so I'll go in a different direction and ask - How often are you expecting a rainy day? The reason I ask is that if you are looking for a tabletop game for an occasional play, a good board game might work really well. Especially if you are looking for something tactile that the kids can touch and interact with, a board game will have all of this in the box so you don't have to spend any time on prep work (minis, terrain etc). On the assumption you are looking for a board game, something like Talisman might be a good fit. I loved Talisman when I was a kid as I loved the idea of going on a fantasy adventure with strange places to visit, monsters to encounter and powerful magic to cast! The gameplay itself is super simple - basically roll a die, move your figure and then draw a card to see what you encounter. In this regard, it would meet your needs of "pick up a card and it tells you what to do". Lastly, if you are looking for a board game, the best place to look for advice on a good choice would be Board Game Geek (you prob know this already but I'm putting this here in case you don't!).
  10. I used to have a pretty nasty temper. The only positive thing I can say about the old me is that I realised I had a nasty temper and have been working to fix that. Currently, I think that I'm pretty patient most of the time with two notable exceptions. One is when I'm hungry. If I'm hungry, I tend to start losing the ability for rational thought as well as any semblance of patience. The other exception is when I'm tired. When I'm tired, I find it much harder to let little things go. If I'm hungry and tired...
  11. Most of Saturday is spent shuttling the kids around their various extra-curricular activities. I do get a bit of free time in the evening which is either spent painting or playing video games. If I'm very lucky, the missus won't be too tired and we might get a movie night (at home). Sunday mornings are potentially BG time. Potentially. If I get up early enough, then I can get some solo boardgaming time in. Basically, I'm trying to hit that sweet spot of completing most of the game before the kids get up (once the kids are up, its basically a mix of homework and more extra-curricular activities). Alternatively, I try and get some painting time in. I also generally use Sunday to try and catch up on any YouTube videos that I'm interested in. Didn't get any painting done over the weekend though. Suffering a bit from cold/flu and a runny nose + occasional sneeze does not make for a steady painting hand. Besides, spent almost all of Sunday out as the younger kid had a violin performance (which meant final rehearsal in the early afternoon followed by the performance itself in the evening).
  12. I tend to prime a bunch of minis at once and then leave them on the shelf until I get to paint them. Not sure if that counts as a multiple projects on the go at once. Beyond that, I tend to work on 1-2 projects at most. Generally, I will focus on 1 mini at a time until it's almost complete. Once it's at the stage where the only thing missing is varnishing and basing (and I do very simple basing as my minis are for the tabletop), then I will start work on the next mini. This is primarily because I like to wait at least a day between each of those last steps. For example, seal the mini, wait a day, put sand on the base, wait a day etc. The obvious exception to this is when I'm painting groups of similar minis. Subscribed! Congrats!!!
  13. We always used to ignore rules in weird situations and instead go with "what made sense". Now that I think about it though, I have to wonder if that was a good approach. We didn't always have a good handle on "what makes sense". <remembers a Marvel SuperHeroes game where we threw a villain into an adamantium wall and the GM ruled that the villain took damage equal to the strength of the adamantium wall (strongest substance in the Marvel Universe!) which resulted in a villain death and corresponding penalties on our Heroes>
  14. Ooh - good point! I've had Middle Eastern food before but I've never had Persian food. A quick google search shows that there appears to be one restaurant now that serves Iranian and Parsi food (https://plateculture.com/where-to-eat/mjs-catering-and-private-kitchen). I have no idea if it's any good though as OpenRice only has 1 review on it and that only commented on the Parsi food. I actually wouldn't be interested in going to those super sized cons (such as Gencon etc) as I wouldn't enjoy the crowd of people. If I ever went to a con, I would probably look for a smaller con.
  15. I actually didn't realise people were thinning their Reaper liners with water. I thought they were thinning the liner with medium. As to the liner acting as a primer though, I notice that RouterMike in that thread, comments that an actual primer was more resistant to scratching than a liner on Bones. Granted, this was an experiment on Bones so it doesn't mean that the liner won't fare better on other plastics.
  16. It would be an interesting experiment but I wouldn't count on the liners being a good primer on other plastics. If the rationale is that the liners are a good primer simply because they provide good adhesion in an initial coat on Bones models, then that rationale could be used for any of the Reaper paints as all of them provide good adhesion in an initial coat on Bones models. This seems to be a property of the Bones material itself rather than a property of the paint.
  17. Depends on what you mean by local area. If you mean within my city then I really can't think of anything. I live in HK and, as far as I can tell, we seem to have every type of cuisine imaginable. If you mean within walking distance of my home, then pretty much anything would be appreciated. I live halfway up a mountain so in order to find a shop of any kind, I have to first go down the mountain. Actually - scratch that. I don't want any restaurants near me as I like having the peace and quiet of living halfway up a mountain in the middle of nowhere.
  18. Ooh - this is a tough one to answer as I can't pick just one. I have two favourite places to eat and there is no way I can choose between them so I'll talk about both of them. The first may already be familiar to some of you - especially those in the US. I love steak and my favourite steakhouse in Hong Kong is Ruth's Chris. The great thing with Hong Kong is that there are a multitude of good steak houses but Ruth's Chris stands out for me purely because it was a personal favourite of my girlfriend at the time (now my wife!). When I first met her, she had never really had a good steak from a good steakhouse before and, on one particular date, she took me to a not-so-good steakhouse and extolled the virtues of the steak there. Naturally, I had to educate her on what a good steak and what a good steakhouse was and Ruth's Chris was the one we went to (in truth, it was almost chosen at random as we have a lot of choices in HK). Now, when I go there, I go for the warm fuzzy memories just as much as for the steak. Another favourite is a Japanese restaurant called Wanya. The restaurant is an all you can eat Japanese restaurant where everything is made to order. What I love about Wanya is the fact that everything is made to order. One of my biggest gripes with buffet's is the fact that all of the food is laid out on the table which means that by the time you get to eating it, it's not exactly at it's best. With Wanya, as everything is made to order, you are always eating the food at it's best stage - freshly cooked! Also, the restaurant is surprisingly good value given it's an all you can eat as Japanese restaurants are generally quite expensive in HK. As with Ruths Chris above, part of my love for Wanya is simply all the warm fuzzy memories whenever I go as my wife and I have been going there for many many years now. Man, talking about them makes me really want to go there for dinner! While they are my favourites, I don't eat out at nice restaurants that often so they are generally reserved for special occasions. Ouch! For what it's worth, you have my sympathies. When I first started backing KS's, it seemed like the comments sections were great as there was often a real sense of community there. Not sure when things changed but at some point, it seemed that negativity and lack of empathy became the norm and since then, I have started avoiding KS comments sections like the plague. I can understand why some backers would be disappointed at the delays on some KS's but the overall negativity was just draining. I'm still gutted. I grew up watching Robin Williams and I was horrified that, despite all the joy he had given me (and others), he ended up taking his own life. I often wish there was something I could have done to help him.
  19. Clearly, they're not from the other franchise because if they were, Ares Games might get in trouble for breaching copyright or trademark or one of those other laws which only companies/lawyers know and care about but which nobody else seems to fully understand! More seriously, I believe Ares Games did get contacted about a copyright breach with their KS promo models (which is where these models came from) and I think the only reason they didn't get into more trouble is because they were only one-off KS promos and weren't being sold generally.
  20. This is the Predator Xeno-Hunter from Galaxy Defenders. I actually managed to finish this mini last week but never got around to taking the picture. I really enjoyed painting this mini which was part of the reason that Agent Iron was sitting around with an unfinished base for so long. In particular, I enjoyed painting the skin and think I did a good job with it. As I had two of the mini's, I painted one of them with blue highlights and the other with red highlights. Naturally, I had to take a picture of the Predator Xeno-Hunter together with Dutch Agent Iron.
  21. Great paint job but I have to add a As an adventurer, I'm getting so many mixed messages. They're wielding weapons! They're snarling at me! Clearly we should attack! But wait, look at those cute l'il spawns! They're just protecting their young! If we attack them, we'll be the monsters! Next thing you know, our inability to decide what to do results in a surprise first round for the tiik where they all get free attacks! TPK!!!
  22. My first paid job was helping out my dad at his small takeaway restaurant where I was responsible for taking orders and answering the phone. I didn't always like it but on the whole, it was a great experience. First, it helped my mental arithmetic immensely as we didn't have calculators or a POS system so had to tally up all the orders by hand. After a while, you can add multiple numbers in your head extremely quickly and I can't help but think some of my maths scores were a result of having extra time to think about questions as a result of time saved on doing basic arithmetic. Secondly, as I started working regularly from a very young age, I was able to save up a chunk of cash which I was able to spend on whatever I wanted. In those days, this tended to be games and CDs. As a kid, a small amount of money can go a long way and it was great to have "financial freedom". Lastly, I learned how to smile and be polite even when the person I'm talking to is clearly an idiot. This is a critical life skill no matter where you end up working!
  23. RPG: It's been so long since I played a PnP RPG that I can't actually recall the last one I played. It was likely Dungeons & Dragons with my high level Cleric who was initially a party NPC that I took over after I managed to get 2 fighters killed (my original character was a fighter who fell down a mountain whereupon I took over an NPC fighter who died falling down the other side of that same mountain!). Video game: Currently playing through Torment Tides of Numenera and enjoying it. While it's not as good as Planescape Torment (although this may be nostalgia speaking), I am enjoying it and the oddball world of Numenera. Don't think much of the combat system though so I would only recommend that game if you are up for reading a LOT of text. Board game: My game group actually had a game day on 3 May (public holiday in HK) where we played board games for a whole day! Last game played was The Resistance where I managed to successfully psyche out the Assassin into choosing myself instead of Merlin whom she had initially considered purely out of "women's intuition" (she literally reasoned out loud that Merlin was likely myself or B but then said her intuition told her to pick C, who was actually Merlin, before we managed to psyche her out and she changed her mind to pick me).
  24. That face is great! And those eyes are amazing! I can't even begin to imagine how you did that given how small they would have been!
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