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  1. https://youtu.be/Iqz7ZDdP25A I'm going to a board game convention in just over a week. Not long to print out a bunch of pieces...
  2. If you're into rice, see if you can get hold of red rice. Tastes pretty much the same as normal but very low GI. We found it in an Indian grocer.
  3. Somebody please explain this one? I get that Somehow they have been turned into what looks like a pencil drawing. But how is that funny? The film clip for Take On Me by a-ha mostly takes place inside a comic book in the pencil style this meme mimics. So by becoming pencil comic characters they are having an a-ha moment.
  4. If you have to ask where "there" is, you weren't there.
  5. If it wasn't a joke phobia, maybe. I like to trot out triskaidekaphobia. Not many people know the name, even if they know of the phobia.
  6. If only ^ this were true. Can, yes. Will, not necessarily.
  7. Have you owned it long enough to claim adverse possession on that extra land?
  8. LOTS disapproves of this, simply because you neglected to include them. You may make amends by submitting a detailed plan on how doggy and kitty figures with tentacular appendages may be included in the doodles, with of course the inclusion of representations of LOTS adherents as they are known to exist. GEM Or some minis...
  9. A reasonable question if he doesn't speak Spanish. Much less reasonable than the stories I've heard of USAans asking when Fourth of July is.
  10. Mr Fantastic. A.k.a. Reed Richards. ETA: Happy Star Wars Day, everybody.
  11. We had a similar situation last year. Ours turned out to be the plastic spray arm splitting along the seam. Might be worth checking that if you haven't.
  12. Exmouth was very popular a couple of days ago, being the most accessible place on the planet to view the total solar eclipse.
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