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  1. Maxim 37: There is no "overkill". There is only "open fire" and "reload".
  2. I believe Instant Pot is a brand name of multicooker. We have a Foodi Ninja brand and are very happy with it.
  3. Left is a tournament miniature for Bushranger Bowl (Blood Bowl tournament). Right is from Eureka Miniatures.
  4. https://youtu.be/AZdsp3t46m4 And a collaboration they did with some Australian Aborigines: https://youtu.be/nwN_bxoj1Fw
  5. Came across a new YouTube channel today - Duplessy & the Violins of the World. It's an ensemble consisting of guitar, Chinese erhu, Mongolian horsehair and Swedish nyckelharpa. Very nice combination. We came across it because SWMBO had a random thought - "I wonder if there's a Chinese orchestra version of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly..."
  6. You mean the Lion Dancers? They always do very well and I'm sure they got very good ones to support the top level orchestra. SWMBO says it's a mix of Chinese and western instruments.
  7. What's with the sudden fascination with squirrels? Games Workshop recently released a star player for Blood Bowl called Akhorne the Squirrel...
  8. SWMBO says I've got that first one down pat. Never had to test the second one...
  9. I painted today. Finished five minis (two were started before today) and all five were Reaper ones. Angel of Mercy is being added to the Nativity because SWMBO pointed out the set didn't have an angel. And two each of Hope and Courage (the bushfire relief koalas) are getting added to my Australiana set for Blood Bowl.
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