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  1. Australia: "Everything changed when the Emu nation attacked." No, they didn't. They were acting in self defence. And no, that's not supposed to be in purple. Look up The Great Emu War if you don't know what I'm talking about.
  2. Thanks. I thought I was subscribed to that channel, but it turns out I'm not.
  3. Try Marble Bar. The hottest place I could find in Texas averages 95F (35C) in their hottest month. Marble Bar averages 41.6 in their hottest month. Averages...
  4. SWMBO and I went to The Little Mermaid (the musical) on one of our early dates... Some cooking doesn't need a fully functional kitchen. I've made do with a convection microwave oven, electric wok and plug-in induction cooktop...
  5. If you decide to support the Collingwood Magpies, a fair proportion of Australians would like them losing... They're a polarising team, you either love them or hate them.
  6. One piece of advice is to get on your hands and knees and crawl around. If you're looking at things from the angle they would you're more likely to spot something dangerous you might miss while standing up. Another one is to make sure handbags are not left on the floor. Many choking hazards in those.
  7. To taste. There's no need to add any more salt than you want (and that's where the processed foods often fall down). In fact, I'd say only add salt while preparing to foods you want it cooked into (like meats our cooked vegetables). Other things like mashed potato can have it added to taste after seeing how it tastes.
  8. Sorry if I strayed over the line. I was deliberately leaving out my opinion on the result itself. Just thought the timeline was worth commenting on, especially when most forum members probably wouldn't have heard about it.
  9. Not trying to make any comment about whether this is good or bad. Just noting the timeline. They're only about 70% of the way through counting the votes. He was sworn in as an emergency measure so he could attend a summit with other nations. Votes were clear enough that his party would be able to form government, even if that requires support from one or two minor parties or independents, so the governor general was willing to swear him in.
  10. Australian election was on Saturday. Our new Prime Minister was sworn in this morning.
  11. My guess is the raccoons ate through the cable supplying internet to his house.
  12. Good thing I'm not in the same nation as you, then.
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