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  1. I didn't think Soylent Green needed even refrigeration...
  2. Is it the sending of the C&D letter? I'm guessing it's the sending of the C&D letter...
  3. I'll have to take your word for that. Don't think I've ever experienced one of those.
  4. My calculations say it was already Friday when you posted this...
  5. I actually have this future in my garden.... Me too
  6. My first Father's Day as a father. Had waffles for breakfast and steak for lunch (forgot to take a photo of lunch).
  7. I'm sure you could find a table and a blindfold...
  8. Give a man a fire and you'll warm him for a day. Light a man on fire and you'll warm him for the rest of his life.
  9. Reminds me of this: It takes a college degree to fly a plane but only a high school diploma to fix one: a reassurance for those of us who fly routinely in their jobs. After every flight, Qantas pilots fill out a form, called a "gripe sheet," which tells mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems, document their repairs on the form, and then pilots review the gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that ground crews lack a sense of humor. Here are some actual maintenance complaints submitted by Qantas' pilots (marked with a (P
  10. Probably holding your finger on the shutter button. Most phones[citation needed] use that to enter burst mode, taking photos repeatedly until you release it.
  11. I've only ever once, when checking into a hotel, had to give my first name along with my surname. That one time was for my brother's wedding, so there were three rooms booked under our family surname (my parents, my brother and myself). That being said, when I started working at my current employer 15 years (and less than a week) ago, I saw that there was someone else with the same surname in the internal phone book. A bit surprising, but there were over 30,000 staff in the organisation. Later my father contacted his third cousin as part of his family research, one of them said "my
  12. By now you probably already know that it's not the first one we have to worry about. But welcome to the Stabbies' club. I'm now in the double stabbies' club.
  13. I made chocolate banana muffins and blueberry muffins yesterday.
  14. Egg salad sandwiches were delicious. We used a recipe from a YouTube channel "My Name is Andong". Slight modifications: we used instant dashi instead of making our own and we only did three eggs. First time we tried the dashi eggs or the shokupan, but we've tried the egg salad recipe before.
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