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  1. A lot more board games too which are listed as "1-4 players" or "1-5 players" or similar...
  2. Any year has good and bad music. People get nostalgic about old music being "better" because it's (mostly) the good music that's remembered. And played on oldies stations or similar.
  3. My surname makes it obvious I qualify to wear a kilt. Which clan's tartan would you wear? Or both. My family used to own a farm with a decent-sized house which is now a B&B. My parents stayed there a few years ago.
  4. My family of origin suffered through 42.9 C on Christmas Day, the hottest Christmas on record. And my sister's air conditioning broke shortly before, so they moved the celebrations to my parents' house. I live on the other side of the continent and we only had 30 C to deal with. And Happy New Year to you all. Hope 2022 goes better for the world than the previous two years...
  5. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Or morning or afternoon or whatever time it is as you read this.
  6. Fortunately it seems to only be that one for my father. As I said, he's managed to put together a 200+ page dossier. One time after relating to her a story he'd just found out he said to my mother "You didn't know what kind of family you were marrying into, did you?" She replied "You didn't know what kind of family I was marrying into."
  7. My father has self-published a dossier on the family history, for the descendants of one particular couple born 1816 and 1819. There are copies in the state and national libraries. The 2016 edition (I think that's the last he's published) ran at 203 pages.
  8. Or you could end up in the situation my father ended up in when he started researching. He tried to contact a potential relative, outlining what he'd discovered so far. Didn't get a response, so he contacted some others a little further afield. They let him know that the first woman is a relative but she doesn't want to talk to him because she's the family historian and how dare this upstart on the other side of the world come up with so much she didn't know about...
  9. I don't think that's as important as the question: How venomous is it?
  10. Australians qualified for curling at the winter Olympics. A pity they're not going to be able to represent Australia, given the boycott...
  11. It's not natural to still be needing a jacket 15 days before Christmas!
  12. Spliced together and still more musical than William Shatner's efforts...
  13. https://notalwaysright.com/one-good-takeout-deserves-another/73137/
  14. Usually day, month, year. Rarely (usually when naming computer files, so they can be sorted normally) year, month, day. Either way you're progressing between smallest and largest unit in a logical manner. Also, we pronounce the date "third of December". As USA did at at least one time in its history, hence "fourth of July"...
  15. The Nightmare Before Christmas? Only when using the weird date format USA seems to like. When using any logical format it's not palindromic.
  16. We (at least most of us) don't have to deal with literal freezing temperatures, though. The natural water stays in its proper states of liquid or gas. Solid requires mechanical intervention.
  17. Eh, it's okay. I've played much more difficult pieces.
  18. FYI, spoiler doesn't stop the photos from loading, so does nothing for those on low data. It just makes it easier to skip past the post. Glad to hear you're recovering, though. And the photos look great.
  19. Imperial Walkers proved to be ineffective for the Empire. Should've switched to Metric.
  20. Please tell me that's available somewhere as a 3-D printed miniature. Not the same pose or 3D printed, but Impact Miniatures have A Band of Orcs (which I understand is based on a real heavy metal band)... No link because commercial.
  21. I want. I like collecting interesting dice. And I'm not OCD, I'm CDO. It's the same thing but the words are in alphabetical order lkke they're supposed to be.
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