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  1. Very nice! I hope your friend enjoy it.
  2. And arriving to the present. Some miscellaneous draws: Buglips freezing the Reaper´s mainframe and a creature created by some forum member´s son. And this week´s Frogghemoth mania.
  3. Now, after the con I did some avatars for some requests, and not so requested ones: And changed my own avatar many times.
  4. After the Second Kickstarter there was a time in where we wait for our dreamed BONES to arrive. But we get along, learning goblin math... Or playing "I stole your nose" with Sophie That was the times... But then Reapercon 2014 was arriving, and Reaperbryan ask me if I had did a new draw of Bryanzilla, (I just had draw the Denton sign) and I decided to do an properly avatar for him (and my son gave me the idea to do a painting to gave to him at the Con. And also for the Con, I did a diorama about a space bounty hunter who had traveled to the old West to catch a shapeshifting alien, and needed a Wanted poster. Guess who was on it?
  5. Over the time I did some sketches for Reaper´s Forum. here they are: The first two I don´t recall what exactly was the joke, but here it is: Sophie tasting (forking) herself, and a naked Buglips trying to steal some boxes... Then I did some Batbugs, the first Bryanzilla draw and The Tarrasque (pre-Kanjira) dressed as a bellydancer, eating a waffle, riding a gazebo with Kaladrax inside (you know, One of this things that only appear in those crazy talks in this forum). And then, Bryan posted a Chimaera silluete, for a small tease on the verge of the BONES II KS start. So I tried to fit the Silluette with my ideas: Batbugs, Bryanzilla Break-dancing and Ladystorm moderating.
  6. And half gazebo. You people are sick sick persons with dirty minds... But I can´t help myself but to comply...
  7. As soon as I posted here, I don't mind any of my drawings to be shared, used, and duplicated. Provided that you maintain the signature and the artists involved in the making (just colored are not an admissible answer, now you do make part of this "piece of art", Shadowraven. And If you don't profit with it. If this is anyone's intention, send me and Shadowraven a message and we talk about it.
  8. I already have kobolds, goblins, orcs, gnolls, mummies, zombies, rats, spiders, beetles, ghouls, skeletons and bugbears. All I need now is some lizardman, snakeman, dragonman, blood gnomes, cultists and guards as a army of enemies for my PCs...
  9. He/She/It is trying to hide from Sophie (took her belly dancer outfit without permission - "That way you are going to spoil the rubber band!!") You have such dirty mind...
  10. Only if the tarrasque is dressed as a belly dancer riding on top of a gazebo. ok with your permission, This begs for colour. Please, do it.
  11. All right, 6x new cultists, 6x new wolfs, 6x new guards and 6x new hobgoblins Or, 4x goats, 4x sheeps, 4x donkeys, 4x mules, 4 light horses and 4 war horses...
  12. Bonus 24 should be 6x cultists, 6x wolfs, 6x guards and 6x hobgoblins
  13. He have no time to participate in this shnenigans, He have to level the floor for the next Kickstarter. (But I think this is his birthday cake...)
  14. Only if the tarrasque is dressed as a belly dancer riding on top of a gazebo. ok
  15. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Feliz Aniversário Bryan!!! I wish you to have a great day (week/month/year). You are the greatest of the greatest. My son asks about you every time we paint, and sends congratulations too.
  16. They had the altar on the bones 1 and the circle on the bones 2. But no naked sacrificial virgin. I think we will never see one in bones as it have to be a good sales to justify being made. And naked people are too controversial to be big on sales. I bet we will have the camp fire in this bones 3 as a internal joke to have all the naked gals miniature diorama without any naked gals...
  17. I think the sudden "leap" in shipping costs was due the fact that the first box was full, and then they needed a second one, thus increasing not only the weight but the volume also. So even one small miniature was the last drop that spoil the glass of water (common brazilian expression, I don´t know if exist in your country, but I think you´ll get the meaning). I had to play a while with the pledge manager to get the "optimal shipping cost for my 3 pledges" trying to get as less boxes as possible.
  18. Cadirith. Excluding Vampire Boxes and Core sets, which are runaway #1 with a bullet on a laser mag-lev train on a highway to hell, I believe Kaladrax was #1. It was just me asking for Cadrith then?
  19. Talk of Cadirith reminds me I need to send Reaper an email about mine. She came with double of one leg, will have to go look at my notes again and make sure which one it is so they can get it sent out to me. Mine as well, but Reaper folks already take care of (thanks again!)
  20. SO! Kanjira was ready for the first Kickstarter??? ::o: You CAN keep a secret! I thought it was the Kraken... I AM!!!! ::D: ::D:
  21. I can´t speak for the others, but I am sure I am not alone in this. I am now living on a strict budget for my hobbies. Since I heard about BONES 3 I am saving my monthly hobby money for it, but won´t be enough for all I want. So the Pledge manager give me the chance to add stuff later, each month I will have a small sum of money (around 20 dollars) to add in my pledge. In the last two KS, I pledge huge, but this one I will have to do it in parcels... So, I am very very happy with the news (Thanks Kit!)
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