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Status Updates posted by naponatom

  1. No time for minis right now, dealing with a real-size diorama.

  2. So sorry Sophie. She is the one!

  3. Girl´s fight!

    1. ub3r_n3rd


      Where??? *grabs some popcorn*

    2. naponatom
  4. Ups, My wife found out about my Avatar with Sophie...

  5. Changing profile from single to married.

  6. I just discover the magic effect of glaze. Amazing!

  7. Updated to version 3.8

  8. It is not that you can´t dance. You just haven´t find the right rhythm to fit the moves you are making.

  9. Being a Goat isn´t always easy.

  10. Another day in Bones Paradise...

  11. Nothing can make me happier than Reaperbryan using my drawing as Avatar! (all right, perhaps the day my BONES Kickstarter Minis arrived).

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