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  1. I surely envy the Reaper´s employee that arranged that table. What a blissful sight. And I am sure if this picture were available during the time the pledge manager was online, my credit card company phone you guys and thank each one of you.
  2. Yeeeee! Feliz Aniversário! Congratulations from the very south..
  3. Holy Mollony! What a face! Awesome!!
  4. Yeeeeeeeee! Feliz Aniversário! Congratulations from bellow the Earth´s belt!
  5. O.O ... Stunning work indeed!
  6. The new Cave Giants from the Pathfinder´s Adventure Path - Giantslayer are awesome! And in bones, I surely will have many to throw them at my players...
  7. Thanks, just did. They said that I should contact my post office or customs agency...
  8. Mine was shipped, but it is stuck in Mexico since June 19th... Hard to keep my expectations when every week that I look (already moved to weekly checks) the tracking number says the same...
  9. Worked for a Platypus, could work for me... Where's mine?
  10. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee Feliz Aniversário! Congratulations!!!
  11. Farewell Mr. Garibaldi, join some of Sci-Fi masters and fans in the ultimate frontier. http://io9.gizmodo.com/rip-jerry-doyle-babylon-5s-mr-garibaldi-1784462252 Sad...
  12. Hi there. I saw in the preview gallery some miniatures that were taken out of retail for not match your quality standards. Minis like Ellen Stone and Drago Voss. Will those be from new molds? ** edited because coffeeless man make non-native language harder...**
  13. Nothing definitive that allows me to be any more specific than we have been until now. Trust me, i'm as frustrated as you are - we really should have learned timetables better than this by now Hahahaha Easily understandable. A surprise update is good news too.
  14. Bryan, any news in the EDT of the BONES slow ship?
  15. Woohoo!! Feliz Aniversário from south below. Congratulations!
  16. I agree. And save the rum for after you paint it. Or drink all the rum during and make an "artistic" kraken..
  17. Yey! Happy Birthday! Parabéns!!!!!
  18. I loved the Buzzy figure! I will have to "borrow" one more from my son. (only got two for me...)
  19. I think there is so much you can do on the flame to make it bright, but when you do the OSL on the character you can demonstrate how dim (or in this case how bright) is the source of light. If was me, I leave it right there. Congratulations!
  20. Amazing! These are some of the best BONES figures.
  21. After almost a year, a new miniature arises, it is a Eye Beast by Julie Guthrie (which I was happy surprised to find out a signature in the back). Take some liberty to learn a little about giant eyes with Ms Guthrie herself, and voilá! (it is a shame the varnish seems to not show in the pictures. I used matte for the boddy, and a gloss one for the eyes, this made them shinny and very cool). As always, critiques are welcomed and encouraged.
  22. Perhaps you aren´t familiar with Goblin Math. Goblins only count up to 20 (some of them less, if they use to play with sharp things), so if you count minis up to the max of your fingers and beyond, you came with 20. A little image to help you.
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