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  1. Seems like Clever crow are doing some paintjob for this Kickstarter... Mystic Circle Kaiju Titan (I maybe rethink my choice of not getting the circle)
  2. I don't think slaad is the one (they could do it in metal), perhaps an avian race, with a great pose and wings full stretched... If it isn't, please do it nonetheless, it will be awesome!!
  3. And what is the fun in that? The reason why Kickstarter is so cool, is that you have a good time talking about with other backers and forum members, trying to guess what is coming next, pleading for your choices of what you want, help another to get in to the hobby. I meant, This is all about the bass fuzz. Not only to Reaper make money to the next miniatures, but to make this a great experience for those who like it. You could always came back in about 10 days and see what is on and arrange your pledge accordingly. But you will miss the trip. And this is everything about the "walking the path" as it is about "the goal'. In my opinion.
  4. I think Bryan said in the Podcast (videocast?) she is 15 (something) tall
  5. New Stretch Goals added to the list of miniatures. here
  6. Congratulations! You well deserve! You can sleep now with the sweet scent of victory...
  7. HEY! Welcome (back)! It is a great hobby, and this is the right place!
  8. Very, very nice! for spoilers just type the word "spoiler" inside [ ] at the beginning of your section you want to hide, and then "/spoiler again inside [ ] at the end.
  9. I heard somewhere that Reaper is still trying to contact Paizo for a licence to do another bunch of Pathfinder BONES. Is this real?
  10. Bryan the new photo in the Diabolus doesn´t show the "Knight for scale not included".
  11. lost Internet?? just when Goblins are nearby? This smell like a certain "beetlemouth" issue!
  12. Last Kickstarter (BONES II) at the marker of 276K we already had 11 stretch goals.
  13. Good Morning Bryan, Good morning Ladystorm. I wish you all a great run and lots, lots, LOTS of patience. You will need it. Remember folks, be a goat! PS. Someone should open a tread in the off-topics just for us be us. Fill it with 500+ pages of non-sense and inside jokes and leave the Official for more serious talks.
  14. Two and a half? Man man man man, manly man man man, man man man man, manly man man man... Maaaaaaannnn, this is taking soooo long!
  15. I'm doing this as well. Anyone on the road around 11am should look out. Unless the early bird is a discount instead of earlier shipping, I'm in no hurry.Bryan once said that early bird discount makes the opposite effect (people thinking they are paying more -being punished- for not getting up early in the ks.)So they use the shipping waves to promote the early bird pledge (and with the two days for each wave, the only reason for you want to get in the first wave is bragging rights...) But it is a great reason!! I know I'll in the first for sure!
  16. Well... All you really need is to match paint some of the already released bones to get what you need. We already have humans (cronoscope ones) a Hyde character (flash golem), werewolf, dire wolf (Warg) and a regular wolf...
  17. Ok. Last KS we did a 500+ pages in the official topic. Lets brake this record too..
  18. And I like to give Darsc Zacal and everyone that celebrates birthday tomorrow an early big congratulations and an even bigger "I am sorry, but I can´t think straight enough for anything else than BONES 3"!!
  19. Are you sure that 30 min is enough for the awesome many stretch goals unlocked in sequence?
  20. I would want some new lion men, a female one too, a panther, tigra, willy cat, willy kit..... HOOOOOOOO!
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