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  1. I know the title is something alarmist, but my question is exactly this: How do I treat organic material used for my terrain (spices, leaves, seeds, small brushes, and so on) to keep them from decaying?
  2. Me and my friends (4 of us) get together to pledge for Vampire level and add-ons basically for two reasons: to lower shipping cost (one of us just wanted the Cthulhu) and the other two didn´t have international credit cards. There were some issues about it (I had to buy two Mr. bones, the Sophie was a nightmare to handle) but the main problem will be when the shipment arrive at the customs here in Brazil. There is no way the customs agents will believe all those boxes have a price tag as low as US$ 100,00 (that Reaper says will be declaring), so I am saving extra bucks to pay for the liberation of my boxes. It is sad to do it, but still totally worth it.
  3. There you go. The advantage in this method would be that you can acquire specific bases that fit each one. Not just in size but sculpted bases that make sense for the figure or allow for some cool basing options that fit the figure. I plan to take inventory of each figure that won't fit an inch square base after they come in and determine a size and whether they match nicely with a custom base out there. With that list in hand I can still buy enough at a time to get free shipping (if I can, some sites have a ridiculously high requirement to achieve free shipping). I live in Brazil, so to find a free shipping is VERY HARD! But I can get some nice prices in eBay. And I will paint very, very slow to allow the 30-60 days shipping/customs time pass.
  4. You could always back the Torn Armor kickstarter. They are giving one at the $75 pledge (or as a $15 add-on at the $5 pledge).
  5. Okay. The Reaper Vampire level has about 240 figures in it. The add-ons total 37 miniatures. Reviewing the images from the campaign, you are looking at about 70% of them are "medium-sized" or smaller. Medium-sized, if you are familiar with d20 systems is a 5' x 5' facing or 1" square if you are using them for fantasy gaming. That 70% is debatable as I don't intend to count them (compare the graphics to the metal versions :: http://greg.botch.com/bones/). Of the 37 add-on figures most are larger than medium-sized (looks like 6 or so actual medium-sized miniatures). Math being what it is when guesstimating ... you need about 175 bases at 1" or 25mm for a Single Vampire Kit and all the Add-ons. I would treat the larger ones individually and buy 30mm, 40mm, 50mm or larger (Nethyrmaul coffee lid sized?) as needed and you get to them. Considering how many more figures I have already, you could round up to 200 and not have to worry about them for a while. That's why I bought the 400 count 1-inch tiles for my two Vampire kits plus add-ons (500 total). Thanks! I already bought 200x 1 inch-side square bases for the little ones, the bigger ones I guess I´ll start painting one and buy the base. By the time the base arrives I´ll be finishing the painting process (I hope!).
  6. This is the same question I am dealing now. I play Pathfinder and will be using most of the minis in future games, so how can I tell which one will fit in the 1x1 inch base, and which one will need bigger ones (and how bigger are they)? I bought the vampire level and all the add-ons. Can someone help?
  7. I know that all the minis will be starting to be send late this month, but I am curious to know if the other prizes (ball caps, t-shirts, and sophies) are already in the bakers hands.
  8. Yeah! I would like that! It could be separated by type of miniature and 18.000 photos of each one painted. Can you imagine the amount of space in their servers? Will be insane! (like everything linked to this project)
  9. Hallo there. I was wondering if is there a place to see all the concept art from the miniatures in the Kickstarter. know where to look for the Pathfinder´s, but is there any other art to look at? Thanks
  10. I would like to see a set of adventuring classes miniatures that has a low level, mid-level, high-level and epic level of each class. Perhaps: - Fighter - Cleric - Mage - Thief
  11. Right now I feel like Sophie clicking F5 again and again...
  12. Ha! I agree that if we had more time, probably the Kalarax return and Great C´thulu would be stretched further away, and perhaps in between we had other 4 or 5 miniatures gather with something in common (water elementals, wereanimals, devils, aberrations, and the last iconic Pathfinder set), closing with the big two.
  13. I agree that new stretch goals are impratical, but I love some PDF of how to paint miniatures in the "Reaper Style".
  14. Yeah. That one was a great reward! :)
  15. Reading the other topics here (and in the updates commentaries) I read that Reaper was prepared to go even further than 4 million in the pledges. So, I was wondering what was the other stretch goals? No more than one or two (last leap was 540k), but if is there something more amazing than Kaldrax and great C´tulhu I don´t know. Any ideas?
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