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  1. Graphite Grey for me.
  2. Sir Gulliver and the lilliputians...
  3. There is this guy, he is not a goblin, but surely looks like the image above.
  4. ME TOO!!!! Although If there is not a corresponding Large Elemental in BONES III, I will be too excited with all the marvelous other miniatures and purchase them all to remember what I said about my elemental (until a good 6 months passes, than I will be pissed and say it again).
  5. Probably the schedule for BONES 3. A little easter egg.
  6. I want BONES Giant Turkeys to match my desire for "real-size" BONES velociraptors...
  7. Nice! The Dirt on the tabard looks very good!
  8. The Great Eagles! They are coming! (are they coming?)
  9. No time for minis right now, dealing with a real-size diorama.

  10. Have done, numerous times. Hoping one may show up one day. I suspect the Reaper folks are a wee tad busy just at the moment. "a wee tad busy just at the moment" indeed.
  11. System: Rolemaster Pros: It have a lot of rules and tables for every situation you will need. Cons: It have a lot of rules and tables for every situation you will need! More details: It is an old system, but you will never shatter the enemy skull with a lucky roll in other system; but unfortunately, you will never shatter your own skull trying to do the same with a bad roll either. Epic stories to tell either way. If you like details, character management, options, rules, and a first level character that can do many things this is your game. If you like leveling up, simple and easy to follow sheets, be as far as possible. In my opinion: Best game ever!
  12. I think that is why there some of them painted. This way we can look the details and get some cool ideas as how to paint. Although not every piece has one painted version...Come on forumites, I conclame(?) all to work on a BONES mini that has no painted picture and submit a painted photo to the Inspiration Gallery!!!
  13. Yellow and green are a great choice!
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