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  1. naponatom

    77076: Lysette

    Great eyes!
  2. Impressive work! Congratulations.
  3. Nice paint job! Drake and Chtulhu Wars is the two KS I regret not to enter.
  4. Holly Macarroni! Awesome!
  5. Uhú! Last box arrived today! RoW wave 10! No, not duplicate post, duplicate box
  6. What happened? Did you had to take the pictures and get out really fast, Watchman (AKA Barry Allen)?
  7. Great work on the eyes, impressive! Also a good work on the base and TMM, a solid Tabletop miniature.
  8. All it need now is John Snow... Edit because English!
  9. I like the green/blue and the armor. The tongue I liked more...
  10. Keep it sideways, and give a 3/quarter spin every 3 days. make sure the liquid touches the cork (uops, this is for wine storage, well I think if it is good for spoiled grape juice, is good for great paint).
  11. Unless you choose yellow. Mr Mellons will argue you about your dragon color. :)
  12. I have to remove my like form your post for the sake of my sanity... I hope you are better now.
  13. An Uber Birthday for you! Feliz Aniversário!!
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