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  1. Anyone have experience of what would be a good air compressor to use with it? I'm trying to get an idea of real final price to get all necessary parts.
  2. In one of the first 2 KS (don't remember which), they got back to me about a missing part in 2-3 days.
  3. OK, so I've actually found my only mix-up so far. Looks like I don't have one that matches your one on the right.
  4. The 2 lions/fu dogs on the mystic portal are keyed differently where they fit into the base, but are their arms also keyed differently? It looks like I have 2 identical arms, but the slots on the dogs looks slightly different, but I can't tell if that is a molding error or if they should be keyed differently.
  5. If mine would stand on the left leg, it would be almost perfectly flat, but it tends to the right which results in it tipping forward. I think if I can ject get that leg off and reattach it, it might be much more stable. But, as a separate question, is there supposed to be a hole in the roof rafter that sticks out to hang the skeleton cage? I mean, I can drill one, but I'm just not sure if I'm missing something. There is a space under the floor where it looks like it would stick, but that doesn't match the pictures (although the tiny skeleton feet do help hold it upright).
  6. I was about to ask what the little palm trees were for. But now (having seen them described as "fig leaves"), it makes more sense.
  7. If I had to guess, I'd say that the feet are probably not required to be in a specific configuration on the board, so the troll and be feet together or have a wide stance. as a concept, that doesn't work with a regular mini.
  8. There is always a chance of a "thank you" set like last time or some other thing that makes it in even if we don't reach the goal. They will probably wait until really the last second so they don't get too many people demanding another stretch goal afterwards like with the spider last time. So, most likely going to make the Froghemoth legitimately, and then maybe one move squeezed in if we get close. The real question is if we get one between those two. It's going to take about 20k/hour to do that, so I'm guessing it's going to be just those two with maybe something tiny hiding somewhere (Sophie). At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if the Female Frost giant made into into a "thank you" just based on the demand.
  9. Those two and the female oni are the only things I'm still waiting for.
  10. Just in case you aren't exaggerating, you do know you can get a max of 10, right?
  11. They need to get all those visible before Thursday 5:00 RTZ (reaper time zone) when the 48 hour emails go out. Don't want anyone checking back and not seeing the wowwtfhsfmitewac!!!!! minis to grab their attention.
  12. CMON dropped tying the add-ons to SG's, which I think is a better idea. If you need momentum or won't hit a SG today, just announce an add-on. That is possible because CMON offers things through KS at close to retail price, so throwing out something early cuts into profits instead of being a loss. Reaper could do that if they wanted to increase the price of everything right off the bat.
  13. As a mounted figure, that breaks the 3 points of support rule. Looks nice, but not bones viable without bulking up those back legs like crazy.
  14. It's really shocking. These big ticket items coming in rapid succession are having a great effect. And the fact that it's a weekend may mean that the mythos stuff gets another boost on Monday when people are "working" - this might be a lessened effect from the weekend with the rest of the boost yet to come.
  15. I believe this is putting undeserved pressure on Reaper. Bryan has said multiple times that a standard, expected stretch goal is 10% of the current total. That makes it currently 115k for a normal stretch goal. The last few have been around 1/2 of that. Even by their revealed estimates, we are clearly taking advantage of the early buffer already. Expecting it to get even closer together is an unreasonable expectation. There was only so much of a buffer they could have built up on the first day.
  16. TMNT and other strangeness, Yah I was wondering that one myself. I thought more or less just a random D&D adventure myself. I don't play pathfinder, so random goodness was my first thought as well. But given the comments about stitch golems and whatever people are calling that mini-treant thingy, I'm assuming they correspond to specific monsters from pathfinder, but we just don't recognize them.
  17. The odd thing is that miniature companies haven't made many "bread and butter" miniatures, such as townsfolk, furniture, or even donkeys! It's one of those weird things where everyone says they want them, but when they get made, they don't always fly off the shelves. So if folks want lots of Townsfolk, buy em by the truckload. Speaking from my own viewpoint, I wouldn't be surprised if this is a case of a few people saying they want them loudly and not of a large number of people wanting them. I've painted a few of my bones townsfolk and even some of the relatively non-adventurer Stonehaven minis, but not a single one has seen even a second of gameplay. Barroom brawls happen, but they are mostly flavortext as in many games the threat represented by a town guard is quickly reduced to laughable, let alone a bartender. Maybe the occasional setpiece battle with civilians to save, but how often can that happen? It always seems to be that these types of minis are more for dioramas or the very least for people who paint more based on what they like than what they will use, and bones seem geared towards a different crowd than that. I don't regret having them, but they don't strike me as something that would be a big draw if we're mainly looking at a gaming market. You run into plenty of townsfolk in games, but they aren't really the major players when combat starts and minis become relevant. You don't really need minis for everyone that ever appears in a game, only for those who matter when you roll initiative.
  18. And you could buy a used car for the price a metal version would cost...
  19. Have been wondering about that myself, but since I'm not sure if I would buy another set I didn't ask. My assumption is that this foreshadows the forthcoming lizardocalypse.
  20. One of us needs a new calculator, because I get $56 with those options.
  21. Froghemouth is pretty distinctive and owned by someone, so they have stated that he's not going to be available. Now, they could be sneaky and put in a Kaniira isn't really a Tarasque stand in, but it would have to be pretty different (maybe disappointingly so) to not be an obvious proxy.
  22. Sounds like an ad: 4 out of 4 gamers back Reaper Bones! My first reaction was "why is his gamer group shrinking? That's sad." Going from 6 to 4 is a time to give thanks. Attitude, also disagree. US buyers aren't getting a "free ride" it costs on average nearly $50 LESS to ship to USA based backers I don't care if it only costs 50 cents to ship to American households - not charging it sends the message that ROW are second class customers. If it's only 7 dollars or 2 dollars or whatever to ship to an American address, I don't get the sense of not charging it. Not paying for shipping is *in fact* a free ride. Who is paying for it if not the buyer? The other buyers. Because of the huge amount of paperwork and legal hassle that international orders require. Have you ever, acting for a business, mailed a commercial product overseas? I have, and if they tacked $100 bucks onto the cost just to cover the annoyance, it would still be fair.
  23. We're still averaging one every 2 hours. What exactly do you expect? When the truth is mostly likely the exact opposite of that. The exact same complaint was leveled in the first KS and reaper explained that the US was actually subsidizing shipping for everyone else. They've cut back on that, but it would not surprise me in any way if it was still true. You may be correct in thinking that people feel that way, but as in all things, the truth is more important than feelings.
  24. That would only be a problem if your credit card fails to clear. You only get 7 days to correct that. But if it goes through, all the surveys and such probably won't be required for several months.
  25. So, any speculation as to why these particular heroes would be included as the invisible/transparent ones? Maybe a couple look like they could be stealthy, but even that's a stretch. A different two are kinda robe-y which could be considered ghost-like. But really, they are mostly generic PC types that I don't associate with being invisible.
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