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  1. This project, more than any so far made me wish I had glazing medium. I'm definitely going to have to invest in some. Some really REALLY great minis this week.
  2. 7 strumpets a strutting. I really think they need to be added to the 12 days of Christmas. What about you?
  3. Wonderful paint schemes for a lackluster mini. The bases this week were especially amazing.
  4. The goblins this week are outstanding. Very hard to pick a favorite this week!
  5. I agree. The variety is wonderful. It's also good to see some of the regular participants improving (like me, for instance.)
  6. I was just teasing my friend in the hopes that his rage would fight off his illness!
  7. 11 Succubuses this week - one or two of which might be better than your Clint... 8 or 9 of which are better than mine.,. I'm glad you're feeling better though. I'd gladly get sick if it made me a better painter - do you think you're contagious?
  8. Magnus - we choose the minis based on randomness and the desire to do something differant than last week. If you would like to request one, let me know and I will put it in the mix!
  9. Looking Good! I've added it to the post. Thanks for participating.
  10. This week blue was the color of the week. I imagine that will be true next week as well, considering the subject matter.
  11. Great work from everyone this week. 2 late emails are now posted. 10 people painted this week - lets try for a new high score next week.
  12. The griffons this week came out amazing. Thank you all for the incredible participation we've had. I love seeing so many different versions of the same model. Such variety!
  13. I am absolutely thrilled by this level of participation.
  14. Another week brings us 4 more mini's, and a list of what's coming up. We're doing the griffon in 3 weeks. That should be plenty of time for other people to join us.
  15. Araziel - if you don't call your minis so far works of art, id love to see some that you really sunk some time into. I thought your pink eye showed wonderful use of color. Got a link you can use to show off easily?
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