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  1. I hope this isn't considered nit-picky or mean, but I think Jupiter was the Roman equivalent to Zeus being king of the gods and god of storms and the sky and stuff. As a water god/dess Neptune would be the one you want, AKA Poseidon and the trident symbol suggests that was your intention. And since I wouldn't post just to criticise something as ultimately petty (on my part) as that... She's beautiful. My 4 favourite parts are. -the decoration; the trident and wave are great little hints at what her role in the pantheon is and are quite neatly done, as is the wave-like pattern on the front. -the net, a great little base decoration which again tells you what the figure is, it doesn't necessarily tell a story as such, but it gives the piece context. -the skirt, pretty simple really, I like the choice of colour and how its been applied. It somehow gives me the feel of a sea goddesses without being a blue or green, perhaps I'm reminded of the timbers of a ship or the simple leather armour of a seafaring warrior. -and the eyes, I think they could be interpreted 2 ways, they have a lot of glisten to them, which may just be because she has bright eyes, but I also feel like it makes it look like she literally has stars in her eyes, like staring into the cosmic abyss. I don't know if that was intentional, but its a look that works well for a goddess.
  2. Homebrew stores are good, they of course sell the corks to use in wine bottles. Mine were (I think) 30c each Australian so you'd probably get them dirt cheap in other countries. They also sell bigger corks, possibly for preserving jars or pickles maybe. I actually mentioned that I was using mine for craft related stuff/modelling and he said they sell quite a bit of their stock for such purposes. I may however be taking for granted how common homebrew stores are elsewhere in the world.
  3. Bruunwald. First of all, sorry not to quote you, its not working for some reason (maybe browser related) Secondly, sorry to let you down, but bushwhacking was unfortunately an auto-correct issue. I actually typed bushwalking which, is probably slightly less cool as we tend to stick to established tracks (though we have gone off the beaten track from time to time for various reasons). On the upside we still see so much beautiful landscape and wildlife, the rainforests of the Bunya Mountains and the Gold Coast Hinterlands. The dry bush out west. The rocky creeks and balancing stones of the Granite Belt. I'd definitely be interested in bushwhacking, if it weren't for the fact that there are so many places to go where someone else has done the hard work and we can enjoy the fruits of their labour whilst benefiting from fresh air, exercise and the serenity and sanity that can only come from peaceful natural surrounds.
  4. Add some fungus, they love moist areas with lots of decaying organic matter, when I go bushwhacking in rainforests, gullies and other wet areas you almost always find fungus on the side of dead logs. It will definitely help add the 'something missing' to the base because you can find some very vibrant colours of fungus to contrast the greens and browns. Bright orange tends to be a common one.
  5. Some pics of mine, I've started painting since I recieved them so may post finished pics if I can get motivated to finish. Shrikes http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l274/fletch_talon/DSCF1529_zpsa5f83209.jpg Gnoll http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l274/fletch_talon/DSCF1528_zpsfba2f553.jpg Swordsman http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l274/fletch_talon/DSCF1527_zps09e00838.jpg Enjoy those last 2 if you got them, the gnolls whip is especially fun, don't get me wrong, I'm in love with both sculpts, but why did the whip have to come in 2 pieces. Now I'm just waiting on a resin monk, he was the figure that really got me wanting to pledge, looking at the gnoll (whilst it didn't originally interest me) I'm expecting to be very pleased.
  6. *Looks about for an exit* Blast. It's only a forum and there's no where to run to. No where to hide ... *stops before he breaks into song and sheepishly hands over the "O'Weary Eyes"* s o r r y. They were obviously private eyes and they were watching me. Wow. Note to self ... don't make replies in middle of night to get back to sleep. Jeepers Creepers Thrym, where'd you get those peepers? If your eye's are that much trouble maybe you need to got to the hospital, they'll probably put you in the ICU... Meanwhile I've learnt to properly read rules of competitions before posting an entry. 4 pics max dammit.
  7. Thank you . My worry is the box says it dries to a resin and I wonder if there was health issues with resin I should know before I start Again, its not something I have experience with but I can advise you to get some kind of face mask if you plan to sand or file the material. I wouldn't be surprised if the same applied to green stuff, and I'm certain that you need to take care with polymer clays like sculpey, but resins specifically can be hazardous to your respiratory system if you're breathing in the fine particles. Apart from that I don't know that there'd be too many issues. Some people can apparently get skin irritation from epoxy putties so if you find this occuring you may need to wear gloves.
  8. I would think it is equivalent to the brownstuff variation of kneadatite. I havn't used it myself but it seems good for rigid structure and sharp edges while greenstuff is prefered for organic shapes.and flexibility. So I guess, weapons, armour and machines vs bodies, hair and clothing.
  9. I dunno, looks like a decent sized wurst to me. [insert rimshot here] As for me I could demolish packets of jerky as long as its the good stuff, its not that weird I spose but not everyone's a fan. Also as an Australian I heartily advocate consumption of Vegemite, if you're not convinced, try it on crackers with cheese, its great.
  10. Here is my entry. "Prelude to a Terrifying Fall" Bonnie had been fighting off the creatures all night, but she wasn't prepared for this. The corpse was a shadow of the man it had once been, but still she recognised it as her deceased fiance. Perhaps this is why she failed to make the killshot, instead sending bullets ripping through the abomination's empty rotting chest. Perhaps her moment of confusion is also caused her not to notice the uneven ground, the ill placed rock and the sudden drop. All of which contributed to what happened next... I admittedly took the title of the competition a little too literally, but I still made sure to add a horror element and an autumnal element (and paint scheme) to be sure that it fits the themes. The first thing that came to mind was just a figure that looked like it was falling from the sky, but I didn't really have anything.
  11. I'm no expert here and probably far from qualified to be giving advice. ... Actually its kinda rude to just say that and leave, so here's my 2 cents anyway. It may be the picture, but it seems to me that you've got 2 colours, a pale yellow and a creamy white. It may be that its a pure white and a bright yellow, but it doesn't quite look that way. If so, I would suggest making your whites whiter and your colours brighter (Napisan won't work). When I paint glowing eyes the brightest part is white with the colour radiating from it. I don't know how realistic this is, but it looks good, and when you're painting a 3D figure supposedly formed from light, rule of cool applies. So I would treat each "segment" (sword blade, hilt, each scale/muscle/armour segment) as a separate piece of light and using the brightest yellow you have, work to a point of pure white in the middle. Alternatively see if he likes it treated as "solid" light, like some kind of magical crystal light (or light crystal if you will). Then you can just use a gemstone tutorial to paint it (simplified I think its like: white edges, then treating each surface like a new facet shade from top working to highlight bottom). Once again, I'm no expert, just things from vague memory of what's worked for me for other (much smaller) projects and stuff I think could look cool.
  12. Use the club hand from the ogre. Then cut and drill to remove the club and insert some rod/wire with which you can sculpt (or "craft" from card/sprue/wire/etc.) whatever kind of weapon you want. Harpoon would be easiest, you'd only need to sculpt or craft the blade. Sword would be similar but slightly trickier as it being bigger means you'd have to make sure you did a good job of sculpting or carving the taper on the blades edge of the weapon as its more noticeable. Anchor could be done in a creative way. Try and twist 2 or more wires together. Form the loop for the rope at one end and then cut the wire at an angle to make the sharp bits. If you use a soft wire and some small clippers you could squeeze it flat at the ends and cut the points with barbs. Or you could give him a giant fish hook as a weapon. Either use the anchor method described, or go to the docks and cut someone's line for a free one*. Maybe file down the point a little to avoid injury. *I do not actually endorse snatching a fisherman's tackle. A man's tackle is a private thing and should never be touched or even looked at unless invited to do so.
  13. I always coat mine with thin layers of watered down PVA glue. It'll obscure things until it dries, then it goes clear and adds a bit of a sheen along with adding a transparent layer which gives a little more depth to it. Mainly because I'm too cheap to buy water effects stuff.
  14. Here's my take on her. I think either I need to thin my skin tone down a bit more, or Lysette needs to take it easier on the foundation. Mostly happy with how it turned out though. My initial thought was to make her a druidy character as it would seem appropriate, but I decided against it so I guess she's a bit more of an arcane magicky person now. I'm thinking I need some of this paint retarder that people talk about, might help blend things since I can't seem to manage it otherwise.
  15. Thanks for the kind words LizardMage, and congratulations Corporea on a well deserved win. I look forward to the next contest. I agree to an extent with MonkeySloth, the removal of painting requirements may attract more people. I can definitely see the benefit if keeping it as a requirement, since it can really help show off how good a sculpt is, but as was seen, a lot of people dropped out because of it.
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