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  1. Pretty keen on adding this to my collection of RPGs that I buy with every intention of playing but instead end up part of my 'shelf of shame' looking pretty but never getting played with. The art really is great, love their take on dwarves and trolls. Though I've just gone through a process of clearing out and giving away some of the games I was certain that I'd never play (down to 'just' 10 systems on my shelves that I haven't played yet!)...
  2. I'd be tempted by this, but I already have far too many systems on my plate. My Emerald Spire campaign won't finish until the end of the year, then a friend has something prepared and I want to finally play Numenera after that. I'd be happy to buy something to read like I did for The Strange, but $200 is a bit much for that. And to be honest, if I backed I'd almost feel like I needed to get the campaign as well. Which my wallet really can't take!
  3. Just got my metal dice in. Very happy with them, and not quite as heavy as I feared so I mostly feel okay about rolling them.
  4. Got mine in the other day too and very happy with them. I was a little surprised by how small they are, which shows I don't learn since I was surprised at how little the gnomes were too. One of the fighters in my Emerald Spire game recently got killed and reincarnated as a halfling too, so the fighter will be painted first!
  5. Shipping is a bit more than I'd like, but Rifts was an important part of my early roleplaying and I really like Savage Worlds system so had to get in on this. Will try to convince some friends here to join in on the pledge to split shipping. :D
  6. Yeah, I've had a few not completed or seriously delayed projects, but the EFS ones stand out in terms of annoyance. Something like Low Life is seriously delayed and has done some things at times I disagree with, but at least the tone from the project creator has always been contrite and with a realisation that he hasn't delivered to the expectations of himself or the backers. By contrast Mick just hasn't shown any real interest in admitting that the projects are in such dire trouble. Sending the moulds back to Jason for Midgard rather than paying him or casting them seemed to me to be a pretty clear indication that nothing is going to happen, despite Mick's insistences. I'm somebody who gives Kickstarter creators a lot of leeway and I'm prepared to forgive a lot, it's totally understandable that people can get in over their heads and sometimes things go badly despite the best of intentions. But this is a case where I just feel completely ripped off. I can't see a circumstance where I'd willingly give Mick more money for anything at this point and the association has sadly tarnished Kobold Press for me too, to the point where I've gone from being a big supporter of their books to paying little attention to their releases.
  7. Really looking forward to this. I've been keen to play Rifts again, but had reservations about the system. While I love Savage Worlds, but wasn't sure what I wanted to use the ruleset with. So this could be ideal!
  8. I like the game, but thought the video of packing it back in actually made it look like I'd find getting the cubes all ready to go pretty annoying. Be neat if the smaller size gives the game and the company more exposure as they hope though!
  9. I really like the look of these, the sapphire especially reminds me of a prettier version of the blue gem dice that I bought when I first started gaming. I can't really imagine what these feel like in hand though.
  10. Backed, and really happy to see this doing so well. I only got into Sentinels in the last year, so I've been missing a lot of the promos and such, thus really looking forward to the chance to get them. The collector's case will be really good too, given the transport issues I already have with about half of the releases to date!
  11. Luckily my nostalgia for the turtles is focused on the original goofy cartoon, so while I'm interested in this I think I can resist for now. Probably.
  12. Haven't had a chance to listen yet, but got my cd too and looking forward to hearing it a soon as my disc drives stop being all broken!
  13. The announcement of this was lots of fun. I was following along through the forums a couple of days ago and they had a bunch of puzzles to solve which bit by bit revealed comic book pages (as seen in the link below) detailing the events leading to this expansion. Their kickstarter's have had really high international shipping in the past so I haven't backed those. But I love the game and really want that collector case and the promos, so will be trying to scrounge up enough to get in this time. http://sotm.wikidot.com/sotm-arg
  14. These look so neat. The shipping gives me a big plus to the will save though, which is probably for the best!
  15. I bought two waves of shipping though. I'll hit them up again sometime soon, but whenever I've asked before it's been still in the queue and working along. It appears the extra wave I paid for will be useless for me too, since everything I ordered is made according to the updates.
  16. I'm still waiting on any signs of product from way back on the First Editions II Kickstarter, so can't realistically go for any more Mierce things in the meantime. I mean, the dragon I had my fingers crossed for getting in May last year to give a friend as a gift may not even make it to gift this year I totally get and have sympathies for delays from the moulder being in recovery. I'm less happy with continuing to produce new Kickstarters while that problem is ongoing and has created big delays.
  17. I need to go through mine, but I think that I have everything. Really like the look of the game, hopefully get a chance to play soon!
  18. That was a really good explanation in the last update. Very well said and everything makes a lot of sense. I've never actually watched MST3k. It was never available here and only heard about it after the fact, though I've always loved the idea. Me and my friends always had 'bad movie nights' though our teens, so I'm really looking forward to seeing this and getting in on the ground floor of the revival.
  19. Congrats! Really enjoyed your legends cd, so I'm looking forward to listening to this.
  20. I'm actually really looking forward to the backer pins. I collect them from every country I visit if possible, and from other occasions. So I'm always happy to add another one to the massive(ish) box o' pins.
  21. Mine just arrived as well. Really impressed with the detail the plastic holds, all the ones I've looked at so far look great.
  22. Just thought I'd let you know that my base game ( with no minis) just turned up here in New Zealand. I'm actually pretty impressed with the look and feel of everything, and look forward to giving it a try. I had no indication of it being on the way, but nice to see some activity still there.
  23. Got my notification for this today, so hopefully will have it by the end of the week. To add to my pile of shame of board games I haven't played yet...
  24. That was so sad to watch. I have doubts over whether the deal would have completed after due diligence, but having business savvy partners would have sounded like just what he needed. I mean, he had the options of either a silent partner offering a cash injection in exchange for royalties based off sales. Or a new controlling partner who would take over the day to day running of the company while leaving him to focus on creative. Sure there are compromises to both, but given the current situation it seems hard to say that they didn't offer a reasonable amount of hope.
  25. I wish them all the best, but however good the deal I really can't back another Mierce project until I get my miniatures from up to 5 projects ago or so.
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