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  1. OK, some actual progress has been made. I'm going to start with a Norse force for Of Gods and Mortals, but, me, being me, have deceided to take a different approach, and am doing it in 15mm. Mainly because I love the Copplestone Northlanders. Now, as if the painting rig wasn't big enough, I also have my handy wee paintstation purely for assembly purposes, so, here is the basic prep set up, complete with mess of tools. %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y224/gaarew/Of_Small_Gods_and_Mortals/CIMG4545_zps5b3d7c32.jpg From left to right - a couple of random figures for checking scales, unit of Norse Warriors, Armoured Dvergar, Norse Skirmishers, base for Thor 1, in front are some Yetis, that I'll be using as Trolls, Thor 2, a Norn, and MoonMoon errr... the Fenrir Wolf. Down below are some 28mm Yetis as Troll Elites, a Valkyrie, and a pair of Frost Giants, as well as Thor 1 in the box lid. Norse Warriors, all Copplestone Northlanders, on 20mm bases. %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y224/gaarew/Of Small Gods and Mortals/CIMG4546_zps3c3333ff.jpg Thor 2 (Wargames Foundry), a Norn (mystic/soothsayer/fortune teller, some Yeti Trolls (both Copplestone). Thor and the Trolls are on 30mm bases. Originally, I had planned on using 15mm models for all the Mortal units, then using 28mm stuff for the Gods and Legends, to really make them stand out, larger than life, so to speak, but I've since settled on doing it mainly in 15mm. I will sub in some larger figures, being that I can then do some really epic scale Giants/Dragons etc, and the Bones Frost Wyrm is a priority for the World Serpent. %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y224/gaarew/Of Small Gods and Mortals/CIMG4547_zps175cd68e.jpg MoonMoon (Northstar) OK, so it's actually Fenrir, but it looks so derpy, I am having serious misgivings about using it. On a 40mm base, as it is a 28mm scale figure, but gamewise he is classed as Big, like the Trolls, so he looks the part compared to the infantry. %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y224/gaarew/Of Small Gods and Mortals/CIMG4548_zps58d957bf.jpg 28mm scale Yetis (Copplestone) as Troll Elites, and a Valkyrie %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y224/gaarew/Of Small Gods and Mortals/CIMG4549_zpsc6811f20.jpg Pair of Copplestone Giants. I can't use these in the list with Thor, as he isn't allowed Giants or the World Serpent, but I'm building them up as a reward/incentive etween blocks. 40mm bases. %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y224/gaarew/Of Small Gods and Mortals/CIMG4550_zps2c0298a8.jpg Finally, some painting... %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y224/gaarew/Of Small Gods and Mortals/CIMG4551_zps49eb4d73.jpg %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y224/gaarew/Of Small Gods and Mortals/CIMG4552_zps9f591371.jpg Figures all blu-tacked onto cork placemats and primed with Halford white car primer. Now, normally I always use black, or Army Painter coloured primers, but about a year ago, I started dabbling with white for 15mm work, and a few things that would end up primarily bright. I usually follow this step with an all over wash of Army Painter Soft Tone ink, as it knocks the white back a wee bit, and really makes the details pop. Now, beyond two five minute painting tutorials over the course of 20+ years, I'm a mainly self-taught painter, so, I'm not sure, but this is what I keep seeing referred to as 'lining' right? In any case, it doesn't really matter what it is called, just that it works for what I want to do. :) Although, I have to say, I really hate white primer... %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y224/gaarew/Of Small Gods and Mortals/CIMG4558_zps29cc9879.jpg So, the entire army is now assembled, based, textured and primed. Of to a flying start. For those interested, the rules for army composition are, suggested starting value of 900 points, 1 God (mandatory), 0-5 Legends (up to 1/3 of points value, so 300), the rest on Mortals (units of 4-8 figures, either Close or Open Order) So, my starting force is - Thor, A Norn, Fenrir, 8 Norse Warriors, 6 Armoured Dvergar (Norse Dwarfs), 5 Norse Skirmishers and 5 Trolls. Now, being that I really can't face the though of painting 5/8 models for a unit, then going back and doing another 3 at a later date, I figured I'll just do all the units as 8's and add them in to the first expansion. Each expansion being 300 points, as that is easy enough to calculate the Legend limit. So, adding in the 2 Dvergar, 3 Skirmishers and 3 Trolls leaves me just enough points for a unit of 4 Troll Elites (max. unit size) and a Valkyrie Legend. So, that's why they are built and primed too. Now, just in case you are wondering why I've mentioned Thor 1 and Thor 2, let me explain. As I said above, I had considered using 28mm scale figures for the Legends, so, I have the Northstar Thor on the 60mm base to look big alongside the Legends, but, since I switched to doing 15mm Legends, I sorted out the smaller, but still bigger than a Troll, 28mm Thor from Foundry. I have some custom movement trays from Warbases I'd had done to try out 15mm scale War of the Ring, and they are perfect for OG&M in 15mm. The rules (for 28mm scale) say Open order units go on a CD sized base, and Close Order units go on a rectangle. No dimensions given... So, being that I will A) struggle to find an opponent playing OG&M, and B) find one playing in 15mm, I've come up with my own basing solution. Any 20mm based infantry in Close order will go on these trays, and Open order will go on 100mm circular bases, 30mm based Close Order infantry will go on similar trays, with bigger recesses obviously, and Open Order will go on either 125/130mm circular bases. So, I have bases with the correct amount of recesses on order for the starting 900 points, as well as the expanded 1200, so, I'll start with getting through that, probably doing a unit, then a Legend etc, and once it is all done, reward myself with one of the Giants. Then I'll tackle the next 300 points and do something else fun. Sorry if this has been a rambling/disjointed post, it's been a long night, it's now 1.30pm, and I better get a sleep before work, last shift this week, so, tomorrow is hopefully the beginning of some actual painting, involving a brush, rather than a spray can. Hmmmmmmm, for some reason, the pics are coming up as hyperlinks rather than images, anybody know why? Cheers.
  2. Like I said, this is just some of it. Really, in the grand scheme of things, hardly any is painted, and probably less than half are actually assembled... To be fair, if you had finished one mini, I'd have crowned you champion... Yeah, a lot is gone, but there is still a huge amount to shift, I had about 600 unassembled metal LotR minis at last count... And I have reduced my Trollbloods from the 400ish points (MKII) I had... That would give you a chance to paint them then, no? ;)
  3. Maybe. Or Warseer, facebook, One Ring. Maybe somewhere I don't even know about. I did find a pdf rulebook on WGV that had pictures of my minis in it. :)
  4. You need one of these... %5BIMG%5Dhttp://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y224/gaarew/CIMG4522_zps7498c71c.jpg
  5. Wait, whut? I haven't even shown any of the fishmen yet... A. That's only part of it. B. See A. C. Yeah, I did get a bit of a buzz seeing how much I'd actually painted over the years, considering I never really got beyond priming stuff for about the first 15 years of being in the hobby. Pull the other one, it's got bells on. I assume we are going to continue our previous working relationship, whereby I paint stuff, you comment on it, and pretend you've actually done something yourself? O_o Actually, on the subjects of impressive output and general hilarity, do you remember that one time (not at band camp) when a certain pompous young lad, straight off the back of me painting 100+ minis in a month, challenged me to a 200 minis in a month paint off? Oh how we laughed. I'm pretty sure you came in a weak third with 0. ;) Ah, I remember those days, when all we had was some paint by numbers acrylics and we primed minis with Tippexx (White-Out)...
  6. See how they say that only 10% of an iceberg is actually visible... Man up and do it. It gets lonely being the only lunatic in the asylum sometimes. Hmmmmm, since Heroquest came out, so, about 1989... Started with that and Space Crusade, went onto Advanced Heroquest, Battlemasters, 2nd edition AD&D, various Roleplaying games, then Warhammer and suchlike. It kinda snowballed from about '96, when I became a man of means, or, at least, a wee boy with a job. Actually, there is a 7'x4' gaming board behind my desk, sometimes I bring up the laptop and listen to music, but, generally, I don't mind working in silence. Between working nights and Aspbergers, I'm used to my own company/long periods of not talking, and it is good to unwind in silence after work, especially as there is a 24hr advert/pop music radio on there. PM it then. I'm sure I've heard (and used) much worse. Like when accidentally pinning my finger rather than a mini. Cheers, enjoy. Well, seems I've found my number one fan already. ;) They are from Ikea. They don't make the best use of space, so I want to look into some for of perspex divider, or extra shelving options to give me 64 shelves worth of space, rather than just 32... Yeah, it's a custom job. It's actually the second version I've built, the original one was getting a bit cramped, so I went out and got the board, think it's about 6'x3' and some 6'x1" batons for the steps, which are the perfect size for the paints. I'm so happy my wood impresses you. As far as where to begin, funnily enough, it won't be anything in the pictures. I'm currently going through Osprey's Of God's and Mortals, so I think a Viking force will be what I focus on. For 5 minutes at least...
  7. Updated primary post. WIP thread is now available for your comedy pleasure... See, told you you guys were disciplined...
  8. Cabinet 8 Surprisingly more Lord of the Rings, Mantic Undead, reflected paints... Beastmen, Bones, Bloodbowl, Lizardmen and Warmachine stuff More Warmachine and Undead Phew, that's a lot of WIPPING... Don't get me started on the tabletop, floor, bookcases, cupboards or various boxes/drawers etc...
  9. Cabinet 7 More Lord of the Rings, some homemade movement bases for Kings of War, and a bigass Heresey Demon More Lord of the Rings, a lonely Chaos Warrior, and more surprisingly, a glimpse of the sun on a cold November morning in Scotland... Chaos, Chaos Space Marines, Undead. Yet more Lord of the Rings, some Wargames Foundry Vikings, and Mantic Orcs.
  10. Cabinet 6 Mantic Dwarfs More Mantic Dwarfs. And a couple of Wargames Foundry Stonethrowers. Some Resin Bases. I have an unhealthy addiction to them... Plus a movement tray, a wee house, and some Splintered Light Cave Imp Lizard swarms. Warmaster Chaos Army, Zombies, Chaos Space Marines, and stuff...
  11. Cabinet 5 Games Workshop Necrons Mantic Warpath Starter (my old Pathfinder Demo set) Reaper Stuffz! Kargir army, and some Undead I'm trying to make an Egyptian style Undead army for God of Battles out of. Another OMG, somebody just threw up a load of minis mess type shelf. Wood Elves, Undead, Cygnar, Beastmen, more Lord of the Rings. Other stuff...
  12. Cabinet 4 Games Workshop Ogre Kindoms More Ogres (along with pic 4, this should be about 2400 points) And some more Ogres, these are just filler really, gonna have to do an Ogre Horde at some point.... Whoodahthunk it... Even more Ogres, this was a previous super exciting project that lasted all of two minutes...
  13. Cabinet 3 PP Carnivean and Shredder, Heresey Werewolf, Old Crow Tank, couple of GW Lizardmen Stegadons, Hitech Minis Not-Nurgle lord, Tor Gaming Relics Nuem. Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Uruk-hai/Isengard Army Spartan Games Dystopian Legions Kingdom of Britania starter plus some extras. GW 40K Tanks and more Lord of the Rings
  14. Cabinet 2 Games Workshop Wood Elves. In my defence, the only time I ever ran this army, it was a Wood army, and didn't include any Elves. Not even dead ones... Various Games Workshop Lord of the Rings stuff This is just a mess... Lord of the Rings, a Khador Uhlan, a Cryx Seether, a Treekin, some Chaos Hounds... More Lord of the Rings, a PP Dire Troll, a Mantic 3up Zombie, Forgeworld Necron figure, and some Confrontation Wolfen.
  15. Cabinet 1 Rebel Minis 15mm Sci-fi Scourge. And a lot of empty bases/trays for where I want the army to be in terms of *a good size* Privateer Press Khador, Wargames Foundry Beastmen for God of Battles, some WF Greek Fantasy, couple of Copplestone Castings 15mm Barbarians, a solitary Stonehaven Dwarf Zombie, some Mantic Undead for War of the Ring and Wyrd Miniatures Cult of December. Privateer Press Farrow/Retribution/Pirates, a few of the original Bones, Tor Gaming Relics Orcnar and Britanan starters. Lots of teeny-wee blue Beastmen for Demonworld, and some Splintered Light Cave Imps.
  16. So, by means of introduction to my little area of painting mayhem, I figured I'd better show off my workspace (which is in the process of being reorganised and tidied up to hopefully spur me on to actually doing something.) It's also on my list of Painting Pledges, so, am being pretty crafty knocking that off the list too without any real work involved. Ok, so my workspace is kinda big... Kinda big to the point where I can't get it all in one picture without standing almost outside the lair... So, you lucky viewers get 3 technicolour shots of, where I'd love to say the magic happens, but will settle for, where I paint... From the left Centre From the right So, yeah, that is a 6ft something board, so, for the mathematically challenged, it is approximately 60ft of paint storage. I have my Wargames Foundry, Army Painter, P3 (all full ranges), then some Vallejo's and Reaper paints (from the previous KS), as well as a few random paints and stuff. Most of my GW paints are still in boxes underneath the desk... So, yeah, my not so little haven from real life. Next up, the Wall of Shame, no mere shelf for me, I don't do things by half... because it is in itself a WIP, as I try to organise my display cabinets with what I want to keep, and what I should get shot of, as I'll never get around to painting it/what the hell were you thinking buying that... So, hold on tight, there are 8 of them. I'll give each it's own post, there might be a few (OK, more than a few) finished minis in there, and they will make it to the Showcase thread (when I get around to making it), but like I said, the entire bank of cabinets and contents is a large-scale WIP. (Week in Procrastinating)
  17. Figured it was about high time I got my butt back into the swing of painting again, following a bit of a lack of hobby mojo after moving house, so, here goes with my WIP thread. Also, I kinda said I'd do it in the November Painting Goals thread, so, even if I don't lift a brush this month, at least I've knocked one of my pledges off the list... Now, following my normal pattern of painting, this is gonna go one of two ways. I'll either be a furious hotbed of activity, where I burn through minis like nobody's business, or it will end up neglected. Sometimes I have great enthusiasm for a project, tempered by occasional bursts of wanting to throw the lot in the bin, so, we'll see. So, what is this gonna be all about then? Well, it's not gonna be about any particularly fancy stuff, no blending, OSL, or any sort of masterclass work. No, what I can (tentatively) promise you, is hopefully more than sporadic updates into what I'm doing, probably flitting from project to project, a preponderance of blue (it seems to creep into most of what I do), some very shady photography, an over-abundance of ellipsis, some self-deprication and, in my own head anyway, some humour. If you stick around, you might even see some minis with paint on them,..
  18. Just one shelf? Jeez, you guys are disciplined. I have a whole room of shame...
  19. Ok, ok, I broke my lurking streak, guess I might as well chip in, it might motivate me a bit. 1 - Start a WIP thread. (see - I haz WIP'ed myself into shape...) 2 - Start a Show Off thread. 3 - Give the paint station a good tidy for obligatory photo for WIP thread (In progress) 4 - Finish off Hazmat team (commission) 5 - Start a unit for my Of Gods And Mortals force. (Full army cleaned up and glued to bases, next step, base texture) 6 - Post in both threads. :) (Half done) Baby steps.
  20. Waitaminute, so, speed painting ISN'T getting jacked up on amphetamines and staying up for hours painting? O_o I've been lied to... :p
  21. You mean this one? ;) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2087444096/elven-adventurers-box-set/description
  22. Hahahahhahahahah. Already have a bunch of metals lying around for various forces, plus ordered some darkspawn and bsg.... And both books ;)
  23. Ok, based on nothing more than a big pile of Bones, the rule of cool, and a rudimentary knowledge of the game via reaper TV videos... Kargir - 997 points Troop 1 Kavorgh Magic Weapon Granak the Butcher Black Orc Marauder x 2 Black Orc Hunter x 4 Troop 2 Hrodash the Painmaster Black Orc Archer x 4 Troop 3 Torg, Tundra Stalker Tundra Stalker x 2 Troop 4 Mountain Troll Troop 5 Mountain Troll Luck Stone I have the rulebook on order, should be somewhere over the ocean about now, and barring 1 figure (Torg) enough minis to build this list, probably using the Hill Troll (02851) as the second Mountain Troll, rather than two identical big guys with head variants. 'Course, the other reason for the two Trolls is, besides being cool, they can easily be swapped out for Brugnungir for the same points. I get the impression that I should maybe get some magic in there, but I'm not a huge fan of the Knax model, so might consider using Greka (14196) as a proxy.
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