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  1. Avast! Who cares what the game is, who cares who makes it, there do be undead pirates to play!! Yargh! Shiver me timbers, and other motivational piratical phrases... Good afternoon all. I recently received my copy of the Casket in the mail, and lo and behold, rules for Razig's Revenge! I had already purchased Razig due to him being an Undead Pirate, but now I learn that there are rules for a whole crew of undead! Most excellent! I've been a fan of Reaper minis for years, supplementing my D&D games with their excellent selection of heroes (and baddies). And now they're coming out with a game that has undead pirates in it? Huzzah!! My Heroes! Anywho's, I'd like to perhaps add something constructive to this post. I've read the rules for warlord already, and I'll post my thoughts on that in a separate post. But for now, onto the Undead Pirates! The background and bio's for the members of Razig's Revenge are outstanding. There's just enough to get a feel for them, without drowning you in pages of extra stuff. Most Excellent! Kudos to all involved in the writing. Rules: "Thar's the scurvy dog wit me treasure!" -I think this rule will be the main feel behind RR (Razig's Revenge). You can point at whomever has been nominated as the 'Scurvy dog', and make all sorts of great threats against them. Anything that provides an opportunity for me to yell 'Argh' at someone is well received. "Guns! Bring up the Guns!" -Oooo...I like the Soul Cannons already. And not being limited to one? "Suck Cannonball ye scallywag!" "Thar's an imposter boys, let's kil 'im!" -Makes sense to me all the way... "Do ye want ta live forever?!" -I understand the whole crew being undead. Makes sense. But unless there's a Discipline check that Fearless doesn't affect, then everyone’s DS of 9 doesn't do much of anything. Also, most of them have deflect. Is this also to represent their undead nature? "Oh no lad, hate sustains me!" -This is the real meat and taters rule of Razig's Revenge. It show's Razig's sheer tenacity at getting his treasure back. Even if your entire force gets demolished, if the Scurvy dog is still alive, then so is Razig! He's like the Energizer Skeleton! Also allowing to sacrifice your troops to bring Razig back is good flavor too. "Sing yer note canary bird" - Most excellent, from what i've gathered from magic. Quick Question: I understand how you buy spells with the Casting Grade, equal to the #/# of Mage or Cleric, but where does the point cost come into play? I looked under the rules for spells, and could not find where the spells are located. Do those count only for bounty? Inquiring Pirates want to know. Also, there's a note in Clarissa the Banshee's background about how she's mad because her power doesn't work on the crew, but according to the spell, it does. I guess just to balance out the sheer 'oomph' of it... The Data Card looks good to me, with one little change in mind. Clarissa's AA is Razig/Evil, while The Dark Maiden's AA is Razig/Neutral. I would suggest switching those around, because Clarissa is more a victim of Razig and not particularly Evil (selfish, sure) while The Dark Maiden is written as "Only she knows where the storm winds will take them and what black schemes dwell within her rotting wooden heart." That sounds more evil to me than neutral. My complements to Taun who did the artwork for the Razig's Revenge article, and if the figures are of similar quality, then I can hardly wait. The picture of the Dark Maiden alone is fantastic! And, of course, one could not do without the Three Arrrrr's of Pirate Schoolin'. Funny when read aloud. I look forward to seeing this game develop, as well as looking forward to whatever models are produced for this game. (Of course, the other Warlord models look superb as well, but they're not UNDEAD PIRATES!!! YARGH!!) Das DevilSquid "Z t s n z barrel."
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