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  1. Thank you Pingo! The figures in my avatars are not minis, just some of my kids toys that I used for a photography class project about toys "gone bad" (Hence the stalker in the background). I actually just recently got into minis, as while I have played tabletop games for many years, we never actually used them in our play till now. Once I get some ones I am proud of I shall likely switch my avatar up to something more appropriate.
  2. Hello guys :) I am new here, but have lived vicariously through Recruittons for a while now and thought I'd join in on the WIP fun! Here's what I have so far... This is Teacup, the frost troll! He enjoys long walks on the glacial coasts, Bashing polar bears and frost wyrms over the head repeatedly, and plundering with his friends. He only has a base coat on now, so he is quite embarrassed, but I told him all trolls do this kind of work to break into an acting career. He will be picked up for The Hobbit 2: Electric Boogaloo for sure. Teacup is looking much more dapper now, although
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