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  1. I have just bought my first reapers the kobold champion and the sorcorer. I have them both primed and ready to psint I just have NO IDEAS where to start. I do know I start from the inner most part and work my way out so I am guessing I would do the face and skin areas first? Any and all help would be much appericated I am really excited about finally starting this amazing hobby
  2. 77040: Satheras, Male Warlock ($2.79) Bobby Jackson I have not read dragonlance since I was in high school, but in my opinion he looks frail the way the books portrayed him. just my personel thoughts though
  3. Well either I have missed this one or no one thought of it yet...most likely missed it though, but two things. First conversion/weapons paks. it would be nice to be able to quickly and inexpensively change out weapons and parts to make unique characters. And second I loved the addition of the kobold leader and sorcerer, would Love to see a bones version of Snar Mangebelly the kobold king. Even the goblins have way more possibilities just would like to complete a kobold camp
  4. Thank you guys...and Catdancer I'm just finishing up my scene pics soon
  6. Anne I have a rather interesting question for you, one that I haven't seen or overlooked anyway...Is there anything I can either add to my paints to get a reaction to black lights? or something I could apply after my mini is painted in order to get that effect? Reason being is I plan on painting a group of kobolds that will be possessed and I wanted glowing eyes and if I can find something that works it would be very helpful in my future projects. Thank you for your time
  7. For my Birthday next month my wife wants to get me a ltpk so I can FINALLY start painting and stop talking abot it lol...So my question is should I get kit one or kit 2 first?
  8. personally I'd like to see more koblods. Like the champion and sorcerer, Snar Mangebelly and some new sculpts of kobolds with bows
  9. Just had a random thought don't really know if anyone else thought of this, but what about a blue translucents for Ice elementals and spell effects? good or bad idea?
  10. @jordan something simple that say a three man party would use to go down river. I am building a diorama that will have my party at a campsite preparing to attack something haven't figured that out yet, but I got killer ideas for my campsite, now I just need to find a descent boat the boat is more or less scenery by the campsite to show how the arrived. while I am at it do you have any ideas on bedrolls? only thing I can't figure out unless I just buy fabric and make my own....Thanx for your help in advance I appericate it
  11. anyone know where I can find a small boat that would be the same scale as reaper mini's?
  12. I am curently building a small 1'x1' diorama of two maybe three adventures at a campsite, the rest of the diorama will include a river with a bridge and a worm or two guardin a treasure on the other side of the river. So other than a small fire and some logs what else would you most likely find? any and all ideas welcome thank you for any and all help in advance
  13. More Kobolds we have the 3 and can make and army, but what about Snarl or the sorcerer and champion....some kobold raiders a few with bows to fill out a small encampment
  14. Thats great to hear I for one can not wait to see what all will be included with each set. As soon as you guys have an idea of hwat will be in them lets us know
  15. Since they've been providing full-size dropper bottles, this has been less of an issue. I was referring to the sample pots the dropper bottles actually do a better job at keeping the paints fresh than I thought they would, but the samples you get tend to dry up probally because they are in a cheaper container
  16. This rocks being a amature painter I think it would be awsome for the newbies to get more for their buck. Plus you ALWAYS have left over paints in the sample pots that end up going to waste
  17. I was just wondering with the success of the bones line if in the future we might see LTPK with bones included? Anyone else think this is a good idea??
  18. This will be the party that will be in my Diorama. Gender is no issue just wanted to mix it up a bit. the Diorama will be set in a D&D style world
  19. If you were going to assemble a five man group what classes would you use? My first idea is the following: 1 warrior human male 2 cleric human female 3 ranger elf male 4 wizard elf (undecided on M/F) 5 thief dwarf male I am open to all ideas and suggestions
  20. @dwarvenranger... I can totally understand I am thinking the table might just be for the village and go from there. Seeing how you've used Hirst Arts could you give me a general idea of building sizes? I was thinking 5X6X4 any demension advice you can give me would be helpful I am still in the concept stage and don't want to get into it and figure out I either went too small or too big
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