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  1. Storm_Bringer

    So Who's Playing?

    I've been mostly painting in my (limited) spare time. I've been reading the rulebook and will probably try a solo game to get a feel for the mechanics of it all. I've also been playing with the Force Manager. I really like it. I may another local player that would be interested. We've played a number games together including AlphaStrike. SB
  2. Storm_Bringer

    Pair of Razors with infantry

    Hello Everybody, Here's a pic with a pair of Razors and an infantry unit (re-based Mechwarrior figures on a CAV base). All of them are on custom stamped bases thanks to Basius. I did one mech with an all-black center and one with the overall yellow/camo scheme. Any preference? Light Mechs supporting infantry just speak to me... I might have to try a whole list with light mechs and powered infantry. Might need some range support in the back though. SB
  3. Storm_Bringer

    Pair of Wights & a Tank

    Hello Everybody, I've been painting up some Reaper CAVs from the Kickstarter. I recently got stamp pads from the Basius Kickstarter and used them to make custom bases for CAV. Also, to stabilize the barrels, I used a small hobby drill to make room for a pin through the barrel. Here's a pair of Wights and a tank from Mechwarrior. SB
  4. Storm_Bringer

    Finding Players (Meetup Thread)

    Lebanon, NH... home to Black Moon Games. Not a CAV base yet, but all kinds of Warmachine, FOW, 40K, Board Games... great place if your in the area. SB
  5. Storm_Bringer

    Base size recommendations?

    Ahh... it's a base vs model thing. No problem... I'll plow ahead and base infantry and mechs on the 1". I have larger wooden hex bases for vehicles. Thanks CavBoss. SB
  6. Storm_Bringer

    Updated CAV:SO Construction Program Information

    Just noticed the FM addition to the Construction Program. I have to say... I ***LOVE*** the Force Manager. One of the many miniatures games I play is Flames of War. I was a huge fan of EasyArmy (before Battlefront took it over). I would spend hours crafting a force for a Friday night battle. Force Manager feels very much like that. Great job. It really shows off the depth of the game to see all those options like Satchel Charges and Infantry Fighting Positions. If I may make two suggestions... 1) could you add a check box to include footnotes on the SA rules? Maybe when I play more I will memorize them, but for now it's hard to know what "Hard, Assault 2, Reinforced 1, Relentless, etc" mean. 2) could you add a shadow outline (or even a pic) of the model by each card as a visual reminder? This would probably be more of a help to my opponent trying to spot who is the most damaged. I know space is limited... but even a little outline would be useful. Keep up the good work. SB
  7. Storm_Bringer

    Base size recommendations?

    Don't mean to sound argumentative here, but doesn't... "All of the bases on the new plastic stuff will fit inside a 1" hex base." and... "The CAV will overhang the base if you use a 1" hex. You may need a 2" base or larger for some of the minis to not have any overhang." ... contradict yourself? I was actually wondering about base size myself today. If the Kickstarter is only going to ship with the stock 74029 1" base... not a problem. But if bigger bases are coming I will wait to base my bigger models. I just bought two 20 packs that I'm working on infantry & light mechs with for the time being. I would like to see larger hexes for larger mechs and vehicles. That's just my preference if spontaneous voting breaks out. SB
  8. Storm_Bringer

    Cheap and Easy Infantry

    I checked there any they don't have the 74029. I think the ones they have are metal and much more expensive (3 bases for $7.99). SB
  9. Storm_Bringer

    Early Birds: 1st test schemes

    Ordering the sets is the easy way, but I went to... http://www.hawkwargames.com/pages/downloads ... and downloaded them myself. Printed on cardstock they turn out pretty good. The roads I mounted on foamboard using glue sticks ("less is more" in the glue department if you want to keep down warp-age). SB
  10. Storm_Bringer

    Cheap and Easy Infantry

    Hello Everybody, I found an easy way to build alot of cheap 10mm Infantry. First, I take a CAV base and fill it with Milliput for weight (I fill all my bases this way). Next, I use a Mechwarrior Clix infantry, cut them off the clix base, and trim the side "boulders". I place them on the base and add a bit of Milliput to level things. After that I take the infantry off the base and prime it with Army Painter Black Primer. Once dry, I add Scenic Woodlands Ballast. Lastly, I spray with Krylon Clear and Testors Dull Coat. The big time saver is not repainting them. Here's what it looks like: BTW, any idea where I can get some more 74029 Hex bases? I bought some 25mm Armourcast Hex bases and they are much smaller. The biggest thing holding me back is getting more bases. I could probably do 75-100 stands of infantry on a Saturday if I had the bases. BTW(2), you can pick up the clix Infantry on Ebay in lots of 20-100 pretty cheap (under $20). SB
  11. Storm_Bringer

    Early Birds: 1st test schemes

    Thank you for the encouragement. BTW, I forgot one step in my process... I fill the bases with Milliput for add stability. And yes, those are the Dropzone buildings. I printed them on 110 lbs cardstock and backed them with cardboard. Here's some individual pictures with some Mechwarrior Clix vehicles for scale... Tiamat & Halberd: Dictator: Cougar and Specter: (These are 768x432... let me know if these are too big and I'll rescale them down...) SB
  12. Storm_Bringer

    Early Birds: 1st test schemes

    Hello Everybody, I was lucky enough to get an Early Bird level and received my CAVs sooner than I expected. I picked five of these and painted them up. I've never painted or played CAV, but I did do some mechwarrior-clix rebase/repaints last summer. Here are my first Reaper CAV test paint jobs... My process was... Wash in soapy water Boiling water -> Ice water for any bent parts Cut them off their molded base Rebase on the provided base Glue Woodland Scenics ballast to the base Prime with Army Painter black primer (learned the hard way not to use Krylon primer on Bones) Paint... this is the long step... I use various P3, Games Workshop, and Vallejo paints Black wash with Future-black paint-water Spray with Krylon Clear Spray with Testor's Dull Coat I've started doing another ten models which are in the "paint" stage. Overall I'm very happy with how things turned out. I really like the more realistic "scifi-ness' of CAV compared to the Mechwarrior Clix models. SB
  13. Storm_Bringer

    "25001" rules are the final?

    Hello Everybody, I'm new to CAV thanks to the Kickstarter. Are the "25001" rules that can be downloaded the final version? Should I download, print, and bind these? Or, do I wait for a newer version? Any copyright issue taking the PDF to Staples to have this done? I'm happy to wait if there's still alot of work to be done. BTW, I'm familiar with Battletech Alpha Strike. I have a ton of the Mechwarrior Clix models that I've ripped off the bases, rebased, and repainted to play with. There's something about Alpha Strike that falls flat with me though. I'm not sure what it is other than each faction seems to be pretty much the same & each mech too generic. I may mix-n-match the Mechwarrior models (especially Infantry) to use with CAV. Speaking of Mechwarrior Clix, I never played the game (since it was pretty dead when I got interested in it last Summer), but it seemed like a very good game. I have hopes that CAV is a broader game with similar mechanics. We'll see. I've been dying for a good scifi mixed-force military game that plays fast. I have 5150 Battalion Commander which the Bones models may play into. We'll see. SB
  14. I used 25mm Square bases (both plain and woven brick) from Last Stand Convertibles (http://laststandconvertibles.com). I like that they are solid all way through. I usually fill in the Citadel bases with putty, but with LSC I don't have to. Here's a pic of some finished ones using the woven brick... SB
  15. Storm_Bringer

    Finished Bones from Pax East

    Here's a few more Bones painted up... Halbarand the Cleric Turanil the Male Elf Paladin Ragnaros the Evil Warrior I included the Mummys to show how the bases looked from a more top-down view. I originally had the bases trimmed in Graveyard Earth, but it looked really strange and made the bricks look out of place. I went back and drybrushed Red all the way. I think it makes it more flush with the ground. SB