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  1. Just want to point out that the image above is actually of printed pieces, not 3D renders. Had a brief chat with Tom on Facebook and he said that the "statue" was printed at 0.1mm layer height while the columns were printed at 0.2mm layer height. They were then given several coats of grey primer before being painted with regular craft acrylics. They took the picture in their office, lighted with an LED lamp.

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  2. 21 minutes ago, Nick aimes said:

    Pledge for $1 and you have backed the project.  $1 does not automatically give you anything in rewards. 

    You will need to create and complete a pledge manager account to allocate your pledge.




    I have completed the pledge manager and allocated the funds I donated to the core set.  


    Again, i am sorry if all this has been answered before.

    By pledging $1 you get access to the pledge manager. You don't get any physical models for that $1, although it of course counts towards the total amount you pledge.

    Once the pledge manager opens up after the campaign (it usually takes about two weeks for Kickstarter to transfer the money and information to Reaper) you'll be able to select the models you want and pay for them right away. You can select one or more models at a time, but you have to pay each time (including any shipping changes). You can continue to do that until the pledge manager closes at the end of July 2018.

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  3. The Ruined Chateau stretch goal has been unlocked and Matt has provided every combo-backer with a new bonus item.

    A cool ballista model!




    There's also an update on the hoarding system for the castle and this model also shows how it's compatible with the Rampage system in general by incorporating the prototype for the Rampage Heavy Wood Walls and Hoarding Roofs that will be included in this Kickstarter. You can also see the Rampage Crypt door in the tower.



  4. On 2/3/2017 at 9:50 AM, Kangaroorex said:

    Interest piqued, interest gone. At those prices I was expecting kits or molds, not files. Printing this sort of thing takes a lot of time. The detail looks good and I wish themy luck, but I have to pass


    That is, of course, entirely your prerogative. I'm not sure I entirely agree on the price with regards to files vs. e.g. kits, though.
    If it was a kit then:

    1) You'd be limited to what you got in the kit.

    2) In order to expand upon a kit you'd then have to buy more parts/another kit, making the total cost rise even further.


    With these files you can continue printing as many parts as you want, in order to make different configurations (when it comes to the castle) or to expand on e.g. a Western city.

    The files are also optimized for 3D printing, without needing supports and the like (or the supports are part of the design, e.g. cross beams under a bridge).

    Heck, if you print it in a high enough resolution you could make molds of the parts yourself and cast them in your choice of casting material.


    I'm currently finishing a print of one of their former models, the Observatory (only need to print the cupola and the telescope):



  5. I've backed all of Matt's/Printable Scenery crowdfunding campaigns (for the whole package each time - I'm also all in on this one). The models are superbly modelled and specially crafted for 3D printing.

    I'm currently printing the tavern from their Winterdale Kickstarter campaign. That's being done on a printer that's currently up for pre-order for $349.- (the Trinus by Kodama) - it doesn't have the biggest build plate, but Printable Scenery provide the models in smaller files too, so even the smaller printers can print them.

    (the rubber bands are just for holding the pieces together since I haven't glued them together yet)






    Here's a video covering great 3D printers for $350 or less, in case you want to try it out, but isn't sure you want to put down a lot of money right away. It's done by Maker's Muse, one of the most popular 3D printing YouTube channels.

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  6. Must admit that I'm disappointed that a Froghemot was added before some of the other stuff (especially the female frost giant). Much less useful than any of the other stuff we know were possibilities. I wonder if enough will be interested in the Froghemot.

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  7. Although I am a bit worried about the SGs now. They go to 2,25k now and I don't see any more terrain pieces yet, and the kicqtrack trends towards around $2m.


    No no, go back and read the update. Those are just a couple of future goals they wanted to show off (to build excitement). There are more goals in-between now, Dreadmaw and Ma'aldrakar, they just haven't been revealed yet.

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    I guess I just worry about needing to get my foot in the door to avoid a price increase like with Bones 1.

    I got the same deal with Bones 2, but I don't remember if latecomers had to pay more or not.

    If you do not back this project through Kickstarter before it ends, you are considered a Late Backer and WILL pay a higher price.

    We did this with every one of our previous three Kickstarters.

    The only way to get these bargain prices is to back this project through Kickstarter.



    Oh, I'm already registered as a backer. I guess it keeps you in the system.


    I added a $15 option. That should cover it.  :D


    Remember to also add any increases on Kickstarter itself. Just adding something to the pledge manager doesn't increase your pledge on Kickstarter. ::):

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