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  1. And I see a lot of people here assuming massive things on "our" behalfs + apparently failing massively at reading comprehension. And now I'm going to make an assumption and say that they are probably US customers, who won't have a problem getting what they were promised. Funny how that also is reflected in the, at times, very aggressive and insulting comments to the updates on the Kickstarter page itself. Good to know many of you think international clients are just immature "entitlement kids" and what else we've been called. I've already written that I'm fine with the paint going out over the next couple of months, I just need to know if that's the case before our pledge is locked in in the pledge manager. Otherwise all I see above are excuses from non-Reaper people on Reaper's behalf. They were overwhelmed? Funny that they had planned stretch goals much further than the final result. Somehow that tells me that they weren't as unprepared as some of you seem to think they were. Ed Pugh has also said above that it isn't a money issue, so quit using the shipping costs as an excuse. It's an logistics issue over not having enough paint bottles, but they are scrambling to get that fixed and, once again, I'm fine with that if it means that they'll ship paints out as fast as possible. EDIT: I also wonder if people here honestly think that there would have been no complaints if all US customers had been told the same thing, that their promised September/October shipment of paints and Sophies were going to be postponed to March?
  2. Business decision or not (and a bad one from my perspective, since it's not all about numbers, but also customer satisfaction, company image and return customers), that still doesn't help people like me, and some of my friends who have pooled our pledges together, who have other miniatures waiting to be painted now, but we need new/replacement paints to start doing it (I've also read comments on the Kickstarter updates pages from people who are in similar situations). I put extra money in our pledge because I wanted to buy the paint sets, the paint sets that were promised to go out now, not in March. So it's actually quite critical to know if they will be shipped out as soon as Reaper get enough bottles (i.e. over the next two months or so) or not until March. If not until March, then I need to go buy (more expensive) paint elsewhere and I'm left with money in our pledge (which has already been drawn by Amazon) that I might have to spend on more duplicates of minis instead of paint (since by that time I don't need the extra paint). And I have already also put money in our pledge for the extra minis I wanted... So it's quite crucial that Reaper communicates to us as quickly as possible what their plan is, before the window for the pledge manager closes.
  3. Thanks for responding Mr. Pugh! I fully admit that the lack of information has been instrumental in my displeasure. Yes, you did drop the ball. People finding out "accidentally" through the pledge manager and Kit's post in the other thread (don't shoot the messenger!) were not the optimal ways of communicating this and we still lacked a lot of information. I really do appreciate you clearing up a few things, though, and providing some background info as to the decisions you have had to make. That confirms my initial thoughts about you as a company dedicated to caring about your customers. Now, there are still some questions I would like to have answers to or at least know that you've considered. There might be be other suppliers of the paint bottles out there. The downside to this, of course, might be different prices for a one-off batch. From what you wrote above it seems as if the paint to international pledgers might still go out before March, but might be delayed for a month or two until you get more bottles. Is that correct? I can live with that, but when US customers get their part of the deal now, I feel a 6 month delay would be very unfair. I am not in any way interested in cancelling my (and my group's) pledge. We're still salivating over the abundance of cool miniatures we're going to get. We did, however, plan to exchange some of our older, dried up GW paints with the new Reaper paints from the Kickstarter and dive into polishing off our slightly rusty painting skills while waiting for the Bones minis to get here. I hope that's still in the pipeline, even if we have to wait an extra month or two.
  4. No worries Pingo. I wouldn't say that it's "harmful" to the company, just less profitable. Heck, I'd be willing to up our pledge to cover some more shipping if we'd get the option to add more minis to our March shipment for that amount (since the figures, when it comes to actual casting them, are very cheap on an individual basis).
  5. I could, but I don't think anything is going to happen unless other international customers also chime in, so I'm primarily making my case here. I also don't see why US customers should be "against" us (international customers) getting the products at the same time as them. It won't affect them at all, so any argument against it would be because of...? What?
  6. It's basic contract law. Exchange x amount of money for y product, delivered at z time (usually immediately in case of over the counter products in a store). I'm not accusing Reaper of any kind of bad faith behaviour. I'm sorry to hear that they have miscalculated the shipping costs. However, that's, to put it bluntly, not my problem. That's their accountant's (or whoever did the calculations) problem and thus ultimately the company's problem. They have the products, so it's not for a lack of being able to fulfill the part of the deal for international customers. Why should I be grateful for Reaper not holding up their end of the deal? They turn a huge profit over this (how else can they afford to invest in new equipment to move the production to Texas?). They should be able to fulfill the deal they made with everyone. And, again, all you just listed here they should have taken into account before they put up the Kickstarter! Why do I have to be inconvenienced by the fact that they didn't? Especially when they actually CAN fulfill that part, but won't because their profit won't be as high. Except they are fulfilling this specific part for US customers, at the time they have promised in the Updates, so they are able to provide the contents of the pledge levels.
  7. What other Kickstarts have or have not done or promised is inconsequential to this Kickstarter. "Well, others have done it too" isn't a valid defense in breaking a contract. A promise of a product, at a specific time, already paid for by the buyer, is a sales contract - even if you don't sign an "actual contract." Without this basic understanding of commerce, trading would be thrown into complete chaos and you'd have no recourse against anyone. The buyer isn't liable for any things that deviate from the original contract, that's entirely on the shoulders on the seller (unless specified in an actual contract). So, either Reaper has to fulfill their promise in the Kickstarter (ship all paints and Sophie figures now instead of March) or we're entitled to some other kind of rebate/discount/refund to cover that inconvenience. Again, if you set something up for sale and then figure out that you would actually lose money for it, tough. That's part of doing business and you should have calculated your numbers more thoroughly before you offered said something up for sale. Excusing it with "well, it's Kickstarter, it's different" isn't valid. Especially if you take the time to read Kickstarter's page, where this is easy to find: And Reaper posted an update saying this:
  8. Well, I'm going to b*tch about it. It hasn't been mentioned before, Reaper has written updates about about spinning up the paint machines to ship out the paint as quickly as possible, still nothing about international customers not being able to get it shipped at the same time as those in the US at that time either. In fact, it's a change after the products have been paid for (Amazon has already drawn the pledged amount) - so it's a breach of the sales contract, which means that the seller has to eat any extra unforseen costs, at least in my country they have to and I have a suspicion it might be so in the US too. I (or we, as we're a bunch of people who have made one big pledge) have already paid for the product and the information, right up to the point of payment and after, has continuously been that the paint and the Sophie miniature (if one doesn't deselect it) would be shipped in October. That's the service we paid for and bought. We raised 3 million dollars for Reaper, now they have to fulfill the contract of the Kickstarter, which includes shipping paint and Sophie figures now, not in March (unless you elect to wait, voluntarily). We planned to get the paint and start painting other minis while waiting for the big shipment in March. That's why we pledged money for the paint. That's what we want and what was promised all throughout, and after, the entire Kickstart. Sorry Reaper, if it costs you extra money, that's something you should have figured into the Kickstarter. You can't just come here afterwards and change that and say "whoops" - that's utter bullsh*t. We have been exceedingly gracious to you by raising such a huge amount, the least we should be able to expect is for you to honor the deal.
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