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  1. ? No, this one (in front of the two Frost Giant Warriors - although seen from the back):
  2. Two things that will always skew the numbers at present time: Those who have hit the Remind Me button and those who have pledged $1 or $100 but haven't figured out how to add more to their pledge yet or don't known that they can do just that (judging by all the questions about these things there are always a lot of newcomers who might not have any KS experience at all).
  3. Finished at 1000% funding! Following stretch goals reached: The outdoor and nature The inn and tavern The temple and church Lots of delicious maps coming our way. Other people should get access to the low resolution maps too as they're finished and put up on the blog.
  4. If you're interested in Sci-Fi maps, then you'll be getting some of those too now, as the latest stretch goal has been reached. If you would like to have the entire dungeon as one big battle map (instead of just parts of it), then there's also a new pledge level where you'll get that. I think we'll get a new stretch goal reveal fairly shortly. 8 days left!
  5. That's one crazy cool build. Definitely want one of those :) Get to building one then!
  6. Anyone know where you can buy the minis once they're done shipping to KS backers? I can see some dwarves and a golem I'd like in my collection!
  7. The scenario by Skip Williams is unlocked. Looking forward to what's up next, once the Swedes "next door" wake up.
  8. Some of his earlier minis have been picked up by another company (Hasslefree), so even though the are technically OOP from Tre himself, you can still get them elsewhere (my guess would be that they bought the moulds from Tre). I don't think his minis from his first KS are available, due to it being in troll cast and him not being happy with the material. Not sure if the greens survived the mold making process to be reused to make molds for metal versions. Quite true. I don't think those will ever be available again (up to Tre, of course)*. The following, however, are still available from Hasslefree (I can't remember if Tre used the exact same names, though): Humans (I believe it's a mix of Njorn and Helsvakt): Jholkar of Bolverk Hanna of Vil Old Holvand Ulf of Gar Henn of Gar Woldur of Bolverk Dvergr: Falgrim Jarlsson Ari Wilhelmson Sigurd Sigurdson Olvir Brutisson Drya Lafhelgasdottir Brynda Wulfsdottir Thorri Jarlsson Ryjka MacHroth Aelfar: Laerys * One could certainly make a silicone mould of an existing mini and then cast a resin version. You can get resin that'll withstand the heat and pressure of making rubber moulds for metal casting. Just saying that the option is there, should Tre decide to do it.
  9. Some of his earlier minis have been picked up by another company (Hasslefree), so even though the are technically OOP from Tre himself, you can still get them elsewhere (my guess would be that they bought the moulds from Tre).
  10. He has allowed regular purchases to be sent along with Kickstarter rewards before. I'm assuming that's when it hasn't raised the shipping cost. If it does cost more in shipping he might let you off with the difference in shipping.
  11. Some people get a kick out of watching certain sports*. I get a kick out of watching the last minutes of a Kickstarter (yes, all puns intended)! (*granted, so do I, Go Pats!)
  12. Upped for the Craven too, of course (and switched to Vanguard). Warband (185) + Jotunn (18) + craven (35) = 238 Vanguard (135) + 2 Jotunn (36) + Hero (8) + Captain (8) + 2 riders (40) = 227 Still a good discount, yet still more money towards the now "imaginary" Craven unlock level.
  13. One of US Everything! + 1 extra Jotunn. With the Captain added and the new pledge level I'm sitting at $203 vs. the single rank + add-ons (still one of everything + 1 Jotunn) at $207. So a $4 discount, so to speak. That discount will surely go towards extra shipping, though. And any discount is greatly appreciated at this time as the dollar conversion rate is NOT in my favour - even though a discount in my situation (getting one of everything no matter what) isn't an incentive to pledge for more. Still hoping for the Craven!
  14. I'll be backing this for sure (good thing it doesn't end until some time in April! ). I luuuuuurve maps and the combination of overall maps and battlemaps is really great for the interactive gaming table I've made: More pictures here if anyone is interested (including some build pictures and tips): http://gentlegiantdk.deviantart.com/gallery/51227027/Gaming-Table
  15. Oh I'm counting on extra shipping, but my friend, who's getting the Jotunn, will pitch in for any extra shipping too. If Tre were to throw in the Hordesman Leader above (which I would love!) I think pretty much everyone would have to pledge for it to cover the costs. But he'd at least have a guaranteed $8 extra from me.
  16. One of everything currently funded + berserkers + 1 extra Jotunn. Switched down to Rank x 1 from Vanguard (but I'll switch back if we get to $27k and the Craven). That leaves me at $199. I think I got that right. Rank pledge (EU), Chosen - $45 Helsmaidens - $35 Hordesman Hero - $8 Jotunn x 2 - $36 Helsrider Champion - $20 Helsmaiden Champion - $20 Berserkers - $35
  17. Hmm, I just looked through the thread I made on another board. What happened to this guy? Or is he supposed to be the leader in the Command set (along with a musician and standard bearer)? Edit: Tre answered in the KS comments.
  18. I need more friends like you... Oh, he's paying for it himself! We just figured it would be easier (and cheaper) with shipping, and one less order for Tre, to put it in with my pledge.
  19. Just did a major picture update on another forum (which most of the people who frequent it won't see until tomorrow my time). I hope that'll draw some people in, although I know quite a few of them pledged for Blood Rage and some are gearing up for Raging Heroes. I still need to recalculate my pledge, but I'm getting one of everything + an extra Jotunn for a friend.
  20. No no, I got the reference. I just wanted to make sure people had access to the pictures, even if they don't have a Facebook account.
  21. Well, if there's pictures on Facebook it must be true! :p I don't know if these are the same pictures ub3r has shared before, but here are direct picture links to the pictures from Facebook (so you shouldn't need a Facebook account to view them (note: these should be the finished PVC casts, not resin)):
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