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  1. I'm in for the game and the 5th player add-on. Well, I should say we are in, as most of my regular gaming group said that they'd pay equal shares after I showed them the miniatures. I'm hoping the game will be fun, but I would have pledged just for the minis either way. The "regular" minis are cool (can you say Ulfen characters in Pathfinder?), but it was the monsters (especially the giants and the trolls) that really sold me (and my group) on it. The shamans are, mostly, very evocative too. Great for e.g. villains in RPG games or even druid PCs. EDIT: Before I read back through the last 37 pages, I thought I'd just ask instead. I sounds like the miniatures will be a type of PVC, like more regular playing pieces or even Bones. Has CoolMini used this in some of their previous games and does anyone have any experience with them if so? Are the minis from those games as detailed as these?
  2. All books should be shipped, according to the email I just received from Figone.
  3. I received my book last week (it being Monday over here in Europe already). A few small indentations on the front cover (which you have to angle it just right for the light to catch them to really see them). I've ordered from Jérémie/Figone before and haven't had any issues with packaging those other times. I think this simply had more to do with sheer volume of packages going out than not wanting to package things properly. It still sucks for those who have received damaged books/minis, though! By reading through this thread I've also discovered that I need to email Cursed Monkeys to sign up for the second edition/reprint of their modelling book, which I had no idea existed. I also got Angel Giraldez' book (which I'm not disappointed in, I think I was expecting pretty much what was in it, so two wholly different books). Now all I have to do is get my head back in order, so I can actually concentrate on reading the damn things.
  4. We're currently about 111 backers below the average total backers for the last 4 RBG Kickstarters. I haven't gone into each one to see how many each had at this specific time in the KS, but that's still seems quite low.
  5. It's always difficult to time Kickstarters in a niche market where you risk going up against other Kickstarters, in one way or another, for a "smallish" group of people's money. This one hit the fulfilment of Reaper's own Bones II and is seeing heavy competition in some ways from Blood Rage. And Raging Heroes are gearing up for the launch of another huge KS in less than two weeks (which some might be saving money for). I'm still hopeful for a last wave influx of backers and upped pledges, though. Yes, it's unlikely we'll get to $30k for a full "regular" Vanguard pledge, but it's not impossible! I'll be getting one of everything, so the more that gets unlocked the more I can contribute towards that happening.
  6. Yeah, between the Berserkers, Tre finishing the mounted champion (which will count as a themed set) and probably an extra Jotunn, I'm not worried about getting a full Vanguard pledge worth of minis. Heck, if Tre is really in the zone we might even see some Craven, if those are up next on the list of what people want. No pressure, Tre.
  7. Loose inside the box there should be an inventory printed on reciept paper which has the name of the picker on the bottom. Didn't get one of those. Maybe the customs office took it out and didn't put it back again.I didn't get one either. I was checking against the pledge manager and KS pictures. Didn't think about a packing list until much later. I just printed the spreadsheet I made when drawing up our pledge. Everything checked out as being there. Been able to go through some of the boxes and bags. Tally so far: 2 extra minis in the core set and 1 extra slime in the gelatinous cube bag on the plus side. 1 small base missing (so, 49 out of 50 small bases).
  8. Loose inside the box there should be an inventory printed on reciept paper which has the name of the picker on the bottom. Didn't get one of those. Maybe the customs office took it out and didn't put it back again.
  9. I haz Bones! My (our) package was too large to fit into the package station, so I had to pick it up at the post office instead. They had placed it on a roller board, so the girls there didn't have to lift it. I've included some pics, two of the package itself and one of almost all of the content (one of my friends had taken his share, so the picture is missing 1 core set, 1 Narthrax, 1 Oh (Aww?) Rats, 1 Blightfang, 1 Cinder and both paint sets). Now I just have to see when I can get the time to go through everything to see if each package is missing anything. Everything we pledged for is there, though! Oh, question: Where do people see who picked their orders? The box itself only contained the signed Thank You note. It might be on one of the printed stickers on the box itself, but those are mostly covered by other stickers put there by the customs office or the postal service.
  10. Got the duties and VAT letter today. Paid it online and the package should be delivered the next working day (so I'm guessing Monday), so what TheHetman says above for the UK is true for Denmark also. Got a working tracking number too (although it's kind of moot, since it'll be delivered very shortly, but it actually shows information back to the US). $433 in total for duties, VAT and handling fee... Talked briefly to my friend who has received his already. He didn't find any missing parts, although he did say something about a few miscasts (missing fingers and such small detail).
  11. Hmm, somebody dropped their pledge. It's now below 18K again.
  12. My order is still listed as "02/28/2015 9:28 A.M. Package arrived at foreign customs office" on the UPS tracker, the UPS tracking number doesn't give any results on my postal service's tracking page and I haven't received any customs papers demanding I pay an unreasonable amount of money to get the package released yet. Gimme my Bones! ROW Wave 1 (Denmark - incidentally one of my friends has received his package and, according to a Danish painting forum, several other Danes have received theirs too).
  13. I'm at the current maximum pledge for everything that's available (Vanguard (which covers Chosen, Helsmaidens, Berserkers and Helrider Champion) + Jotunn + Hordesmen Hero). So I need to see what comes next to be able to adjust my pledge upwards again.
  14. Since the limit on when import VAT is added is much lower, then that's the deciding factor for when a package is pulled for inspection. Some may go through, of course, but larger packages are usually inspected/checked. All of this applies to anything outside the EU, of course. So it wouldn't be a problem if Reaper had a distribution centre within the EU.
  15. Doesn't quite work for everyone. To avoid the customs fee/duty I/we would have to split our order into 6 parts as duty sets in at $173. Every package that would get intercepted would then incur a $25 handling fee + VAT (25%). So with the risk of paying several handling fees it's not worth it to avoid paying about 4.4% customs fee/duty on a $1125 order. VAT sets in at $12, so no amount of splitting packages would help avoid that. Plus probably extra shipping for all of those packages.
  16. When it comes to pinning I find that the largest problem is having enough material to drill into. Pinning e.g. a hand to a wrist requires quite a bit of delicacy as there's not material in the hand to drill into.
  17. Wohoo! Great job guys n' gals! Go celebrate and be merry! :bday:
  18. You used the delivery confirmation number (same as the one used on the UPS site) to track it through the postal service, right? Nope, that still doesn't work. It's gotten a brand new tracking no. I have an app from Posten Norge that knows who I am and it updates when they have parcels on the way for me. Only reason I know at this point. EDIT Craziest thing, it spent exactly 5 hours in customs. 5 hours!? Oh, cool, I'll have to see if we have a personalized postal app too. EDIT: Well, I already have our postal app installed. It's not an app that I have to log into or register in, as it seems like the Norwegian one is. I have received a text message from time to time when I've received a package from e.g. Amazon, though. Well, you CAN study in Norway for free (well, there are some minimal fees), even as a foreigner.
  19. You used the delivery confirmation number (same as the one used on the UPS site) to track it through the postal service, right?
  20. Yay, update on UPS' page. It seems to have skipped a step, though, compared to my friend's list (the arrival at the international carrier facility). "Denmark 02/24/2015 3:53 P.M. Package departed international carrier facility"
  21. WOW! Where do you live again?? My guess : Europe This is why most kickstarters are now trying to send from within Europe - to cancel out customs for the European backers. I just used a import duty calculator, and if everything is declared correctly on my packages, I'm facing the following fees : Duty : €42.54 VAT : €199 + the handling cost. I'm afraid tho, because there are 2 packages coming my way, that I'll be paying the handling cost twice + twice the rounding errors I know he lives in Europe, I was asking for more specifically Denmark. Yes, we have a 25% VAT (I dont' really mind paying duties and VAT - although if things are shipped from within the EU then I don't have to pay them, or rather, I'd have to pay the originating country's VAT. It's the $25 handling fee I'm mostly tired off, especially when I have to pay it in order to pay e.g. $4 duties on cheaper things from outside the EU).
  22. My friend got a customs letter yesterday (Thursday), so his package is ready to be delivered when he has paid fees, duties etc. (more information a couple of pages ago, if anyone is interested). That means that his package arrived at least two days ago. Mine's still listed at Bensenville, hasn't been handed over to USPS. But with the weather update Pingo posted two pages ago it's not unreasonable to expect that many international flights have been cancelled. Speaking of fees, duties etc. He has to pay $31.50 customs fee/duties, $25 handling fee (by the postal service) and $180 VAT. The package I'm expecting is 2.5 times as big as his (weight wise). I'm a bit scared as to how much that'll add up to in fees and taxes.
  23. Oh I have no doubt about that - that it actually hasn't arrived over here yet, that is. Various systems are more informative than others, though, even internationally. Here's an example of shipping information for a package I'm expecting from the UK (shipped via Royal Mail):
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