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  1. Just do a video search on Youtube for injection molding, you'll see plenty of examples of how it's done.
  2. I had to go to my cousin's 30th birthday party on Saturday, but slipped away for the last 2½ hours of the KS to watch it all end. Then it was off to the party again afterwards for more beer. This is what we ended up with in my/our pledge: More things might (will!) get added over the next weeks as people get more money and/or get more acquainted with what's available. I also wanted to put this here in case anyone wondered how the moulds for the Bones minis are made:
  3. Dragons Don't Share I: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/34842-10003-dragons-dont-share/
  4. Whoops... pledged for 2 (can't have enough terrain!).
  5. Just noticed that the outside rim of the ruins look modular too, so you could add even more pieces to it... when those pieces are made, of course. (or it could just be for the option of several configurations of the whole thing)
  6. These ruins: Edit: Argh, ninjaed with the link to my own image.
  7. Can you do that with a green you are going to make a mold from? Honest question, I had assumed you needed such a green to be solid and reasonably homogeneous all the way through. I would guess that depends on what kind of mould it would be. I'm sure the tin foil could be compressed enough to do pressure/vulcanization moulds. The alternative is to do a silicone mould and make a resin prototype from that. You could then do a vulcanization mould from the resin prototype. Wasn't Kaly a digital "green?" That would explain why it would be easier to enlarge her.
  8. Damn I think it's going slowly... I would have thought that both the Expansion set #3 and Khanjira would have resulted in much more money coming in. It seems a long way to $2,850,000... and then there's the ruins set too. It's as if people are waiting for Expansion #3 to unlock before they pledge for it. Yes... yes, my faith is wavering. As for Khanjira in green stuff (or whatever other clay it's been sculpted in). What many do is to bulk it out with something else (e.g. tightly crushed tin foil) around the armature. That way it's not solid green stuff, just the outer "shell."
  9. If you want to do a smaller base, try a google search on "LED throwie" - it's basically just an LED bulb attached to a lithium battery. Much smaller "footprint."
  10. I wonder if they'll do an Endship Door too...?
  11. It's the sticky wall of... TRAPS!
  12. Well, someone wanted IMEF marines... get pledging!
  13. One of my fellow pledgers couldn't resist Expansion set #2 either, so another $50 added to our pledge!
  14. Dual monitors... It's just too time consuming to sit and follow the main KS comments (I follow the latest update comments, but I can do other things too at the same time). No no, the correct answer is: "I guess I'll have to get both!"
  15. Basilisks are medium sized (D&D/Pathfinder) while Dracolisks are large. I'm guessing these minis will correspond roughly to that.
  16. onyx, you seriously rock! That's some truly great and impressive work!
  17. Not necessarily. He might be inspired by him, but there are many differences between the two (the axes are very different, Gath wore more armor and carried more weapons, the helmets are different). He's a fairly standard horned-helmet barbarian.
  18. Vikings didn't have horns on their helmets! *Does a Grumpy Scandinavian Sulking pose*
  19. The helmet looks to be a "skull and horns on top of a full face metal"-style helmet Something akin to this:
  20. I'm sorry I got a bit defensive above. I just don't like being accused of being something which I absolutely loathe. I'll bring some Danish gingerbread Christmas cookies.
  21. And no one here has used it, so...?
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