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  1. Bryan! PUSH. THAT. BUTTON! No wait! Not THAT ONE!
  2. Don't discount the "Remind Me" surge coming in at... is it 48 hours before it closes? I also think the "one of each" total is larger than last time, given the Extension sets + all the stuff that hasn't been revealed yet. I think we'll clear the first one no problem. After that, though, it's anyones guess.
  3. Screenshot of the dragon and ruins: Edit: Argh, ninjaed again.
  4. Just* upped my pledge (well, our really, as it's a group pledge) 75% as another friend wanted in on the deal. * Just = about an hour ago
  5. That's not really useful to me then, I have no need for only modern/sci-fi terrain. I'm not entirely sure they'll reach Expansion Set #4 (which could be fantasy terrain... or something else entirely).
  6. Sgt Forscale reporting for duty, Sir! Argh Ninjaed. How can you ninja a ninjagoat???
  7. They could just be primed (black or dark grey), then they would take craft paint just fine (and you might even have the deep shadows colour from the primer).
  8. As in, they're definitely in there or they are definitely out?
  9. The ruins set? Tiamat fighting the Tarrasque (or a King Kong giant ape) in a classic Godzilla vs. Giantmonsteroftheweek building destroying battle scene. Ohhh. I didn't know it had been confirmed. See if you can use your wiles to trick one of them into revealing if Kaladrax is. I'm super curious if my guess is right, and they seem to be immune to my charms. If you look at the two angles you can get from http://www.bones.kgdcraftermath.com/ it's quite clear it's a digital sculpt. It has that classic "plasticy" 3D sculpt look.
  10. You can easily prime in white, you just need the right primer. Army Painter primers seem to work the best on Bones. Acrylic aerosol primers should work too. If you have access to an airbrush Vallejo Acrylic-Polyurethane Primers work great too (you can also brush them on if you desire).
  11. This thread lists some aerosol primers which will work and some to avoid. Besides that I can recommend Vallejo Acrylic-Polyurethane Primer, which can be brushed on or used in an airbrush. Some people have used liquid Gesso too.
  12. I prefer to prime for several reasons: Especially with Bones miniatures it makes it easer to see any mould lines I've missed. When you spray on a primer you can usually get a thinner coat than with a brush on primer (or a thick (to avoid any pooling) brush on base coat). You can actually use an aerosol primer, just use those which don't stay tacky (Army Painter primers seem to work the best of the aerosol primers) - I use an airbrush, though. I prefer to use thinned paints, so a primed miniature is a must. You can use priming to accomplish several effects, e.g. zenithal highlighting. Paint will bond better to a primed miniature than bare Bones (I primarily use Vallejo paints and a few GW paints).
  13. Bolded my opinion. I mean, cavalry was sidelined out of the first, and look who just showed up today in CE2 Indeed they were. But it seems like those are existing sculpts which they'll port over to Bones. I'm talking about all the "exciting" and "awesome" new sculpts they keep teasing us with.
  14. Just a few random thoughts. Several people (Reaper peeps and artists/sculptors) have teased about all the awesome new sculpts still hidden in unrevealed stretch goals. What will happen to these sculpts if they aren't reached/revealed? Will they be done in metal? Will they be secreted away until Bones III: The Bones Ultimatum? And the rest of my thoughts disappeared... maybe they'll come back to me.
  15. Well, technically it's a kind of vampire (from Southeast Asia), which doesn't normally fall into the fae category. ;-)
  16. In the upcoming Pathfinder Bestiary 4 they'll have Kaiju (i.e. creatures like the ones appearing in Pacific Rim) which will be larger than the Tarrasque AND even tougher (higher Challenge Rating).
  17. Heck, I'm just glad to see they will be U.S. customary 1 inch bases rather than metric 25mm. I'm more a fan of 1" 1.5" and 2" bases than 25mm 40mm and 50mm bases. Not exactly a huge difference. 1 inch = 25.4mm, 1.5 inches = 38.1mm, 2 inches = 50.8mm
  18. It has certainly jumped a fair amount here after the calculator has come out. Keep in mind it's night time in most of Europe, so a lot of European backers won't see the calculator until tomorrow where we'll probably get a large spike too.
  19. I made a quick Kraken vs. Goroloth mock-up based on two pictures I found (and sized them according to the bases found in them, there's a standard GW mini hiding behind the Goroloth). The perspective might skew the sizing a bit. If anyone has both minis they might be able to confirm whether the size comparison is about right.
  20. If humidity is your biggest fear then an airbrush is your best friend. If you don't have one yourself then try asking around. Since you live in Houston it shouldn't be a problem finding someone who's willing to help you out with varnishing your models using an airbrush.
  21. For those wondering whether the expansion set will be broken up like parts of the core set: Creator Reaper Miniatures about 2 hours ago Bane172: No, the core expansion is an add-on unto itself and we are not going to break it up into it's components. Sorry.
  22. With the slowing of added stretch goals and so many of them now going into the paid "core set expansion #1" it looks like the core set is going to be way less plastic delivered per dollar compared to the original KS. I suppose that's inevitable since Reaper learned a lot of lessons in round one as evidenced in the quote above, and I'm happy that they'll likely do much better for themselves this time, but it's still a bit disappointing nonetheless. There's 21 days left yet... and we're already at the point where Bones I was 3 days before it ended. There's going to be plenty of minis added to the Core Set yet. Another thing to take into consideration is that several larger minis have been added to the Core Set this time. That'll skew the price per figure.
  23. It hasn't been removed entirely, just put further down the line of stretch goals I would love some more giants too. They still have some giants in their metal line which hasn't been converted yet (frost giants I think). But new giant sculpts would be VERY welcome, just because they are so damn cool. .
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