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  1. Wait - people have been *eating* the peeps?
  2. Have at it. I'm already nekkid on Google Earth.
  3. That's about when I need to do The Ancient One's semi-monthly B12 shot. I put it through the port on her daily Lactated Ringer's infusion, so she doesn't really notice.
  4. Slander. The guy only ordered water the entire night. He also kept sharing a fish sandwich with a surprising number of people.
  5. SWMBO and I refer to being buried in cats as being "aloofed". They want to be where you are, especially youngsters. This worked for me:
  6. How much are we talking? The most C-4 I've loaded into a vehicle was 3 separate 1750 lb. (794 kg.) charges hooked up to some significantly smaller rockets that would tow them into position and were somehow not provided by the ACME corporation. Explosions that big don't really make a noise so much as pick you up and slap you upside the noggin, followed by what seems like 5 minutes of falling debris.
  7. Stolen socks. But only one of any given pair. Gremlins have standards.
  8. I normally encounter the Coasties passing through at about 150 kts. This is not considered a civil velocity for serving cookies, in an FAA/DHS involvement sort of way.
  9. Bandages. Nuns were traditionally nurses before it became a modern profession.
  10. What'll happen is that you'll decide that he should have been printed at 85%.
  11. My experience of deer is that they will nibble on the skulls for calcium.
  12. I'm just going to leave this here because I have absolutely no interest in taking it with me.
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