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  1. I did some poking around. The material you've got is porcelain, but is normally referred to as "ceramic bisque". YouTube has some videos. Blogosphere style miniature painting articles are nonexistent, possibly because the google algorithm hates me, possibly because it really seems to be a granny thing (y'know, like fostering kittens). There appears to be something called "Bisque Primer" that brushes on. It seems to cost about the same as a rattle can. After that the techniques look pretty similar to what you're used to, but with bigger brushes because most little old ladies are not stanky Canadian goblins that use a size 0 brush for everything (presumably because that's as high as goblins can count).
  2. That appears to be unglazed porcelain, which tends to be really porous. It *drinks* paint. If you're painting multiples of this then I'd buy some Delta Ceramcoat craft paint for block painting the big areas. At a minimum a dark red, a dark green, and a titanium white to go under anywhere that you're going to use Reaper paints to pick out details. You'll also want some bigger brushes because that robe will take forever otherwise.
  3. The US actually has a recipe that we refer to as Dutch Apple Pie. It probably originated with German settlers because we can't tell the difference between Dutch and Deutsch. It uses a crumbly topping that resembles streusel:
  4. My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
  5. They might might use some of it to hire bards. Downtime in their company is a bit dull because, well, dead men tell no tales.
  6. I took a year off mute for tax reasons. Sign language is effectively useless. It only works inside dedicated insular communities. Outside of those communities, you pretty much have to use text. This is a whole lot easier and more socially acceptable than when signing came about.
  7. Goofy just sort of politely ignores Pluto and his lifestyle choice.
  8. I've been doing this for a couple of years for our Toothless Tigress. It's daily at this point. I normally just lay her on her side in my lap on the floor, pull up the skin of her scruff to form a triangular pocket, and stab into that. It does take some practice to keep from punching through one of the sides. I'll often err on the side of caution and not stick the needle in all the way. You'll get a feel for where the needle is after a while. Giving treats afterwards has generally improved her attitude about being grabbed for the next session.
  9. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0076902/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFXZG4uFrL0 The unholy union between drilling equipment and Space Battleship Yamato is the noble ship Gohten, a prop that was expensive enough to make several appearances, like Commando Cody's flying suit.
  10. I haven't had a bunny since I was a teenager, but I do a lot of medicating of cats. The Little Wildcat does not do well with the purrito, which was a problem when I had to give her eye meds a few months back. I wrapped myself around her from behind so that she could really only back into my knees. This bears an uncomfortable resemblance to jumping on a hand grenade, but I still have all the parts I started with. If the meds won't mix in water, you could try vegetable oil. Meds for immediate consumption only have to be edible, not sterile. Syrup would probably be a bit of shock on the system for a little critter. There's something to be said for efficient ruthlessness. We have a large deworming tablet that I give to the kittens via the "scruff and stuff" method. Scruff the little monster, jam the pill as far down as it will go, and release. Done right, it takes seconds and the poor beastie just goes about their business like nothing happened. Bunny teeth are more dangerous than cat teeth, so keep that in mind. Most meds are available in different , more costly formulations that may be easier to apply. Our elderly cat usually gets her antibiotics in a shot because she fights oral meds like a toothless wounded demon. We also have a compounding pharmacy in the area for when the off the shelf drugs aren't eye-wateringly expensive enough.
  11. I believe that it would be appropriate to use the mascot of our age.
  12. Get an oven thermometer. A lot of ovens aren't particularly well calibrated, and Sculpey bakes on the low end of the scale. There might be some burnt goo in a cheap oven somewhere in my past.
  13. My T-shirts tend to be disposable. Because reasons:
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