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  1. @Kuroneko I was under the impression that Highland Tigers were more of an outdoor sort of critter...
  2. Huh. My calculation was that you'd miss by 500 miles and then miss by 500 more.
  3. I am Not Allowed(TM) to link to places that sell stuff, but anywhere that carries Bandai models should have Gundam Markers, including the online usual suspects. They're just really fine point alcohol pens, but considerably smaller than Sharpie's "ultra fine point".
  4. I am disappointed in your advocacy for wanton destruction. A dot of JBWeld to the trigger mechanism should render said ordnance inert while giving the appearance of being active so that it isn't replaced.
  5. I've faced Philadelphia sober. This is an entirely different proposition from facing a sober Philadelphia.
  6. Apparently, some skinny knife-eared fop that bled out from a nicked femoral artery.
  7. @Erifnogard - please do not send your gators to Australia. The Irwins are already hip deep in small helpless animals.
  8. Sometimes I pickle onions, which involves cutting up several pounds at one go. This can involve precautions: Also, wear medical gloves when dicing hot peppers. Just trust me on this one.
  9. Hopefully they're not like penguins: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn26967-penguins-sense-of-taste-hobbled-by-their-icy-habitat/
  10. Discounting dissolving, air loss, and mechanical spring from the dough, they'd lose half their volume every 10 meters or so. At 30 meters they'd be at 1/8 of their volume, so effectively flat. Try baked meringue, it's more rigid.
  11. This is the rear personnel door for the AAVP7. Marines that didn't know a lot of physics would get really nervous about the idea of passengers opening it during amphibious operations because the water line is somewhere around the big triangles on the sides just above the propulsion units. I didn't care because a pressure differential of 1 psi would hold the thing closed with about the weight of a small draft horse, and push itself closed with similar force if Mongo manages to pop it out a few inches. Sea water adds roughly 1.5 psi per meter. Or, as I used to tell the occasional guy that would bring it up - if he can open that door, I can't stop him. Shooting him's just gonna make him mad. Although a cistern door designed by anyone but goblins should open *inward*, if for no other reason than one that opens outward is pretty much only held on by the bolt and the hinges, versus resting in the frame. One at the bottom of a 20 meter tank is holding back something like 300 pounds for every 10 square inches. If it's 30" x 60" (fairly small) that's 27 tons, or about the weight of the aforementioned amphibious armored vehicle. There's a reason that doors like that are made of steel and set in a very wide frame.
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