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  1. When I lived alone I complained about my roommate all the time.
  2. Crows are smart. I doubt he expected it to be his size.
  3. @TGP @Kuroneko Caramel heats pretty evenly, and starts to caramelize around 340 F/171 C, or about twice the temperature that it takes to cook meat. I'd go with wet hands: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leidenfrost_effect
  4. English is literally spoken on every continent. You're pronouncing it right somewhere. Or you're Sir David Attenborough and nobody's willing to call you on it.
  5. I had CHP knock on the door about a car that had been sold at least twice since I'd traded it in and the dealer had charged me to transfer title. Seems that they don't keep up with that stuff when the vehicle enters the cash sale market.
  6. I don't think I'll step on Her Majesty's toes.
  7. I thought the preferred method for getting rid of a spectre was a tuxedo-clad British agent.
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