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  1. The only proper reply is as follows: Space Marine. Space Marine. Space Marine. That is all. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2013/02/trademark-bully-thwarted-spots-space-marine-back-online
  2. I can tell you *why* it's sticky, if that helps much (probably not). Bones are PVC. The same stuff as polymer clay, which has the exact same issue. Toluene, the solvent that makes spray paint work, has the same effect on PVC that it does on brain cells and has no qualms about squirming its little methylbenzene way through the microscopic gaps in several layers of acrylic paint to cuddle. PVA-based brush on sealer seems to fix the problem. TLDR: If you spray Bones, use an airbrush. If you forget this, Ceramcoat matte sealer may help.
  3. The shape of marshmallows is only limited by whatever food-safe molds you've got (less so if you don't like the intended consumer very much). Their flavor is only limited by whatever extracts you have on hand, vanilla being traditional, not mandatory. If you wanna make Pumpkin Spice marshmallows in a Halloween themed silicone ice mold that's your business.
  4. I knew a Belgian Malinois K-9. His Navy handler was very apologetic when the beast tried to eat my gym shoes. I might have been friendlier to her about it if I hadn't been wearing them at the time.
  5. New England? Oh dear me, no. I mean, I suppose it's *nice* if you're into that sort of thing, but Henri should really come to California. Our surfers will flock to give him a proper greeting like the storm gods of old. The Navy and Marine Corps will give him an aerial escort as harbingers of his passage all the way to Nevada. He can even drop terrifyingly expensive mansions straight into the ocean off of Malibu to the delight of the masses. Most Californians have never seen lightning, and cower appropriately from thunder. And unlike those stodgy Easterners, we aren't a non-smoking disast
  6. We use the telly, but we have Deerfield Beach, Sapsucker Woods, and Allen Birdcam in regular rotation. The latter is in South Africa and makes a pretty good nightlight for the kitten room.
  7. It's simply a matter of finding the proper bait.
  8. That choice has long since been made for me:
  9. The Rest of Vecna: The Arch-Lich Vecna's looted carcass, stripped of all useful parts and presumably up on blocks. Not good for anything, but anyone currently inhabited by one of Vecna's working bits will desire it for sentimental reasons.
  10. Groucho would like you to know that he's had a lovely evening.
  11. Often, the most traumatic moment in one's military career is the sudden, horrifying realization that you *are* the adult supervision.
  12. They aren't available as a set, but they're all Bones minis: Skeletal Archer - SKU77018 (3-pack) Orc Marauder - SKU77042 (out of stock) He has several buddies wearing the same armor (Orc Stalker, Orc Berserker, Orc Hunter) Mangu Timur - SKU77148 (out of stock) Tricksy. There are several evil knight types in the Bones line, but nothing exact like with a minion type. The Figure Finder might help: https://www.reapermini.com/search/figurefinder+plastic+human+plate/latest/page2
  13. I've looked at clowns from both sides now, from up and down, but still, somehow, it's clowns' illusions I recall. I really don't know clowns at all.
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