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  1. Sometimes I feel that a miniature or monster manual entry is unnecessarily strange. Feelings are nonsense.
  2. I think that you answered your own question. A very typical rookie maneuver for people in high clearance vehicles whose off-road experience consists of backing into a flower bed is to attempt to cross flooded roadways. They do not realize that water at knee height is genuinely terrifying when it is desperately trying to get back home. Once the truck starts to flow down stream it loses the mighty coefficient of static friction and will keep moving until stopped by an outside force. Once it does stop it probably won't float off on the surface when the floodwaters recede. After the void-containing polymer bits are burned off it won't float at all. Less dramatically, if it were parked in the wrong spot during a flood it could float off and simply be recorded as missing/stolen, with no real police search because they typically (and justifiably) only look for vehicles off road if they expect to find bodies in them.
  3. My experience with military rocketry was that we only disassembled them the once.
  4. The Little Wildcat demonstrating the grace and menace of her species:
  5. This might help your search: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anelli I only know this because we had a pastafarian litter of kittens. I usually addressed Anellini as "Spaghetti-Os".
  6. "Oh my God, what is that thing?" *Wilhelm scream* *cuts mike*
  7. We lost Bittykins in October of 2020. She sat in my lap for breakfast most days that I was home for about 10 years. I couldn't sit in her spot on the couch for months. It just felt...empty. Like something essential had been left behind. I ended up avoiding the living room altogether after a while. Then we ended up with a runt that needed individual attention. In this case it mostly meant that in addition to assorted really fiddly meds (they don't formulate them in kitten doses) I needed to hand feed her genuinely disturbing quantities of baked chicken and let her sleep it off in my lap. The house is decidedly finite, so the living room it was. I'm not sure that I would have gone back there on my own - I needed a reason to be there.
  8. Millipedes are non-venomous vegetarians. They do, however, have a habit of protecting themselves from predation by excreting cyanide from their leg segments (with varying success). Poisonous is correct, or in internet vernacular "forbidden cronchy".
  9. Barry wasn't gaining any weight, so I threw a sweater on him. It seems to have worked. This batch of kittens seems to have some not entirely unjustified concerns regarding the edibility of kibble. So I've been meeting them halfway with a chicken and rice concoction to bulk out their feed without having to invest in my own can recycling facility. Experiments in ethically sourced toupees have reached their predictable conclusion: Nope.
  10. If the name makes you uncomfortable you could always call him the Gourd Emperor.
  11. I realized this morning as I was hand-feeding salmon to a cat in pink jammies that we might be crazy cat people. I am of course kidding - we watched crazy disappear over the sternward horizon quite some time ago. Spoilered for 18-year-old girl in just a pajama top.
  12. The only proper reply is as follows: Space Marine. Space Marine. Space Marine. That is all. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2013/02/trademark-bully-thwarted-spots-space-marine-back-online
  13. I can tell you *why* it's sticky, if that helps much (probably not). Bones are PVC. The same stuff as polymer clay, which has the exact same issue. Toluene, the solvent that makes spray paint work, has the same effect on PVC that it does on brain cells and has no qualms about squirming its little methylbenzene way through the microscopic gaps in several layers of acrylic paint to cuddle. PVA-based brush on sealer seems to fix the problem. TLDR: If you spray Bones, use an airbrush. If you forget this, Ceramcoat matte sealer may help.
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