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  1. I would love to see a removable mid section on the pirate boat. this would allow for it to be played as a 3 mast and a smaller two mast. Or break apart in disaster when fighting a giant sea monster!
  2. i wanted to mention that i have had much much better luck removing flashing and mould lines with a medical grade scalpel than i ever had with hobby blades. i have used a blade size 20 (smallish rounded end) and am going to track down a blade size 15 and give it a go. it's an even smaller rounded in blade that i hope will get into every nook and cranny. the sharpness and verity of style available in medical blades is amazing. and it feels like even my disposable blade will have a nice life span to it cutting such a soft material.
  3. i'm guessing it is intentional. i have Cthulhu and with a head that complex i'm guessing they went with a softer mix to make it possible to cast. personally i like it. his tenticals are great at holding miniatures for devouring. also his head stays in place well enough that when my player's fight it i will just place the head on the water and say it's a monstrous squid. then if it takes damage it will rise up and i will put it's head on it's body. also i intend to paint it mostly with an pair brus so hopefully it will not be too weak against my brush. i tried boiling the Wyrm gear's wings. i was not able to make it work.
  4. Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Red Dragon x1 Frost Wyrm x1 Clockwork Dragon x1 Swamp Things x2 Deep Dwellers x1 C'thulhu x1 vampire x1 USA
  5. talking to detractors kickstarter exposes the messy complicated side of making things happen. By offering good deals some projects have attracted poor customers. you are disappointed there is a delay, thats understandable, it's also understandable for a kick starter project to suffer delays. stop searching for other reasons to justify your disappointment. go back to exclusively shopping on online discount retailers.
  6. GAHHH i want my bones sooo bad! why did i order cthulhu i dont even like cthulhu Gahh! :)
  7. i really hope to see a standard base shape like the warlord and chronoscope bones for the whole line moving forward.
  8. yes i meant the right word not the wrong one. look at the bottum of most every cup, bowl or plate in existence. it has a raised rim around it's bottum. this rim is called a foot consider if the base of this bowl was flat. if you placed the flat bottomed bowl on an irregular surface it would wobble. the foot prevents that from happening. Also consider if the flat bottum was imperfect in some way, even if placed of a perfectly flat surface the irregularities of the bowl would cause it to wobble. this is very important with miniatures because we love irregular terrain and our objects are top heavy. it is important in ceramics because it's way easier to make a level foot that a surface.
  9. most of my bones have been wobbly and a few of my freinds bones, store-bought packaged. the weight and rigidity or metal minis means you can get away with less of a "foot" on an interregnal base. but i would love to see a standard base shape and size from reaper on new models and it would be fantastic if they were also functional as inserts for traditional bases. even some board game miniatures are using feet these days. it greatly enhances stability and can be stronger structurally.
  10. yeah but those have all been metal models. they dont exactly need a foot for support.
  11. i love bones! but the bases are quite wobbly even after a boiling bath to make things right again. and if the goal of the integral base is to make something playable out of the package i think this should be adressed in future bones designs. Then i noticed bones miniatures are lacking a feature in almost everything we set on a table. a "foot" is a raised rim at the base of an object, your cups, plates, soda cans and most other objects have feet of one variety or another. So is there anyway we can get a foot on newer bones designs? i would also love a more standard looking base on all the models. a 23MM circle works great as an insert for 25 mm or 30 mm lipped bases.
  12. people need to call in sick more often and bosses need to understand to send people home who do not call in sick. it feels like we are slowly reverting to the dark ages again. well that was a tangent Bones! i'm so excited and waiting patiently, well not that patiently. ok i want them really bad and asap!
  13. I am thinking about doing a test stream of me painting all the decent miniatures as a warm up for the vampire marathon mostly because i'm bored and i really want to paint those minis. would it be ok to post a link to that when i start it?
  14. i said the turn around was poor on my report but maybe it did not get through. it was super cheap so I dont expect the best survice.
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