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  1. Bonwirn's Box received! It had a lot of cool stuff in it! My "take" pile is bigger than the "put back" pile! Choices! Now to whittle it down a bit... but I have until at least January before the next box goes out, so I have time.
  2. Last couple of days for this one! The travel case for $35 is well worth the cost!
  3. @jsalyers sure, take it to ReaperCon... Of course, It better contain some swag from ReaperCon when it arrives at my place... Just sayin'!
  4. Into the last week on this one folks... I needs some help to get there!
  5. I have the Frostgrave gnolls... let me see if I can get a picture of them side by side.
  6. I have been using a Badger Anthem 155 bottom fed dual action air brush for over 4 years with Apple Barrel and Ceramcoat paints. Diluted properly, there are very few clogs. I also have an Iwata, *doh* forget the model, gravity fed dual action airbrush that I use with Reaper and other "mini" paints. If you properly clean the airbrush after use, and, depending on the quantity and duration of your session, sometimes mid use, then the clogs are pretty much non-existant. However, for the first time in 4 years, I had my Badger clog up on me... come to find out, near the end of the bottle of Apple Barrel Black, there was a string of congealed paint... I didn't notice it going into the mix jar, and either didn't shake well enough or it was really "dried"... The string was sucked up into the airbrush and clogged it up. Took me over an hour to get it working again. But, this was once in four years. I base coat all my Hirst Arts terrain with this airbrush, so it has seen a lot of work.
  7. Krylon primer (NOT the paint & primer mixed together) does a good job sealing cork for me.
  8. I have alternatives for the paint racks... but the transport case and the metallic shelves are where I am putting my money. I did an A-Case kickstarter earlier this year. The A-Case is nice, the magnetized shelves work well, but the $70 case from Poland was $105 after shipping... and I can get two cases, and some shelves, plus use the pluck foam that I have for the larger pieces, and get free shipping for just over $100... that is the winning deal for me!
  9. Great company from which I have purchased a number of items. The transport bag for $35 and the magnetic shelves are a great choice! The display case in clear acrylic and the transport bag are a great deal for $100! With the purchase of four modules, the wall mount kit is free! $100 is free shipping in the US... Very nice options! They do have a referral program for existing backers, so please let them know Terry B sent you!
  10. Bonwirn's Box finally made it to the post office! Madjack should have it this week!
  11. That is Australian dollars... so approximately 0.60 USDollars to 1.00 US Dollar per piece... still, an insignificant amount to not buy it prepainted...
  12. Just received the mini and stuff from Nomad Zeke! Awesome mini useful for Rogue Stars! He also sent some Woodland Scenics realistic water, two more sci fi'ish minis, and six Anhurians from the Bones line. Thank you very much!
  13. My wife scored some old lead minis at a garage sale... Some of them are pretty cool... I might include a few that I'm not as interested in as well if folks are looking for that style.
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