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  1. I just took Aaron's airbrush classes. He uses Liquitex and DR inks through the airbrush quite a lot. Everyone in the class as well with absolutely no problems. In fact we went right back almost immediately to paint in some highlights right after we applied the inks to deepen some shadows with no problems.
  2. Do you know how they do it reliably?
  3. Looks good. I better better looking in person than the photo also. And I really wish the Clockwork Dragon's wings were spread out more!
  4. I sent you a PM with a link for a possible one to get, given we can't post links here to consumer sites.
  5. Happy birthday to the true metallic queen!
  6. Great to see the list! Thank you! I was hoping we would know which of the selection staff picked us though.
  7. I also wonder how the minis are for painting purposes. The new ones look interesting.
  8. Just turn it's color to red!
  9. Perhaps I wasn't clear in my intent, but I was not saying we should have one person do a large order and then ship out to others and trade. It's more of a community answer of "hey we have 10 people interested in this color", so let's all agree to order it around the same day so that Reaper does one run of it and perhaps saves them some effort as opposed to orders coming in apart and doing multiple runs. I'm just trying to perhaps same them some color change effort since they are willing to provide this service. Also it perhaps shows them what colors really are missed and maybe they would consider bringing back at some time, even if only as a special edition for an event.
  10. Well even if we just got a list of what colors people want. And then say, hey let's all put in an order for color XXXXX on this date so they get an order for one color together. Not necessarily rely on one person ordering and doing a re-ship. Now of course you would be getting 10 bottles, but perhaps a few painters in a local area can split the order in person. Not sure any of this would work, but just trying to perhaps take some burden off Reaper as they are going to provide this great service and stop an order for a color coming in, they do it, then another for the same comes quickly after if we can all just think ahead some and organize ourselves!
  11. I also wonder if we should perhaps have a thread somewhere where we can gather interest of what colors. And then present a combined order to Reaper. Where colors overlap they can then streamline a run for that color.
  12. So anything that the booth fan pulls out that it’s filter does not catch just goes out the back at the wall?
  13. Where do you vent the air booth?
  14. That looks very well done. I do want to do mine with all acrylic though as that is what I have and I don't want to start getting other paint types.
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