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  1. Received in Detroit yesterday also. They look incredible!
  2. Yeah, more expensive but it's nice putting the bottles in and just letting it go without any more work on my part. I can then paint or do anything else and mix. Was worth the higher cost to me.
  3. I never did either. I just want to the backer kit and the link to download was there.
  4. That's the one I have. I've got the metal cage and foam that replace that top piece and let me shake 8 bottles at once easily. Although I have to say I don't think I have ever really done more than 4. But it does a fabulous job. Got mine used off ebay.
  5. Today's update says the book is completely finished and going to printing. Those that supported it at a level that provides a PDF should be getting an email telling how to download it now. Books are being printed and they expect to have it all done in 3 months and shipping to follow.
  6. Just adjusting the angle. They are hard plastic and are not warped at all. Sounds like a tab trim and pining is the way to go, much thanks!
  7. I should have used purple on the exploding part ....
  8. Yeah, after boiling my hard plastic fence posts to straighten them I know full well do not do that to the wings. But some people worked out some magic!
  9. Wow, and my case spontaneously exploded in the back of the car on the drive back! Well, no not really. But after playing with them for a bit I don’t think I’ll ever use them. Free to a good home in the Detroit area if we can meet up.
  10. So I am going to start on my clockwork dragon. But I don’t like how his wings go straight up and are close together. I’d like them spread a bit more. I’ve seen a few painted versions here where people have done that. So what did you do to make this happen?
  11. These are cute but I’d never use them. Will save made.
  12. Just sounds like the transition could be wacky. Worse case if it looks bad I can flock over it!
  13. Feeling like it will be simpler to put in some level to the current base green stuff and then just flock over everything with some grass or gravel.
  14. By seam, do you mean the seam of the base? I assume I can overlap the broccoli base on the actual figure some for an even transition.
  15. I’ll put out a nickel and a stanky sock to summon him.
  16. I guess I’d buy a cheap air brush for this and not risk a good one on it perhaps?
  17. So I have some table top pieces painted up and they have broccoli bases. Some of the bases are small and they tip easily. So I just want to glue them to a round base and then extend the broccoli with some green stuff to fill to the edges. The dilemma is how do I get the same broccoli texture in the new green stuff to make it look right?
  18. Just in my brain! I didn't think to take one. And the paint job on it was not very far done. I just asked Ron about it and he said go look at what Proctor has in front of him, the dwarf is November. Michael handed it to me and I looked at it. A nice solid dwarf figure. I also asked Ron about something happening like this next year. He said they are talking, but nothing is set in stone yet. But not likely to be a figure every month at all.
  19. Will you offer caps of the various colors in the online store so that we can get current paints capped accurately? I know now you offer the white. But what about the black and grey?
  20. A dwarf, it was being painted on the artists table at the Con.
  21. By cluster I only meant grab a set of tables in close proximity, not actually move them.
  22. We really just need a cluster of tables and get everyone to move around and talk!
  23. I wear something that looks like mine on a weekly basis.
  24. Well I rolled in about 11pm last night. Some rain to deal with the last 6 or so hours, but not much of a down pour. Biggest hassle was getting around Indy at rush hour!
  25. Kittens taking over the Con. Tiny Cathy with my wife’s cookie as her background.
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