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  1. I'll be downstairs earlier than 5pm for those riding with me. More like 4:30. But I'll wait till 5 of course, but we can go over earlier if we are all there.
  2. They gave me the info when I checked in. Departs HGI: 8am, 8:30am, 9am, 9:30am Departs Event: 9pm, 9:30pm, 10pm
  3. Well the short answer is search ebay for: PTFE Teflon Tubing I found clear ones and got a length with a 3mm inside diameter and a 4mm inside diameter (outside diameter being 1mm larger, and I get it in 1 or 2 meter lengths, make sure you are getting clear). I just put the tube on the end of the brush until it grabs the ferrule snugly. Then I cut it off a bit past the end of the brush tip to proper length. Send me a PM if you need a link to the type I actually ordered and I can send it there as they frown on links to products in the forums.
  4. I get my brush to a point and then put it back on. I normally have my optivisor on when I do it as well. I've never bent any bristles back then being careful this way.
  5. Exactly the same here. And if the plastic tubes go missing I purchased a length of aquarium or 3d printer clear tubing with an inside diameter of 3-4 mms and I can make instant brush protectors anytime. Plus this tubing is not so brittle and actually grips the metal ferrule much better than the plastic protectors that come with the brushes. Come see me at ReaperCon and I can show you them. Edited to say I can actually show you the listing on eBay that I purchased and use. The new protectors work so well I think I am going to replace all the ones that came with the brushes.
  6. Well checked in HGI and in room. And DAMN, they had the thermostat set at 63! There were penguins in my room!
  7. Spot taken. 5pm in the lobby Wednesday. And we can talk about times for the other days as well!
  8. You were! So that leaves another spot open. So leaving the HGI lobby at about 5pm Wednesday I assume.
  9. Assume we will have the Sgt with the platypus :-)
  10. I posted a sample picture of the cookies on the Reaper Con facebook page a few days ago as a tease ....
  11. Sounds too much like work. Just enjoy the cookies!
  12. I'll be at the HGI tomorrow before going over for the Wednesday evening event. I believe I have 2 seats saved for my usual riders though?
  13. Wow, find a hotel around here on a Tuesday night sucks big time! But at least I got something, but the HGI was full. AND I forgot my forumite ribbons .... grrr. But come see Harrek for cool cookies that Mrs. Harrek baked and decorated. Even better than a ribbon.
  14. West of St Louis and hitting the road. I think I’ll actually be at the Hilton tonight.
  15. Harrek

    DIY Name tags

    PM sent. But forum name is fine.
  16. The figure is Captain Griffin - 50027. Not many deep folds as he is mostly stretched looking spandex.
  17. Good suggestions, thank you! Any pointers on the purple to shade with for the pink? And there exists a HD color called Mustard Yellow, I think I can use that then. And thoughts on a cool green? I've got about all the Reaper colors and could get whatever else I might be missing at ReaperCon next week.
  18. Well he WILL have a purple mask over the eyes and his belt will be purple. So not quite Blue, but something else at least. His reason for this color scheme is that he can look across the table and instantly know where his character is on the battle map ....
  19. I am painting up a super hero type character for a friend. His name is Captain Obvious and he's chosen some very "interesting" colors. I'm having problems coming up with what to use to highlight and shade them. The colors are Breast Cancer Awareness Pink, Canary Yellow 09409, and Dungeon Slime 09415. Any thoughts?
  20. I used it to paint my By-Tor and the Snow Dog diorama.
  21. I will have many decorated cookies from the wife to share. Even fit the theme.
  22. Well it has the spark going again. And I try and pick something out on each figure to do "better" and improve on. But not trying for that competition type level and getting frustrated. Got an OSL I want to try next, but waiting until after my OSL class. And I can always show what I have been doing to the artists at their table to get feedback.
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