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  1. I purchased the iwata quick disconnect connector off amazon. Works perfect.
  2. Any news on when we will see at least a list of the chosen submissions for the painting showcase? I realize getting all the photos together and updating the Con website will take more time. But it might be cool it see a complete list of names who won at least for now.
  3. What if you have 2 WIPs that use overlapping paints?
  4. I think the Reaper pokey tools are just T-Pins with a skull cast around it. Which is why they are not happy making many as it is a tedious process!
  5. Your wallet is happy you were not!
  6. And never mind, found the list of them on the store site. Looking forward to seeing swatches for them!
  7. Any news on the two Pirate Color sets contents?
  8. If I had the time I'd throw together a digital ribbon web application. But doubt I will before then. This would allow others to present their ribbons virtually to other members on the page. And perhaps Reaper would pass along lists to me to present their ribbons. But again, I'm not thinking I will have time to code this up before then unfortunately.
  9. I have to say that I bit the bullet and invested more in a good quality vortex shaker and have never regretted it. I can mix up to 8 bottles at once and it is solid and will run all day. Also makes doing a periodic mix of paint an easy task. Or if I have only a couple bottles to mix, I grab a handful more and cycle through them all periodically. But I have never regretted spending to get one on eBay.
  10. My paints have often spun in the vortex mixer for 10+ minutes while I was focused on something on the actual figure. I also tend to look ahead and shake 8 bottles at once. If I only need to shake a couple, I grab more and just cycle through paint I've not used in awhile and put it in as well, thus giving all my paint a decent mix periodically. I can't remotely imagine ever hurting any of the hobby paint by shaking too much! So total agreement here. And less broccoli is always a good thing ....
  11. I'm looking for some color guidance on doing chestnut brown horse hair. I do want it to be on the "redder" side. Specific request from a player in my group for his character when mounted. Reaper paints only please as that is 95% of what I have in the house. And not planning on running out for anything else currently!
  12. 5 old and 11 new ones. Not bad!
  13. More details on the new Paint Set #6? I'm interested in the list of what is in it. And then what are re-releases of previous colors (HD re-releases) and if any are new colors?
  14. That’s why I could not find them. And now why they no longer interest me ....
  15. Have the Bones 4 wraiths been put in general release yet?
  16. Much better! Now my eyes don't bleed! And very glad to seeing you post here and working to keep all the various social media sources in sync! It really was a glaring hole.
  17. Thank you for getting those orders out to the customers. I've never had a problem and have always been more than happy with the service. And @Reaper_Jon please get rid of the black background on all of the text in the posts you make! It makes it FAR more difficult to read. I assume others are seeing the same thing?
  18. Pledge manager is out for this one. Looks to be on target for delivery. Given the wonderful service I have had with them in the past, I have no reason to think it will be late.
  19. Have to agree that they are gorgeous. But oh the price for a set of dice. It's alot to ask. But people are jumping in head first it seems. I wonder if it is also a case where they become a victim of their own success! And edited to say I also like my dice sets with three d6 dice as well.
  20. I prefer REAL metallic over NMM personally. So I'm always looking for new metallics to try. I'll have to find some. Although it looks like I can only find one source in the US for them.
  21. I'm all in on this one. And I can vouch for these guys. They make fabulous product.
  22. A great company has the following kickstarter for some really nice heroic scale cat miniatures. I've purchased many figures in the past from their store and they are all wonderful sculpts and well made. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/northumbriantin/the-curious-case-of-the-cats-of-crumptown-28mm-miniatures
  23. Did you underpaint the "moss" areas with a dark green first? How did you attack the moss?
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