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  1. Make sure you look at the new RQ version. But I’d call it done as well. Great to get the classics again that take little change to make them useable in the new RQ.
  2. But better they produce them at a pace that keeps good quality than pump up production and have the product suffer. They'll get there at some point I assume.
  3. Sacrifice to the Reaper gods?
  4. I can only speak to variable speed as I just mix Reaper sized bottles in mine. Mine DOES have variable speed. But I don't recall EVER turning it down from the maximum. So I run it at 11.
  5. I'll second this. Use both and never had a problem on any figure. As well as Testers Glosscote as well. I also will prime through the airbrush (something I've started doing more frequently) with the Badger primers. I recently got a bottle of the AK Interactive varnishes to also try through the airbrush as I do larger pieces.
  6. I also want to go nuts on him with foliage, flowers, Moss, etc!
  7. I think this was meant as a jab at a much larger miniature company who regularly changes over all their figure lines and paints .... Emailed them last night on the mistake with the paints and I already have a tracking number with the replacement. Thumbs up to their support!
  8. Which is why I use a hair dryer or craft heating gun, not a construction site level item. And I agree on slow cooling. I use the cold water on larger pieces mostly.
  9. Ice water or just hold in position. In the case of the troll and owlbear, I just put them into the base to cool down. They fit perfect then and have not moved a millimeter since then. But it is safer than heat. I think heating it up slower is probably better also. Hair dryers can get quite hot. I happen to have a craft heat gun my wife uses which gets plenty warm. As I recall it was not expensive at all and again I don't have to mess with boiling water and hang out at the stove. But a friend uses a hair dryer.
  10. I've gone away from boiling as I find a heat gun (or even a hair dryer) works just as well! That's how I corrected my owlbear and troll so they fit into their bases. It was quite amazing how easily it worked. And I don't have to mess with the stove or have hot liquid sitting around that can cause problems.
  11. Not nearly enough. I think I can hear the screams of delight over here in Algonac!
  12. My 9324 says Sorcerous Mist on the label. Either way your color looks the same as mine. And matches the KS graphic. So sharpie fix is all you need! 2 to a 3 and some new text. Or just a label printer. ;-)
  13. Kinda unboxed the rest of mine. Just have the core set left to look through. But I have to say the large models go together very well! Fit is great, very little filler will be needed, and I don’t think they will need any heat other than perhaps Mossbeards main body to get it to fit together tighter with less gaps. All in all better than previous models.
  14. I’m not complaining about bonus paint. But it was reported enough by Canadian people already that this was happening. So I guess I thought while they were setting up for USA shipping they could have assigned someone to check it out. I hate seeing them have to spend money they didn’t need to in order to correct all of these. Especially the EU and Aussie bundles on the water already being too late.
  15. Mine also arrived. Only obvious problem being the paint set wrong as others have also had. Got the glow part of set B, but not the other 1/2 (being 1/2 the A set). More inventory later when I have time.
  16. Its the weekend. My packages often sit there then until moving late Sunday normally. I wanted to get one of these. Glad I didn’t given this. Having the legs removable was pretty much mandatory. I think they said the manufacturer said because of tolerances that the end user could not assemble them. Needed heat and glue. Of course they might not realize how clever people are in our hobby! And edited wondering how well a jewelers saw would do on it.
  17. How thin are the blades on either of these? I'd assume you want the thinnest blade possible so as to lose as little material as possible.
  18. I don’t think they deliver on Saturday unless you pay more for Saturday delivery. Which I’m sure Reaper just did standard.
  19. Mine are due for Michigan delivery to me on Monday. They are currently in Port Huron.
  20. A meager 11.1 pound box will arrive here on Monday.
  21. No shipping email here, but I went and checked in the pledge manager. And mine does have a tracking number with Monday arrival here in the Detroit area.
  22. I might be able to report on this soon as I have been using Testor's Dull and Gloss cote all along and will be getting some of the AK Gloss and Ultra Matte to use through the airbrush. At his point (especially on LARGER bones figures) the cost of the Testor's stuff seems much higher than simply using the airbrush stuff I have already.
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