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  1. My Bones 4 will arrive when my Bones 4 arrives. I can wait and paint.
  2. I don't see any point to a fancy set of dry brushes in a box either. Dry brushes are a dime a dozen (well a bit more than that) at any craft store. Or a simple re-use of an old worn out brush. I'm just not seeing any value here for such a large price.
  3. I’ll second Micro Mark. Mine have been great.
  4. I mentioned during the KS you could interpret the sculpt this way. I like that concept a lot. But assume it might lead to similar colors. If I had gotten it I think I would have went with the standard red vs gold dragon.
  5. I’m not going to read the KS comments ... I’m not going to read the KS comments ... I read the KS comments ... MY EYES!!!
  6. Looking good here on the 2nd effort. Skin tones are so darn hard to get blended well!
  7. Anyone had any experience with this stuff: https://m.facebook.com/officialpaintbegone/
  8. And keep in mind about 15 or so of them are going to be re-released sometime "soon". There was a list from Reaper Ron in another post about this of the specific ones. So perhaps the ones you like most are going to come back.
  9. War colours has a large range of colored metallics also.
  10. Great memories of the old figures. Some of which I still have and painted way back when. But the scale compared to what I put on the table top and paint now is just too much of a difference.
  11. This sounds like a great method to try. Just need to find a brush for this, off to Michaels I think. What warm grey? Something like Stone Grey (9086)? Keep in mind I have Reaper paints.
  12. I need to make a surface look like wood grain. There isn’t any texture done in the actual model. Any searching I do always gives examples on textured wood surfaces. So looking for any pointers on painting wood grain on a flat smooth surface. Think a trunk and I want the panels on it to look like wood panels or boards make it up.
  13. All I know is at the end of the day, I know with 100% certainty that I will have what I ordered in hand. And I'm in the camp that on a project this size with so many variables that getting an exact date where they physically start shipping is pretty much impossible (previous experience or not). I know I have not backed any KS of this sort of size that was any better on timing at least. So I'm comfortable waiting and have plenty to paint. And also learned not to rely on a KS delivery date to meet birthdays, Christmas, campaign schedule, etc.
  14. Anne also mentioned on her Patreon page (which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone) there are a few other colors she thinks are very useful. So perhaps we might see more down the line as well. I'd have to go back and watch again to see what ones she mentioned at various times though. But I also assume we need to see what the Pathfinder line contains. But I don't think that will have ANY exact old HD paints in it as it sounded like Paizo is working very carefully with Reaper for very specific colors. And they also seemed to imply it would be all new colors.
  15. Ron gave the following answer on Facebook: We haven't re-released the few HD colors into the Bones line just yet, but we are going to very soon. Those colors are: 9467 Crimson Red 9468 Brilliant Red 9469 Fireball Orange 9470 Golden Yellow 9471 Bright Turquoise 9472 Dragon Blue 9473 Gem Purple 9474 Caucasian Flesh 9475 Maiden Flesh 9476 Witchcraft Purple 9477 Solid White 9478 Solid Black 9479 Blue Flame 9480 Woodland Brown 9481 Suntan Flesh
  16. So these bottles specifically are required to work? That kinda limits it as I have many bottles already that are probably not these exactly that I want to use.
  17. I'd like to see them at least keep an up to date PDF going forward perhaps. I know I have a printed one from them that goes through the Bones paint line (not including Dungeon Dweller paints). But it will soon be very out of date with removal of the HD line, adding the Bones 4 paints, adding the new CAV paints, and the new Pathfinder paints. Not sure how much effort there is to this, it doesn't even really need to be a "camera" ready sheet. Just something to reference and we can print if we like. I know I go to my document when looking for paints first, especially since the MSP line has such a variety and are not in any logical order.
  18. There are many similar products out there.
  19. So the new Artis Opus KS is live. It can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/artis-opus/artis-opus-series-m-brush-set Be curious what people's opinions are on the "smaller" brushes they are doing here. I've always been taught go for a brush with a larger belly and a good point over something like these. Also how people like the previous ones to see if they were worth the price.
  20. I hope along with this they keep up the paint PDF as well. Or make it part of the catalog.
  21. I'll certainly treat it the same as my W&N cleaner. Very carefully. What I liked reading is that it wasn't nearly as harsh on the brush hairs and could be used more often. That appeals to me if it lets me get more life out of the brushes when maintained well and cleaned.
  22. I always get an email with the tracking info
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