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  1. Are the upcoming Pathfinder paints formulated like the Bones line? And to clarify someone who was asking elsewhere, the Dungeon Dweller paints are also formulated like Bones?
  2. From a customer stand point, I just look at it as a source for more colors from a paint manufacturer whose product I am familiar with. So a bonus for that side I think. From a marketing standpoint, I assume (given their accounting roots) that they made the decision to do this based on careful financial consideration of some sort. But I wasn't a fly on the wall for those conversations and am just guessing.
  3. Don't forget the natural goblin drool used to keep them clean ....
  4. The UK site is the trial for it and already live. You can go poke around and see it if you like. Just change your currency to GBP. But I wouldn't order anything from it unless you are in the UK. But I've not seen any official announcement on them replacing the old with the new here on the main site to date.
  5. I believe these are the same as Bones paints, just marketed differently. Their SKU range goes right in line (sequential even) with the Bones paint. Also only available as a set currently. They look and work the exact same as the Bones ones to me here on my palette. As for paint lines, they pretty much have two of them now to me. The MSP and the Bones line. They cancelled the HD line recently. I'm sure the new website will have better and clearer categories when it rolls out. The new paint lines were added while they are in the middle of working on this, so I don't expect any changes on the current site to clarify things. There are also the new Pathfinder paints they announced coming soon. But I also think they are Bones like. But with new colors and branded for Pathfinder / Paizo.\ Edit to say that the Dungeon Dwellers boxes do say "Bones Ultra Coverage" on them, so that seems to say they are exactly the same.
  6. Did you order from the UK? The W&N stuff always felt very harsh to me and I was hesitant to use it as often as I like. Sounds like this should be given a good trial! I know I have some brushes that are due for cleaning.
  7. Looking really great, can't wait to see more! What a cool way to work on a project remote from each other. I have to say I like Ian's choice very much as I just painted that exact figure for a player in my game. I did an anthro figure for each character in the party and surprised them all.
  8. Thanks for the artist reference Corporea. I'm going to keep your color reference for when I want to try them somewhere down the line when I can get them more local perhaps. I am eager to see some of these colors on a model to really know how they do look (especially someone painting with them right in a video). But I still think Kimera would be the way I go if I want to branch out to something like this.
  9. Says the person who blocked me, can’t read my responses directly, yet still responds knowing he won’t see this. Hmmm Well I can help with this. We are talking about the same posts. I didn’t respond to the other as many others were there before me handling it. There was nothing for me to add other than agreeing needlessly and adding text. In this message I was here earlier and gave a response early and first given the tone I read into the post. So yes, I treated both exactly the same in my mind by supporting those who responded first in the other message, but just happening to be the first here and responding verbally.
  10. I believe I treated both posters in the same way myself as their message was very volatile. I didn’t see respectful criticism from either. Great post here and well worded. Much different than the being who started this up. Perhaps if they had approached it as well as you did instead of creating a new account and firing a cannonball at the bridge for a first post it would have been taken in a different light.
  11. I just call them new Bones paints! They follow order in the SKU range as the Bones. But yes, all of them have proven to be great. The new metallics are much better than the old as well!
  12. Right or wrong, that does now fall into the Discontinued area now then. Not the Out Of Stock we will cast it on demand when ordered. Which does follow what they have always done.
  13. To me this is something to pick a color or two down the line when in the USA store to try out and see if you can work it into your workflow. If I want to mix, there are other newer paints that just came out of the prime colors that are more friendly in a bottle! But I still enjoy reaching for a Reaper color and using it and just mixing to come up with a transition between two shades at best.
  14. The Bones paints are very good. You'll be happy with them!
  15. Much like yourself then it seems when presented with facts from official Reaper channels. I think you are perhaps looking in the mirror on the above comment. I was merely pointing out the facts and official statements that Reaper has made so people see them, I see no arguement. You call me argumentative and obtuse yet claim to have been buying Reaper figures going far back yet show up here with a brand new account and this topic is your first post? Resembling the Bones Black free mini for February I think?
  16. Per the official Reaper response in the link you posted. this is not true. Out of Stock is not discontinued also. So make sure you have your phrasing correct. They would and still do make Out of Stock to order when you order them. I have done that many times by ordering from the online store or in person figures like this that they cast right then. They were even still warm and unable to be blister packed! As for bone yard, this was a nightmare to support on their end and why they have stopped it. If you searched here you would have found plenty of official info this as well. As for quality of service, Reaper is pretty much lauded industry wide as being at the top of customer service. Hard to say in your case as I have no idea what or how you worded your question. If anything like here I might not be surprised at an answer. And as pointed out, if the answer is a simple response, don't be surprised to get a simple response. I do see one of those orcs as available to order when I look at their website.
  17. You CAN still order older minis not in the catalog distributors get. Only discontinued or special run items are gone. Semantics or not, it is exactly as it has always been and the post you give as evidence confirms this 100%.
  18. Easy no for me on this. I just can't see changing my paint work flow to work with acrylics in tubes when I am very happy with the Reaper dropper bottle paints I have (supplemented with some specifics from other lines). I was never a canvas 2d painter and would have zero experience with these and really don't care to take on the learning curve. I would think someone like James Wappel who came from that painting discipline would get into these perhaps. But any paint budget I have will go towards the new Reaper Pathfinder paints once I get a look at what their colors look like.
  19. I like them a bunch. Gives a nice variety of takes on the standard metallic colors. Willing to let Detroit area people try them out.
  20. For a variety of interesting metallic colors beyond the norm (not odd like blue, yellow, purple, but "standard" metallic colors), Google "Darkstar Molten Metals". Some really wonderful metallic paints there that go on very smoothly. And perhaps Anne will see this and work on a Brass metallic in the Bones paint line to fill the gap.
  21. What a fabulous solution! I'll have to settle for Golden Retriever peanut butter removal though. My guess is that will work as well as a Labrador. I can see doing this for larger figures very easily as I like the holders I already use for human sized or smaller figures. But something (like that nice owl bear that arrived today) would work really well here. As well as cat proof it (the Golden never seems to knock things off if they are above tail height).
  22. And as a great example of how your thinned air brush paint should look and flow, everyone should get one bottle of the Badger Stylerez Primer. It's an excellent example of how your paint should look and flow when thinned properly. I know the whole should look like skim milk never registered with me at all (or any other example). But seeing the Badger stuff first hand really hammers home what it should look and flow like! And you have the added benefit of having an amazing primer to boot.
  23. When I attend ReaperCon I drive from the Detroit area. I enjoy road trips and driving, so it's never a problem for me. And it does allow me to bring down whatever I like and bring back whatever I purchase easily.
  24. I have to drive at least 20 mins to get anywhere besides a Subway, party store, or gas pretty much. So 15 is nothing. 30 is the norm at least.
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