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  1. I ended up visiting the local foam store. And wow, they had all kinds of options! They aren't called the Foam Factory for nothing. So I got the appropriate height (5" foam) and appropriate piece for the top/bottom (1/4" foam). Then cut to size with a combination of X-Acto blade (score the cut on the 5", and cut completely on the 1/4") and electric knife to finish the 5" foam. Went well and storage all set with room to cut out at least one more hole for another large figure in the spare box I had around.
  2. And you can walk in and order easily!!! Be dangerous if I lived that close to Reaper ....
  3. All the handgun cases are not large enough to carry a figure of this size. I'll look to the craft store and see what I can find. I also think I remember a foam outlet I have driven by near me. Just need to find a box to cut the foam to size in as well as a how to cut without investing in a hot knife that gives off fumes. Searching around seems to show an electric knife can do the job well perhaps. And this is for car travel to and from gaming.
  4. I've started painting some larger figures that I need to transport to and from events. I've looked at the products that can be purchased but wondered if I am better off with some sort of sturdy plastic container and then foam inserts made myself. I'm not talking GIANT bones figures here, something that fits more in a 5 inch square area. So the questions become what sort of foam should I look for? I don't want to damage the figure with rubbing (although they are gloss and then dull coated). Where can I get it easily? What is the easiest way to cut out the foam to size for the box and "hollow" out for holding the figure? Optimally my box should be able to hold a few figures as I paint more.
  5. Happy birthday Buglips! Do we get to cut you open and see if there is another ring?
  6. I started with a cheap air brush just to do priming and have since added Patriot 105 and a Sotar 20/20 as I got used to them. My advice is get a GOOD compressor to start as you will use it for a long time and don't really want to replace it! But a cheaper air brush to start with to learn and prime with is a great starting point.
  7. I don't prime ahead for winter. Michigan location here, so the cold does change things. I've gone to priming with an airbrush and can do that indoors easily and quickly. Then I can prime on the fly AND use the excellent Badger Stynylrez primers.
  8. Two coats of Testor's Glosscote and then one of Dullcote
  9. We've lost Stan Lee. I hope he filmed many cameos before he passed. His vision will be missed.
  10. Those who loved the old RQ should look at the new Chaosium just released. Glorantha is its core now. Greg was very happy with the new renaissance.
  11. I do a couple coats of Testor's gloss coat to protect. And then a layer of Testor's dull coat over top to knock back the shine. My figures used at the gaming table take abuse and never had a problem with paint coming off. And if they start to look shiny again, then can get another spray of dull coat.
  12. Such a loss. But his creations will always live on and keep his memory strong. I met Greg a few times at some Cons in the USA and was always too shy to do more than simply just give him a nod of the head and a smile. I was on my own personal HQ in the UK to leave my wives ashes there and it overlapped the wonderful Runequest / Glorantha Con at Leicester that year, so I attended. At one point I was sitting in a chair, kinda in a haze thinking what I was going to do later in the week, and in a bit of a funk. Who sat down next to me? Greg of course. Almost as it seemed if he knew something was up. And we just talked. Not about Glorantha, not about Runequest, not about Heroquest, not about games in any way. We just talked about life. I treasure that conversation and how much it helped me. I really do think he was a shaman.
  13. Also thought I saw them in the Reaper local store on the rack.
  14. You remember correctly. That was the set I won and did a round robin pick with the table as I had them already.
  15. Worlds worse ninja. Just saying .... :)
  16. My bag came today. Unfortunately the paints were not this years. They were the retro set from last year. Kinda the reason I got the bag given you could get the figures separately. I emailed them, will see what happens.
  17. Sigh, missing seeing all of you. Keep having fun and laughs!
  18. So no tried in the VIP as was posted originally. Again, understand well how busy that Reaper paint department is!
  19. Just one set of paints? The Con website said each bag had a set. Might have changed given the burden the paint department has doing these, standard paints, and the new dungeon dweller paints!
  20. So some people must have swag and vip bags now. What are in the paint triad sets that came in each? What are the interesting Con only figures? We need to see through your eyes what cool stuff we are missing!
  21. The more I read the sadder I get ....
  22. Well you still have to use the pledge manager and resist adding more!
  23. Yep, four was kinda what I was looking at to get a sample and have different ones from my current.
  24. These look wonderful. But at only a $2 savings over retail I can limit myself to a few to try out.
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