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  1. Posting to say that I received both my books yesterday. They look fabulous. Don't think I've seen a better done RPG book than these. They took longer, but in my mind the wait was worth it. Just need them to assign the Hero Labs files for them now!
  2. I backed out. I have good brushes and would rather see painters like myself with their opinions first. Burned on the games and gears KS and will not back another brush KS.
  3. Sounds like everyone is thinking the same as me.
  4. Surprised I did not see this mentioned yet. So my question here once people look at it is this really worth it? The cost seems high given you can get Rosemary & Co or other company Kolinsky brushes far cheaper. What makes these worth the extra cost? I know you get the brush soap (which I would think most of us have already) and a nice case (not really needed perhaps). But seems like $65ish with shipping for 4 brushes seems high.
  5. I was looking at doing a yellow robed wizard and using these for the fabric.
  6. Not received mine yet. And they are only sending the square on square parchment mats anyhow. They have yet to product the other colors, hex, or larger square mats. So this one will be going on for a long while.
  7. Maybe on larger models stack a few of the letters?
  8. I have these and I don't see anything metallic about them at all.
  9. The War Colour metallics are also very nice. Also a company named Darkstar makes a set called Molten Metals. They are also very nice. I've brought both with me to ReaperCon each year but no one seemed interested in them ....
  10. Someone mentioned different sized collets to hold your drill bits, cutters, grinders, etc. What I got what the Dremel part that gives you a keyless chuck that you can size up and down easily by turning it. That way you never need to change out the collet and it is very easy to change your tool of choice. Essentially the 4486 keyless chuck attachment is what you would be looking for.
  11. The shaft attachment is a great thing to have. That way you aren't holding onto the large unit while trying to work on a tiny figure. Also, highest speeds on metal causes the metal to melt, not grind or cut away. So while you might think highest speeds are the way to go, slower and steady is far better.
  12. I'll 2nd what a quality brush can do for you. I was quite surprised how much my "craft" brushes were holding me back on doing details. They have a role, but a good kolinsky is incredible and will last a long time if taken care of!
  13. I'd call the hotel and ask if you can add Wednesday also. Can't hurt, they can only say no. Maybe tell them others going were able to get Wednesday also.
  14. If I make it down my wife is also coming and she is not a painter. Though she said she'd like to take a beginners class. She'll be happy relaxing with warm weather and such I am sure also. And visiting with people. And she can see first hand if people like her cookies this year I suppose!
  15. Please tell Anne great work on the tutorial!
  16. I just handed my stickers to someone else.
  17. I finally broke down and purchased a good set of these and have had no regrets since. And edited to say these are hardened and designed to cut through anything!
  18. Hope Anne does a painting document like the others. They look great!
  19. Also, this is not going to be a Kick Starter. So not sure the discussion belongs here?
  20. I am pretty certain that GRRM sees dragons AS the ones on the HBO show. So no front legs and "wyvern" like.
  21. Trying to. But it's leaning towards not pretty heavily.
  22. The nice part about the price of Bones figures is you can keep trying techniques out on them and they are not that expensive. Just base coat a figure and then practice applying a wash. You can then always strip it and do it all over again or just grab another one and try again. You'll get the hang of it soon I am sure. I know washes were hit or miss for me until after doing a bunch and then something just clicked. Seems like any technique is like this for me. Just keep at it!
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